Top Baby Cabbage Recipes: I’m choosing this cabbage roll because I think, firstly, it has a good presentation.

Let’s see how it goes,first put yam into the steam oven to cook it thoroughly.

It needs about 15 to 20 minutes.

I’m using iron yam because it is has a fine texture ,boil some water.

Cut away some of the cabagge’s stem,remove the leaves.

It’s best to lay them out neatly, when you blanch them, put the stem in first.

They require longer time to cook than the leaves, blanch it for half a minute,them put the leaves in cook for another half a minute.

Then they can be scooped up,you can immerse it in cold water briefly to avoid overcooking the leaves.

Now the tomatoes. Pour hot water over them soak them for a while, then remove the skin ,then dice them.

Top Baby Cabbage Recipes

Wring the water out of the prepared cabbage leaves, put them aside.

Then the shrimps, this is my usual way of preparing the shrimp, first, squash them using a knife (Dual-vector foil knife) then chop them up slightly.

100g of shrip, a little white pepper,add a pinch of salt ,a spoonful of rice wine,mix it even, and marinate it for a while.

Now that the yam is ready, take it out ,remove the skin ,crush it with a fork,let it cool down.

Then take a frying pan, put a large spoonful of vegetable oil into it, a clove of garlic, grated it into a paste, into the pan, fry till you can smell the aroma.

Put the tomatoes that we just dice into the pan ,add a pinch of salt.

Since it’s a healthy meal,this dish only requires a little salt.

Then add a bit of water, cook on low heat for a while up till now, the salt that I have added is very little.

Because I think during the weight and fat loosing stage ,eating less salt helps.

Then the yam paste

I used approximately 75 grams of yam, and 25 grams of corn ,around 100 grams of shrimp.

Use half of a small spoon of sesame oil, mix.

Actually, the fan who uploaded this recipe did not post a very detailed method of cooking this dish,so whether the yam we put in is cooked first or is placed in raw. is not very clear to me.

But to my own understanding.

I think it might taste better if the yam is cooked first.

Mix it evenly in this way, take the cabbage leaves that we just prepared, and put in a large scoop of filling into it.

Place fillings on the lower part of the stem and slowly roll it up.

Finally cover it with the top of the leaf part.

The sealing part is on the bottom.

Slightly stretch the two ends of the leaf to seal it tight.

Although it’s still half raw, I have a feeling that it would turn out great because the cabbage and the yam have been emitting, a very savory and aromatic smell, it smells really nice to me.

So I think it will taste delicious once it’s cooked.

It’s easy to roll it into a pretty shape.

Placed them onto a plate.

The amount of ingredients I gave in the recipe could create 8 rolls.

But for a good plating, I only used 6 here.

I cooked the other two separately (^▽^)

Again, put it into the steam oven,I steamed it for around 15 minutes.

The tomatoes that have been cooking on the side are now soft enough to my taste if it gets dry in the middle of cooking, add water anytime.

The cooked cabbage rolls would taste more flavorful if cooked a little longer with the tomato soup before serving.

But again, for pretty platings, I’m going to take them out now, don’t discard the juice that came out during the steaming process pour it into the tomato soup.

Reduce the stock,then pour the tomato soup around the cabbage rolls ,like this.

This simple dish of shrimp cabbage rolls is now ready.

I have not tasted it till now, I don’t know how it’ll taste,but it looks rather nice.

I’m gonna try one now,

it tastes much better than I imagined. ╰(°▽°)╯

Mainly because of its ingredients,cabbage, yam, shrimp and corn,they all carry a little of that natural sweetness.

So when used together,they are actually enhancing each other.

Top Baby Cabbage Recipes
Top Baby Cabbage Recipes

So the savory and sweet taste is very prominent.

And while we were cooking it, I have been emphasizing that not too much salt should be used, so it’s not overly salty, but you won’t think it’s too plain.

Because the savory-sweet taste really sticks out.

You can’t taste much fat in it,it’s really refreshing and not greasy at all.

You can tell by the taste that this dish is very healthy,but it is definitely not plain as you imagined.

I think it is a success ヽ(゜▽゜)ノ.

So I’m recommending this dish to everyone,you can try to make it at home.

you are welcomed to tell me in the comments section.

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