Best Places to Visit in China ,Chyna to East Asia’s portal is a charming country. This is an old civilization, giving the world Beijing people’s gunpowder and noodle visitors, letting them first go to China Tour to usually stick to larger cities more experienced tourists .

Best Places To Visit In China

The middle kingdom team will stand out and we may be a bit frustrated because of language barriers, but the most surely independent travelers can look at China’s best visits.


which may mean that Kunming is the economic transportation industry in southwestern China. And the cultural center through all the main cities of China and the track of Vietnam, the mild climate make this a good place at all times, mainly due to the fine flowers of climate growth is a major industry.

And visitors can visit the flower exhibitions and auctions and a huge botanical garden. In addition to their own charm Kunming, they can also serve as the rainbow of the region.


has been described as a fairyland because of its many waterfalls. now-covered karst mountains and its blue turquoise and green colored lakes that are so crystal clear one can see the bottoms. it is also the habitat of giant pandas through the chances of seeing them are slim due to the park size and the number of tourists.


Hangzhou show famed for its natural scenery ,it’s westlake have been immortalized by countless poets and artists in the century Marco Polo described the city as the most beautiful and magnificent in the world.

Hangzhou shows the most famous site, West Lake is a large lake separated by Conway’s and lined with ancient buildings and gardens designed for relaxation and spirituality, visitors will find pagodas temples walking paths, and tea farms along its shores.


Yangzhou in South China was once a magnet for backpackers because of its cheap prices in laid-back atmosphere .

but today it draws all sorts of travelers to enjoy its beautiful scenery and karst mountains Yangzhou also makes a good base to take a day trip through a win for a leisurely trip on the Lee River. many travelers choose to rent bicycles for the trip back, since the route is relatively flat and give them the opportunity to view farmers toiling in their fields.


Lasa is the most important city in Tibet and one of the highest elevated in the world at 11,500 feet. Lasa in spite of its absorption into Greater China has retained much of its culture.

It is home to the Potala Palace which was the former home of the Dalai Lama the palace was constructed on the Red Hill more than 360 years ago,another,Palace is norbulinka built in 1755 ,it was the dalai lama’s summer palace before his exile.


Xian was once the start of the indispensable Silk Road that made commerce between many countries in Eurasia possible.

It was also the Imperial seat for no fewer than eleven dynasties before the unification of China between 1000 BC and 1000 AD .

Its most famous attraction is the rather recently discovered Terracotta Army. the protectors of the tomb of the first emperor of china.Xi’an also boasts 14th-century city walls that are more than eight miles long. they are not only a part of the city history but traveling in Xi’an .sometimes requires going under on or around them.


Shanghai located on the East China Sea and the mouth of the Yangtze River .Shanghai is the largest city in China .

its skyline is filled with skyscrapers while shiny shopping malls 5luxurious hotels and prestigious art centers are rising alongside the city0.

Nights in Shanghai are representative of the Western view of China cities with bright neon signs bustling streets, and numerous businesses the most popular place to go for a stroll in the bund. shanghai skhul oniel riverfront along Huangpu river while levees have significantly changed the buns appearance a number of architectural a07:50significant buildings are adjacent to the strip and are still visible.

The great wall

Great Wall of China the reat Wall of China is an assemblage of smaller walls built by various dynasties over many years .

Builders erected these walls for protection from invasion by those from the north the Great Wall itself measures approximately five thousand five hundred miles in length.

Although some of the sections lie in ruin or have disappeared altogether .it is the longest man-made structure in the world there are several sections of the Great Wall of China, that visitors find interesting battling is the most popular ,section of the wall as it is the closest to Beijing and easy to climb.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong located off China’s southeastern coast, Hong Kong is a glittering world-class commercial center where Chinese culture British colonial.

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