Chinese Game Mahjong Tips: the Mahjong Culture,In China, there is a game called Mahjong 麻將[Má jiàng].

Mahjong can be traced back to three thousand years ago. At the beginning, only the kings and noble people could play this
royal game.

But very soon it was widely played by many Chinese people.

Today, Mahjong is still very popular in China. Why do Chinese people, including my mom, like to play Mahjong?
It’s because Chinese people view playing Mahjong as a social game where you can hang out with friends, and at the same time beat them in the game by making “perfect hands” to win.

What is Mahjong?

Mahjong is a traditional tile-matching game played by four people.

A Mahjong set contains 144 tiles, and as you can see, some of them have traditional Chinese Characters written on them. (look at the captions for simplified Chinese)

This is called 筒[tóng] and it represents a copper coin.

This is called 索[suǒ] and it represents a string that is used to hold 100 copper coins.

This is called 萬 [wàn] and it represents 100 strings

And here we have four seasons.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter :春chūn夏 xià秋 qiū冬dōng

And we have East, South, West, North :东dōng 南nán 西xī 北běi

Chinese people love this character including me.

The word 发[fā] represents wealth and we call it 发财[fā cái].

Wait until Chinese New Year and you’ll hear people greet each other by saying “congratulations on your wealth” 恭喜发财 [gōng xǐ fā cái], which literally means “to wish you to have a wealth year.”

Just like the card and board games. To be the final winner of the Mahjong game, you need to stretch your brain and play strategically, and you also need some luck.

And almost all Chinese people play for real money.

For this reason, playing Mahjong is also gambling.

But you can play Mahjong with something else instead.

At the end, having fun is all that matters.

Mahjong is quite complicated and the ways to score vary depending on which region or country you are in.

For example, we have Shanghai Mahjong has different rules and exceptions compared to Taiwan Mahjong.

So if you’re interested in playing Mahjong, ask your Chinese friends to teach you.

Mahjong set of tiles

Full Mahjong Set

All these teams with each other provides an overall of: 36 circles + 36 bamboos + 36 characters + 16 winds + 12 dragons + 4 blossoms + 4 periods = 144 ceramic floor tiles or 牌 páis.


mahjong circles
mahjong circles

36 Circle ceramic floor tiles in 4 similar collections of 9 ceramic floor tiles with one to 9 circles etched on them.

In Chinese they are 筒子 tǒng zi implying ‘barrel’ or ‘tube shaped’, called after round coins with an opening in them.

The circles are likewise called ‘tans’ or ‘dots’


mahjong bamboo
mahjong bamboo

36 Bamboo ceramic floor tiles in 4 similar collections of 9 ceramic floor tiles with one to 9 bamboo stems etched on them. Bamboo in Chinese is 竹 zhú otherwise the 索子 suǒ zǐ ‘suit’ or ‘woven string suit’.

The ‘1’ is typically a photo of a bird; frequently a sparrow 麻雀 má què whereby the video game is called in the southern.

The bamboos are likewise called ‘soks’ or ‘bams’.


mahjong characters
mahjong characters

36 Number ceramic floor tiles in 4 similar collections of 9 ceramic floor tiles with the characters for the numbers 1 to 9 etched on them.

The personality for 万 wàn萬 10,000 or myriad is beneath each Chinese number.

They are likewise called ‘wans’ or ‘craks’.

Old Chinese coins were frequently strung with each other in hundreds, numerous such strings stood for a lot of coins – 10,000 and are frequently utilized to imply ‘countless’ or ‘beyond measure’.


mahjong wind
mahjong wind

There are 16 Wind ceramic floor tiles in 4 similar collections of 4 ceramic floor tiles for every of 4 wind instructions (eastern, southern, west and north) Jointly called the 风牌 Fēng pái; they are constantly noted: 东 南 西 北


mahjong dragon
mahjong dragon

There are 12 Dragon ceramic floor tiles in 4 similar collections of 3 ceramic floor tiles: red; green and white dragons.

Jointly they are likewise called the 三元牌 Sān yuán pái 3 scholars, the alter to ‘dragons’ might be an outcome of the export to The u.s.a 红中 Hóng zhōng (Conventional 紅中 ) Red dragon or Red facility 青发 Qīng fā (Conventional 青發 ) Green dragon or Green ton of money 白板 Bái bǎn Space or White dragon or Whiteboard.

The white dragon is frequently a totally space ceramic floor tile however might be simply a vacant mount.


mahjong flower
mahjong flower

There are 4 Blossom reward ceramic floor tiles which might have an Arabic number (1-4) on them in addition to a blossom: Plum bloom 梅 méi, Orchid 兰 lán (Conventional 蘭), Bamboo 竹 zhú and Chrysanthemum 菊 jú. Each blossom stands for a period – winter season, springtime , summertime and fall specifically.

These are optional ceramic floor tiles jointly called 花牌 Huā pái ‘blue flowers’ and don’t play a complete section in the video game – they include a reward to the ball game.


mahjong season
mahjong season

The 4 Period reward ceramic floor tiles in Mahjong, which might have an Arabic number (1-4) are frequently etched as a photo standing for springtime, summertime, fall and winter season, in some cases likewise with the Chinese personality for the period.

They are likewise called the 红牌 hóng pái ‘red flowers’ and like the blossoms don’t play a complete section in the video game. Springtime 春 chūn Summertime 夏 xià Fall 秋 qiū Winter season 冬 dōng

Playing Mahjong

Chinese Game Mahjong
Chinese Game Mahjong

Eastern begins the video game by disposing of a ceramic floor tile.

Who is at first eastern is typically chose by tossing a pass away (greatest number victories) otherwise by attracting the ‘East wind’ from the establish of 4 wind ceramic floor tiles.

The dealership that casts the dice and initially choices up ceramic floor tiles is called ‘jonga’ (庄家 zhuāng jiā).

If the dealership has a total ‘winning’ hand this can be revealed and takedown, or else he selects a ceramic floor tile and discards it into the main location.

The 牌池 pái chí ‘floor’ in between the wall surfaces.

Play currently relocations anti-clockwise to the dealer’s appropriate (Southern).

Each gamer can after that draw from either the wall surface or the swimming pool of disposed of ceramic floor tiles in the center.

A gamer can take or ‘meld’ by getting a disposed of ceramic floor tile instead of one from the wall surface.

This can disrupt the purchase of play, as any type of gamer can do this, the gamer that choices up the disposed of ceramic floor tile should take down the ‘meld’ (which can’t be an ‘eye’ unless it finishes mahjong).

The gamer resumes to this player’s appropriate.

Each player’s go complies with the exact same pattern : take a ceramic floor tile, additionally places down finished teams and after that dispose of a ceramic floor tile.

The purchase is counter-clockwise. A gamer ought to constantly have 13 ceramic floor tiles in overall. Equally as in the configuration, if a ‘flower’ or ‘season’ ceramic floor tile is got this is instantly deposited and another ceramic floor tile drawn from the wall surface.

The objective is to gather teams and runs of ceramic floor tiles. A winning hand is comprised of 4 teams of associated ceramic floor tiles.

The intricacy originates from the big variety of feasible collections and the ability to exercise what various other gamers are gathering – on the basis of what discards they pick up or the ceramic floor tiles they dispose of.

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