Best Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipes:the weather is getting hotter and hotter,and it’s officially summer now.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to make this black sesame ice cream.

The basic ingredients for ice cream are double cream,egg yolks, milk, caster sugar,salt, vanilla extract.

And then add some ground toasted black sesame will make it the black sesame ice cream.

You can buy the ground black sesame.

If you only get the sesame, then you should fry it first.

Place some sesame in a clean pan.

Fry for a few minutes over medium low heat.

Until you can grind the sesame easily with your hands.

And you smell the aroma of the sesame.

It’s ready.

Use the mixer or food processor to grind the sesame.

Best Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipes

I don’t like it to be very fine.

Keep the granule of sesame so it will taste better later.

Because the sesame will produce oil.

Use the spatula to scrape along the container.

Best Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipes
Best Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipes

While grinding the sesame.

Add the caster sugar in the egg yolks.

And vanilla extract.

Today I just directly grind the vanilla beams.

Just like grinding the black pepper.

I think it’s very convenient.

Use the balloon whisk to whip it evenly.

And then add 100ml of cream into a pot.

You still have 350ml left for the later use.

Then add the milk in.

Cook the mixture until it almost boiled.

Some bubbles emerge on the side of the pot.

Turn on the heat and cook it.

Then remove from the heat.

Place a towel under the bowl with egg yolks.

To make it immovable.

Add this pot of hot milk and cream.

Slowly into the egg yolks.

Stir it while adding it.

Slowly at the beginning.

And then you can speed up.

I think you can tell that I’m making custard now.

I had explained how to make the custard.

In the episode of Strawberry Trifle.

It’s almost the same here.

After pouring in everything.

Immediately pour the mixture back to the pot.

Best Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipes
Best Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipes

And cook it on the burner over low heat.

Stir it while cooking it.

The key of making the custard to find the appropriate temperature.

You can measure the temperature,if you have a thermalgraph.

The mixture will start to thicken at 75℃.

At about 80℃, it’s almost done.

Don’t get it over 85℃.

The egg yolks will coagulate

If the temperature is too high.

The custard won’t taste that smooth,if you don’t have the thermograph.

The easiest way is to take a wooden spatula and stir.

When you find the thickness of the custard,can cover the back of the spatula like this.

It will leave a very clear line when you slip your finger.

Then you can remove from the heat.

The cooked custard should be poured out immediately,into a bowl.

And keep stirring to cool it down,if you overcook a bit.

You can still save it by cooling it down fast.

Now, add the ground black sesame in and stir evenly.

And add some salt in when making any kind of sweet.

A pinch of salt will make the taste nicer ,and you can try the sweetness now.

It should be a little bit too sweet.

Because we still need to add some cream in.

Cool the custard down in the room temperature first.

Wrap a plastic foil up while its still warm.

Pay attention that the foil,should cover on the surface of the custard.

To prevent it from forming a hard skin on the surface.

Refrigerate it.

When it’s almost ready, let’s whip the cream.

Which is the 350ml of cream left.

You can whip it by machine or hands.

I had explained how to whip the cream by hand.

In the episode of matcha mille-feuille.

Whip the cream.

Until you can see some lines on the surface,and it won’t flow, then it’s done,and now, the black sesame custard.

Is cooled down completely? check the texture with a scraper.

It must be thicken enough,and then, get half of the whipped cream into it.

Stir it with scraper.

It’s the same way as stirring the chiffon cake batter.

But you don’t need to be as careful as stirring the cake batter.

Now, pour this mixture back to the remain cream.

Keep stirring.

You can use a balloon whisk.

It’s easier to stir.

Basically just stir it until it’s even and smooth.

Now we can start making ice cream.

Get a pot with better thermal insulate function.

And get a smaller bowl to put inside the pot.

Fill the ice cubes up between the bowl and the pot.

I had refrigerated this bowl too.

It’s a cold bowl.

Then sprinkle the salt on the ice cubes,be careful don’t sprinkle into the bowl.

Doing this is because when the salt mix with the ice.

The salt can absorb the heat.

So it can lower the temperature of the ice.

We all know that ice is 0℃.

It will drop under 0℃ after adding the salt.

I’m adding 30% of salt in it.

The crude salt works better than the caster salt.

I think here are 1kg of ice cubes.

So I add 300g of salt.

The 30% proportion of salt can make the mixture of ice and salt drop to -10℃.

So it’s like creating a very low temperature environment.

Now, we can add the sesame mixture.

Into the bowl in the center,and use a balloon whisk to stir slowly like this.

In fact, what we are doing now.

It’s like making a manual ice cream maker.

It’s the same concept as the machine.

To create the low temperature around the mixture,and stir it while cooling it down,and then it will form a very soft texture.

There won’t be ice in the mixture after frozen.

Pay attention that the temperature of the pot.

Is very low right now?

You can wear a glove,to protect your hands from frostbiting.

You need to be patient at this moment.

Don’t need to stir it too fast.

But you need to stir it for 10-15 minutes, until the texture becomes very thick when you stir with your balloon whisk.

You can feel that is forming a very clear line,then take it out and put it in the freezer,until it’s completely frozen.

If you think this is still too troublesome ,then I’m teaching you a even easier way.

Get a storage bag and slip on a cup,pour the mixture into the bag.

The bag needs to be sealed,and then get a bigger bag,put some ice cubes in the bag.

Still add in 30% of the salt ,and put the storage bag in,seal the bag with the ice cubes.

Wrap up with a cloth, and the start shaking it.

You don’t need to do it very fast.

But you need to shake it constantly for 10 minutes.

Now you will find this very magical.

The ice cream inside is basically frozen.

You must had hear this when you were little.

“Learn mathematic, physics, and chemistry well, then you can conquer the world.”

Did you feel this saying today?

Take it out and put it in a container.

Flatten the surface,now you can taste it.

Best Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipes
Best Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipes

It tastes just like the ice cream now.

But we want it to taste a bit harder.

The two ways to make the ice cream I just mentioned.

Will produce the ice cream almost the same?

After it’s completely frozen, it looks like this.

But I still recommend you to take it out for 15-20 mins.

To the room temperature, to make it a bit soft, it tastes the best, scoop up and put it in the cup or the bowl like this, and you can garnish with some sesame on the top.

So the black sesame ice cream without using an ice cream maker or any hard work is done.

You can feel this the texture is very smooth and creamy,and no ice in it.just perfect,and you can make some changes.

According to your own preference on this basis,without the black sesame, it’s the original flavor.

I hope you like this episode of Amanda’s Taste,and I want to announce something.

Is that I had translated a cooking book? and it’s in the store this year on the douban reading platform.

I will attach the link below,this is a book about western food.

It has very detailed description of ingredients ,and cooking method,even if you don’t understand western food.

You will still learn a lot from it if you are interested.

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