Top Matcha Mille Crepe Cake Tips: Today I’m going to show you guys how to do this makes simple and fresh Matcha thousand-leaf crepe cake the recipe is perfect for everyone.

who do not have an oven,but still want to make desserts.

What we call a thousand leaves is simple, several layers of French crepes placed on top of each other filled with cream or another filling in between.

For the dough,we need milk, flour, sugar, eggs ,butter and matcha powder.

First you put flour in a bowl and matcha powder,sugar ,a little salt,mix the mixture well with a whisk.

Add the eggs.

Be careful with the eggshells.

Put the eggs in the middle of the bowl,and smash them with the whisk.

Top Matcha Mille Crepe Cake Tips

Top Matcha Mille Crepe Cake Recipes Tips-ingredient
Top Matcha Mille Crepe Cake Recipes Tips-ingredient

Mix the dry ingredients together as well,add the milk slowly.

And not all in one go.

Add the milk in several steps and stir at the same time.

Add butter that has melted in the microwave or in a double boiler,in the bowl slowly stir the batter.

Be careful not to stir the batter too hard,but stir the dough slowly and gently,until it becomes even.

There might still be lumps of flour, but it doesn’t matter.

Let’s sift through the dough.

The lumps stay in the sieve ,and the dough will be even smoother after sifting,but it’s not quite finished yet.

It has to be cooled in the refrigerator for an hour,cooling the dough makes the texture even smoother,and the crepes softer.

So don’t skip this step.

An hour later we can make the crepes.

Use a non-stick pan for this.

Preheat the pan on low heat.

To prepare, take a small plate of oil and a brush, spread the oil evenly over the pan, and add the right amount of batter to the pan, immediately turn the pan.

So that the dough is evenly distributed in the pan,the first crepe will definitely not be a not worry.

It gets better with the second crepe.

Spread a little more oil in the pan between each crepe, add the right amount of batter,and turn the pan.

Let the batter cover the whole pan like a crepe,before the dough becomes firm.

One side of the batter will cook solid in 10 or 20 seconds.

Use a spatula to turn the crepe from one corner,and use your hand to turn the crepe.

Matcha Mille Crepe Cake3

You can wear gloves if you are afraid of the heat.

Be careful not to let the gloves come into contact with the bottom of the pan.

The crepe will be ready in 8 or 10 seconds after turning it.

Use all of the batter for the crepes.

And always try to use the same amount of batter for each crepe.

Not too much and not too little, simple enough to thinly cover the pan and stay on a low level of heat.

If the pan gets too hot, the dough will boil down quickly after you put it in the pan, and the crepe is not thin enough, the pan I use is 26 cm in diameter.

I made 21 crepes out of the batter.

I know you guys will count the crepes, so I’ll admit that I’ve already eaten three crepes, therefore our thousand-leaf crepe cake will only have 18 layers.

The finished crêpes should be stacked on top of each other,while they are still warm.

Cover them with a clean cloth and set them aside.

Let them cool off naturally.

Then let’s prepare the cream.

I used normal whipped cream with sugar and vanilla extract.

If you want strong match flavor,can you add a spoonful of matcha powder?

I like to whip the cream by hand.

Because the cream is easily turned over with the machine.

Many have told me that the cream is hard to whip.

So let me explain again in detail.

Top Matcha Mille Crepe Cake Recipes Tips-ingredient
Top Matcha Mille Crepe Cake Recipes Tips-ingredient

First, prepare a bowl of ice cubes.

That makes hitting easier.

Place the bowl of cream on top,add sugar,and vanilla extract.

The cream should already have cooled down in the refrigerator.

whisk the mixture together,put the bowl of cream firmly in the ice cream.

So suggest it back and forth right at the beginning.

Change hands when you get tired.

Beat continuously for 1 to 2 minutes.

You will notice that the cream has become thicker.

When it gets thicker.

whip the cream the other way,like drawing a circle.

I’ll show you again in slow motion.

Use the strength from your wrist,whip the cream like you’re drawing a circle.

Hit it as fast as you can.

It’s like the icing on the cake xD.

It would bring more air into the cream.

Alternately whip the cream with both hands.

For 3 to 5 minutes.

Then you will see some lines on the cream.

From there you have to be more careful,not to over-whip the cream,whip the cream until it becomes smooth.

It will drip down when you lift the whisk.

Lines are created when it drips down and gradually disappear.

That is well beaten then.

I find the cream that doesn’t get whipped for too long like that tastes better.

The crepes are now completely cooled down.

I’ll arrange the shape a bit later.

First, separate the pieces,stack 5 to 6 pieces of crepes on top of each other.

Take a plate of the appropriate size, cover the crepes with it.

Use the tip of the knife to cut along the edge of the plate,the dry edges should be left out.

So that each piece of crepe is the same size.

The cake will look better too.

Cut each piece on the same principle.

Now let’s put them all on top of each other.

Use a piece of crepe for the bottom,and put cream on it,spread it evenly.

If the cream is too runny at the beginning.

Can you paint more on it,this makes the cream stiffer,stack another piece on top,edge to edge.

Spread cream on it.

And repeat this process.

A piece of crepe and a layer of cream.

Now you see, that’s the last layer of cream,the cream is now obviously harder than the cream at the beginning.

The reason for this is the spreading of cream,has the same effect as whipping cream.

So be careful that the cream doesn’t turn over right from the start.

Pay attention to the texture of the cream.

But if you’ve already turned the cream over,you can stir in the whipped cream.

Then everything is under control again.

After the last piece of crepe is stacked on top,take a flat object and lightly press the cake with it,to make the cake more even.

Then the cake needs to be cooled in the refrigerator for a while.

For about 3 hours.

After cooling, the thousand-leaf cake becomes harder.

It will look better,if you dust matcha powder on it.

As a decoration.

And the simple matcha thousand-leaf cake is ready.

It’s a cake with basic.

Matcha flavor.

You can also make different variations of it.

For example:you could put strawberry slices in a few layers or Adzuki beans (red bean paste).

To bring in more flavor.

But don’t add the addition in all layers in just 1 or 2 layers will be sufficient,the cake is easier than an oven-baked cake.

You need a little patience to make the crepe piece by piece, and try to make the crepe as soft as you can, so that they also taste soft, after you have piled them up.

And with the fresh and delicious cream between every crepe and the pure taste of matcha powder,the cake tastes just perfect.

A really great dessert for spring.

I hope you like the recipe for matcha mille crepe cake (without oven)

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