Top Apricot Jelly Recipes:Today I’m gonna show you how to make a simple and traditional dessert apricot kernel jelly.

But before that, I need to explain what apricot kernel actually is.

I supposed you guys somewhat heard of sweet apricot kernel, bitter apricot kernel southern apricot kernel, and northern apricot kernel.

Isn’t is a bit confusing?

This one here is called big-apricot kernel(Scientific name: prunus dulcis).

It is usually known as American / California apricot kernel in Chinese.

However, it’s scientific name is prunus dulcis (almond).

A few years ago, people tried to rectify the translation of Prunus dulcis the reason for that was calling prunus Dulcis apricot kernel would cause confusion, making everyone unable to tell which is what So now we just call these almonds.

They look like this.

If you see almond powder or almond slices in baking recipe, they usually refer to prunus dulcis.

Let’s say, for the macaron, we usually need almond powder, then it means the powder grinded from Prunus dulcis instead of apricot kernel.

It is called almond in English.

If you guys are still confused.

I suggest to google the image of apricot and the fruit of almond.

From this image you can clearly tell the fruit of almond looks just like a peach.

But southern/ northern apricot kernel are from apricot, not from a peach,they are also known as sweet/ bitter apricot kernel

like these here.

Top Apricot Jelly Recipes

sweet apricot kernel is sweet, bitter apricot kernel is bitter. sorry, I was talking rubbish.

But guys, you need to know the difference between these two they look identical, however, the bitter apricot kernel is rarely seen in the market.

Probably only sold in a Chinese herbal pharmacy sweet apricot kernel is usually bigger in size they are commonly used in food recipe.

One thing in mind, bitter apricot kernel is slightly poisonous since it contains cyanide.

The poison is not as strong as you think it would be no need to freak out.

If you wanna use them to suicide like some concubine in Empresses in the Palace.

It would probably take 10 kilograms to kill yourself there’s no problem having a little bit of it .

This bitter apricot kernel tastes beautiful.

Both southern apricot kernel and northern apricot kernel have a major difference with almond in taste.

If you ever watched Case Closed, you would notice when some victims died,there were the smell of apricot kernel from their mouth

and Conan would say they died from cyanide.

There’s this smell of apricot kernel from his mouth

He must be poisoned by cyanide !

Actually the smell of cyanide is exactly the same as bitter apricot kernel.

If you guys had apricot kernel or related product you would know the smell.

The smell is mostly from cyanide.

Today we are not gonna use almond or bitter apricot kernel we are using sweet apricot kernel.

AKA southern apricot kernel you can get this in most Chinese supermarket first step, soak the sweet apricot kernel

For at least 4 hours also the agar gel on the side needs soaking too just the same as apricot kernel.

After soaking the apricot kernel would look bigger.

If the kernel you bought has skin on it, you need to peal them off.

If not, simply take them out and put them in a blender with 250 ml of water, blending them with high speed until there are no visible pieces and look kind of similar to almond milk.

Now we need to drain it with cooking gauze.

You can use two or three layers of cooking gauze ,then it might come out smoother pour some milk into the apricot juice.

After hours of soaking this is what agar gel looks like a bit soft and transparent.

You may also use gelatin in stead of agar gel,but personally I prefer the texture of agar gel.

It makes the jelly have a better shape when its formed and there’s a bit of cracking texture to it.

What does the cracking texture mean?

Top Apricot Jelly Recipes6
Top Apricot Jelly Recipes

I’ll explain it later in the video.

For gelatin, it would come out with a softer texture.

It’s up to you choose which to use,put soaked agar gel in the pot add some crystal sugar starts with low heat.

Since agar gel isn’t very easy to dissolve you need to keep stirring it with a rubber spatula.

If it’s still very slow, a whisk may get you extra help until the apricot kernel juice is boiling and no big chunks of agar gel is seen.

Nonetheless,we still need to drain it, because agar gel cannot be fully dissolved.

When it’s drained into this measuring cup.

I would drain it again to get rid of the air bubbles.

Note that the filter is right on top of the mold, slowly pour it in.

You can use any shapes of mold the one I use is actually a tamakoyaki pan.

I’m using this since it’s square put it in the fridge.

It doesn’t take long for agar gel to form.

It would be finished within an hour.

When demolding the jelly, slightly press the jelly from the edge of the mold flip it over and you’ll get a perfect demolding slicing it into smaller pieces.

Last step, garnish with some sugar osmanthus.

I think it would taste better when it’s sweeter.

So I would prefer a bit of sugar osmanthus as garnish.

Top Apricot Jelly Recipes7
Top Apricot Jelly Recipes

Here’s the final product

Isn’t it simple?

The whole process is only blending and freezing.

If you make your own apricot kernel juice, it would have a very strong apricot kernel flavour with milk, it would balance the flavour of the apricot kernel also with the texture of agar gel.

It makes a refreshing dessert for hot summer days the process isn’t complicate either.

Agar gel would still be solid in room temperature but I think it taste way better right out of the fridge.

Ok. As I mentioned before.

I like the cracking texture of agar gel ,let me show you this way jelly formed from agar gel.

Even though it looks a bit hard on the appearance when you scoop it down down, it would just crack just like a piece of cracking ice.

It’s like the whole thing would crack in your mouth, not the gooey kind of texture.

I think this texture is great for summer, it gives me a refreshing feeling.

I hope you guys would like it too.

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