Top Crystal Dumplings Recipes: Crystal dumplings are a very snack of Guangdong’s early tea.

Crystal dumpling crystal clear, q slips tender, fragrant, unique ingredients.

Guangdong’s most traditional crystal dumplings are shrimp dumplings, and there is fresh shrimp in them.

It can be seen in the original prawns through crystal skin. Very delicious.

Top Crystal Dumplings Recipes
Top Crystal Dumplings Recipes

recently, I made some bok choy crystal dumplings and they were so delicious

In crystal clear dumpling skins,I put fillings made out of bok choy.

First, soak some dry mushrooms in water.

Next let’s mix starch flour and wheat starch.

Then pour some warm water and make a dough.

온수를 조금씩 천천히 넣어주면서 저어줍니다. Pour water slowly and stir everything.

Top Crystal Dumplings Recipes

Top Crystal Dumplings Recipes
Top Crystal Dumplings Recipes

Pour water until it gets a shape.

Cool down the dough and knead it with hands.

You can put a little bit of cooking oil while kneading it.

You can also adjust the ratio of starch flour and wheat starch.

Dumpling skins will be more clear if you put more starch flour.

If you put too much wheat starch dumpling skins will be less transparent.

Top Crystal Dumplings Recipes
Top Crystal Dumplings Recipes

We finished the dough.

Wrap it with a plastic wrap and store.

계속해서 죽순을 준비합니다. Next, prepare a bamboo shoot.

Bamboo shoots are in season so it’s good to have them these days.

Peel it and cut it in half.

Parboil it in boiling water for 30 secs.

Next, parboil bok choys.

Put a spoonful of salt, and a drizzle of cooking oil parboil it about 20 secs and wash them in cold water.

And chop them up.

Chop the bamboo shoots, too.

And then mushrooms.

Next, chop up some shrimps in a size that you can feel the texture.

Shrimps give a deep flavor to the dumplings.

But you don’t always have to put shirmps.

Put some minced ginger.

and cooking wine, salt, sesamie oil, and sugar.

Mix all the ingredients to make the filling.

Roll out the dough and cut it into pieces.

Make them round and cover them with a plastic wrap.

They can dry out easily so you should cover them with a plastic wrap.

Coat the pot with a little bit of cooking oil to prevent them from sticking.

Sprinkle some starch flour on the board.

And make the dough balls flat with a roller.

Next, stuff the filling.

I will teach you three ways to make dumplings today.

First, fold the skin in half with the filling inside and pinch.

and fold the sealed part inside, so that the dumpling can stand.

Second way is the most common way.

Stuff the filling in the same way, and make pleats while pinching the both ends.

The last way looks like a willow tree.

Stuff the filling in the same way and put it on the board and pinch the middle part and make plates to both ends from the middle.

This method will make dumplings symmetrical.

It’s time to steam them.

The ingredients can be cooked fast so it’s enough to steam them for about 5~8 mins.

The dumpling skins will turn clear when they are steamed.

You can dunk it in your favorite sauce.

The dumplings are more chewy when they are warm.

The skin is very chewy and the filling is savory with the scent of bok choy.

If you have free time , Do you want to try it for your family?

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