Best Biangbiang Noodle Guide: Chili pepper oil pulled noodles from Shanxi, I remember after watching that episode in the middle of the night.

I was starving to death and got up and made myself a bowl of pulled noodles.

“Give me another one!”

So today I’m teaching you guys how to make this super easy and super delicious chili pepper oil pulled noodles.

First put flour into a wooden bowl.

And then add salt, which is about 1% of the amount of flour.

Then add water.

The amount of water is ahalf of the flour and a little more .

And then roll into a dough.

Since each brand of flour has a different level of water absorption.

If you don’t quite understand your flour, You need to add water little by little.

Best Biangbiang Noodle Guide

Make your dough to be relatively soft.

The dough would be rough after rolling at first.

You may wrap it with ceramic wrap and leave it there for about 20 min for proofing.

Then roll the dough again, at the time the dough would be easy to roll and smooth.

The cut the smooth dough into 4 pieces.

Today I’m making it for two people.

Find a large plate and put on some oil.

Shape each dough ball.

in long oval shape

and evenly coat with oil.

After finish coating oil.

with all four of them,

we need to proof for a longer time.

Best to be two hours, if not enough time no less than one hour at least.

Then we could prepare some dried chili pepper.

I have already rinsed and dried these dried chili pepper.

Put them in a pan without oil.

Slowly stir it in low on stove.

This is for burning out the extra water in chili pepper.

and also to roast out the flavor of it.

stir it until it turned from red.

into a little dark red, then it would be done.

Put all the chili pepper into blender.

And make it into powder. I don’t like it to be too fine,so I will keep a more crunchy texture.

Best Biangbiang Noodle Guide
Best Biangbiang Noodle Guide

Here you could buy chili pepper powder from market.

But I feel after stir-fried, it’s more flavorful to make it your own.

Then some bok choy. After rinsing,

cut each into four pieces from the bottom.

And then some chopped green onions.

Then some mashed garlic.

Now the dough is fully proofed. We can start pulling.

Boil the water, add some salt.

Keep boiling the water.

Take one dough ball.

Squash it into a rectangular shape.

Use a chopstick to press it in the middle.

And starting from the center, slowly pull it out.

Caution! Don’t use too much strength at the beginning.

Pull it in a steady and gentle way.

After it gets long, you could beat it on the chopping board.

to make it more thin and smooth.

When the noodle is pulled to the thickness you prefer.

from the center where the chopstick was pressed,

tear it apart.

Tear off from one end,

Then keep the other end.

So this noodle is a very long.

and unbroken pulled noodle.

The advantage of pulled noodle is, the middle where the noodle is torn apart, is relatively thinner.

From the same piece of noodle you could taste different textures.

Boild the pulled noodle in water.

Fresh noodles are quick to cook so you must move fast.

Now we start pulling another piece of noodle.

Same as previous one, press it with a chopstick after squashing it.

Slowly pull apart, and beat it on the chopping board.

Fresh noodle would be cooked after 1 to 2 min.

Then tear apart the second pulled noodle.

Cook it in boiling water. Two pieces of noodle would be for one serving.

Take it out after cooking.

Then cook some bok choy and bean sprouts.

Set aside by the noodles.

Then we heat up a large iron ladle.

Then add vinegar, you could use shanxi vinegar or zhenjiang vinegar.

Best Biangbiang Noodle Guide
Best Biangbiang Noodle Guide

A little soy sauce.

Then mashed garlic.

Then sprinkle some chopped green onion.

The add the chili pepper power. Add whatever you want to have.

At last those of you who like peppercorn could also add some peppercorn powder.

Then some salt.

The add some vegetable oil into the heated ladle.

Here if you have rapeseed oil you could have that it would be more fragrant.

Heat it until it has some white smoke.

pour it on to the chili pepper in two times.

It’d be better if all the chili pepper, garlic and green onion all get some oil.

Then quickly mix it up. Voila~the delicious.

sour and spicy chili pepper oil pulled noodle was made! There wasn’t a super difficult part, but you’d better to be fast.

After finish cooking the noodles, you have to quickly pour the oil and mix it up and quickly eat it,

to keep the noodle in a very springy texture.

At last, it is said that if you eat it in squat position, it would taste better.

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