Crucian Carp Soup: Chinese people like to surpass the crucian carp soup, which is originally good for Chinese people to think that crucian carp soup is particularly good.

I’ll teach you a seasonal dish, fried egg and crucian carp soup.

Because we have a tradition of eating eggs at the beginning of summer.

So today I use 4 eggs.

Two small crucian carps.

A piece of ginger, several garlics, spring onion and tender bean curd.

Cooking wine and sesame oil.

Some salt.

First, cut the spring onions, then clean and drain off them. Tie a knot.

Those who don’t like spring onions may like this method.

Then cut the ginger.

Cut into shreds

Press the garlic and peel it.

Keep a whole one, don’t cut it.

Cut the tender bean curd.

Today I use lactone bean curd.

You can also use the ordinary one.

Do not use old Bei-tofu, use the southern tofu (water tofu).

Top Crucian Carp Soup Recipes

Top Crucian Carp Soup Recipes
Top Crucian Carp Soup Recipes

Then turn on the heat.

First, fry the eggs.

You can add more oil, it’s OK.

When the oil is hot, put 4 eggs into the pot.

Today I’ll make over-easy fried eggs.

Because we need to fry the eggs until the fragrance comes out.

Take out the eggs when the two sides become golden.

Clean the crucian carps.

Remember to wipe dry the fish before putting them into the pot.

Use the remaining oil to fry the fish.

So I said you can add more oil, it doesn’t matter.

Turn to medium heat.

Fry for about 3 minutes for each side.

Until the fish skin becomes golden.

Do not keep turning over the fish when frying.

When one side is done, turn over the fish.

Each side fry for one time.

Which can keep the fish skin in a good shape.

After turning over the fish, you can put the garlic and shredded ginger into the pot.

Fry them.

Pour in boiling water.

Must be boiling water, not cold water.

Pour some cooking wine.

Put in the bean curd.

Fried eggs.

Cover the pot, and turn to low heat.

Cook for about 5-8 minutes.

Lift up the lid. Now the soup becomes creamy white.

Top Crucian Carp Soup Recipes
Top Crucian Carp Soup Recipes

Put in the spring onion knot.

Drop in some sesame oil.

Finally, add some salt.

Turn off the heat. It’s done.

I’ve mentioned some key points for making creamy white fish soup.

One is that the fish must be fried.

Add hot water when cooking the soup, not cold water.

Turn to big fire so that the soup will keep boiling.

Add some salt just before you finish making the dish.

Pay attention to these details. You can also make the creamy white fish soup.

Well, fried egg also plays an important role in it.

Fried eggs have natural flavor.

We don’t need to add any chicken essence or monosodium glutamate.

Fried eggs can help make the soup tasty.

Summer is coming, you may feel hot and become impatient.

Eat some fresh fish soup and you will feel comfortable. so easy to try it at home .

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