Top Bean Curd Skin Recipe:The Hubeis love to eat bean curd skin.

If you have never been to Hubei you might not have tried this.

It is a dish consisting of egg wrap and glutinous rice with lots of meat fillings.

It is a very delicious breakfast.

We need to prepare these ingredients beforehand.

Which are glutinous rice, normal rice and green beans.

which I have soaked them in water already.

Also we will have to soak the shiitake mushrooms.

Steam the soaked glutinous rice using the steamer.

Layer cooking gauze in the steamer above a pot of boiling water.

Place the drained glutinous rice into the steamer.

Steam for about twenty to thirty minutes.

Create small holes in the centre to allow the steam to escape.

Meanwhile, prepare the other ingredients while waiting.

Top Bean Curd Skin Recipe

Top Bean Curd Skin Recipe
Top Bean Curd Skin Recipe

Dice some five spice tofu and pickled mustard stem.

Peel the winter bamboo shoots and dice them up.

Dice the soaked mushroom as well.

Blanch the bamboo shoots in some boiling water.

This will remove the astringency of the bamboo shoots.

When I bought the beef it has already been diced into cubes but I will dice them up into even smaller pieces.

Choose the cutting that has more fats.

Brisket or the rib meat will do.

Heat up some oil in the wok.

Add the diced beef pieces.

Stir fry the beef until the surface turned brown followed by mushrooms.

As mushrooms require to be stir-fried in order to release their aroma when you can smell fragrant of the mushrooms add the remaining tofu, pickled mustard steam, and bamboo shoots.

Continue stir frying them.

Add bay leaves, cinnamon and star anise.

Followed by soy sauce and dark soy sauce.

Add water to cover all the ingredients.

Cover using the lid and simmer to cook the beef until tender,and to allow the other ingredients to readily pick up the flavour.

During this time, you can prepare the bean curd skin.

Drain the green beans, rice and add them to the blender.

Add a little flour a small amount of salt.

Then add about 150ml of water.

Puree the mixture under high speed.

Adding green beans will increase the fragrance.

If you are lazy, you can simply use some flour and water to make the batter.

The end product of the batter is in a thin liquid state.

The amount I gave can probably yield two bean curd skins.

Use one egg for one sheet of bean curd skin skin.

Whisk the eggs.

The glutinous rice should be done by now.

Open the steamer and check it out.

The glutinous rice should be cooked.

But still remains in a relatively dry state and not too moist.

Let’s start frying ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Brush a thin layer of oil in the pan,then pour in two tablespoons of the batter.

At this time, the flame is small and the pot is not particularly very hot yet.

Immediately turn the pot to coat the pan with the batter.

The process is similar as the Matcha mille crepe and Matcha towel cake I have made before this which is how you make pancakes.

Ensure the batter is as thin as possible.

Don’t worry if the edges of the batter is not smooth at this stage as you can fill in the irregularities using the egg later.

After the batter is semi-solidified, pour in the egg liquid.

Spread the egg evenly with a spatula immediately.

Remain cooking using medium to small flame.

The egg will solidify while cooking gradually.

With a spatula, flip the egg wrap when it is already solidified.

Flattened the surface.

Now it’s time to fill in the glutinous rice stuffing.

Spread the steamed glutinous rice evenly spread on the egg wrap while it’s still hot.

Turn off the stove now.

It is best to place the filling to form a square shape in the center of the eggwrap.

Leave some empty spaces at the rims.

The ingredients that I have stir fried just now should be done by now.

The beef are tender and the soup is almost completely absorbed.

There’s only a little of soup left at the bottom.

Spread this fried filling along with the soup on the surface of the glutinous rice and press tightly with a spatula.

Fold the four sides of the bean curd skin.

Now you can flip the bean curd sheet.

Gently shake the pan and flip it over.

There is a simpler way if you find flipping the surface difficult.

Flip a plate and place it over the pan.

Flip the pan and slide the bean curd wrapping into the pan again.

This can also be done when turning the flipping the egg wrap.

Turn the flame higher slightly and fry the glutinous rice below

to char the bottom glutinous rice and to make it more fragrant.

Sprinkle some chopped spring onions on the surface before serving.

Alright so we have completed this bean curd pancake with sticky rice.

I can’t say it’s very simple but I can assure you that it is very aromatic and fragrant.

Because I have added some green beans in the wrapping skin,so it bears an strong aroma of the green beans.

I personally like it very much.

I have also showed you all an easier way to flip the egg wrap using a plate,so it should not be very difficult.

Anyway, if you haven’t eaten tried this dish,I highly recommend you try it at home.

I hope you like it.

Just cut a small piece before eating.

Eating bean curd skin is tormentous for those who have OCD

Because the fillings will definitely fall our as you eat it o(≧口≦)o

But still, try to take a bite of the rice and the stuffing inside at once.

This way, you can taste the complexity of the flavour.

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