Tell You Basque Cake Recipes And Video:There’s a cake which has been a thing, Have you heard of it? It’s called a “basque cake”.

I think you can see it quite often.

My friend made it once before.

The original basque cake looks completely burnt outside.

If you just look at it, you might think it’s burnt.

But it is made in that way on purpose, for the burnt taste.

It is really soft inside and rich in taste.

But some might think it’s too heavy.

So, I’ll make an upgrade version of basque cake today.

I’ll add some yogurt to it and make it refreshing.

This cake was made in Basque, Spain and got its fame.

Tell You Basque Cake Recipes And Video

For being the easiest cheesecake to make without fail.

I think you cannot really see if it’s failed.

The recipe includes double cream and cheese.

You can make them if you don’t want to buy them.

I had some ricotta that I made in one of the previous video.

It’s quite similar in the way to make it, we need 1.2L milk and 300ml cream.

It’ll make the cheese more smooth.

When it is boiled up to 70 to 75°C ,roll two lemons.

Slice them in half and squeeze them.

Put the juice without the seeds in it.

Mix it with the lemon juice and it’ll start to get clumpy.

Squeeze two of all the lemons in.

If the liquid in the pot gets a bit transparent,turn the heat off.

Strain it with a gauze and wait for a while.

Leave it until there’s no liquid coming out.

Put a bag of water over it.

By putting the pressure on it, it helps to form the cheese better.

Leave it for at least 3 to 4 hours or you can take some time with it in the fridge.

See if it’s done the day after.

The cheese has been a single lump.

Since the cream’s added in, it feels really soft and not crumbly at all.

Tell You Basque Cake Recipes And Video
Tell You Basque Cake Recipes And Video

Now we’ll make the cake.

Preheat the oven at 240°C.

Put some salt in the cheese and mix it with a electric mixer till it gets completely soft.

Add 150g of yogurt,80g of sugar,and mix it again.

Put the eggs in and mix it together.

Add another one.

Add a bit of vanilla extract and put 15g of corn starch at the end.

Mix it well until it has no lumps left.

Take a sheet of baking paper and water it lightly.

Squeeze out the water, then the paper will be softer.

Put the paper in the size 6 cake tin.

Pour the batch in.

Put it in the preheated oven and bake it for 23 to 25 minutes in 240°C.

Tell You Basque Cake Recipes And Video
Tell You Basque Cake Recipes And Video

The baking process is the most unique one in making the basque cake.

It is baked fast in the high temperature,

so it’ll have a burnt skin.

It looks really soft like a pudding if you take it out.

It is actually not hardened inside the cake yet.

It is baked about 90%.

Cool it down like a normal cheesecake.

Put it in the fridge,it is better when completely cooled.

Tell You Basque Cake Recipes And Video
Tell You Basque Cake Recipes And Video

I’ll try a piece.

You can feel it’s smooth when you slice it.

It tastes creamy outside.

It is really soft when some yogurt is added to a cheesecake.

It melts as you take a bite.

Also it has another special way of eating it.

That is, ground some pepper on it before having it.

The spiciness of the pepper and the creaminess of the skin goes really well together.

It tastes very different so I recommend you guys to try it.

You can actually get the ingredients very easily.

There’s nothing special added in.

You just need these healthy ingredients.

You just need a bit of your skills and creativity,you can make this tasty cheesecake.

Try making it when you have your free time at home.

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