Top Fluffy Souffle Pancake Recipes :I haven’t been making breakfast for everyone for a long time.

So today, I will show you all a quick and easy breakfast.

Before that, let me introduce to you this jasmine strawberry jam that I have recently developed.

which I like very much.

It’s completely different from the store-bought strawberry jam.

It contains whole jasmine flowers,and it’s not overly sweet nor cloying,thus very suitable for breakfast.

For breakfast, I like the recently sought-after airy, fluffy souffle pancakes.

It’s actually a lot easier to make than you think.

So I will challenge myself to attempt to serve the pancakes in fifteen minutes.

Alright first, let’s divide the eggs.

Separate the egg white into this big bowl.

Place the yolks into another bowl.

Then we will now whisk the egg whites.

Top Fluffy Souffle Pancake Recipes

Top Fluffy Souffle Pancake Recipes
Top Fluffy Souffle Pancake Recipes

Under normal circumstances, the egg whites are usually whisked last, but because the recipe calls for a fast hand, the egg whites can be whisked first.

Add all the sugar at once.

Beat the egg white until they form stiff peaks and set it aside.

After that, prepare the batter using the egg yolks.

This is yogurt, please choose a more viscous consistency yogurt.

Pour directly into the egg yolks.

Add a little bit of salt, and roughly two drops of vanilla extract.

Reuse the same whisk and it’s alright to not wash off the egg whites.

Beat the batter.

Sift in low-gluten flour.

Top Fluffy Souffle Pancake Recipes
Top Fluffy Souffle Pancake Recipes

2 grams of baking powder is sufficient.

Sift the dry ingredients.

Use the mixer machine at low speed to mix the batter,until there are no clumps of dry ingredients.

Do not over-mix.

Mix the batter thoroughly with a spatula.

Now add one-third of the egg whites into the mixture.

The steps are similar as to making chiffon cake.

Fold one-third of the whisked egg whites into the egg yolk batter first, and then pour the egg yolk batter back into the remaining, bowl of whisked egg whites.

Fold the batter.

The texture of this batter is very similar to that of a chiffon cake.

Now the batter is completed,and shows a very thick and viscous consistency.

We can now start to fry the pancakes.

Prepare a frying pan with a lid.

Heat it with medium heat.

Melt a small piece of butter in the pan.

Then prepare an ice cream scoop.

This way, you can control the amount of the batter better.

After the butter has melted,turn to the lowest flame.

Use this ice cream scoop to ladle in a spoonful of batter into the pan.

Add another half scoop of batter onto the surface.

This will increase its height.

The measurement I gave can probably yield four to five small pancakes.

Add a little water into the pot to ensure even heating.

Cover the lid immediately.

After about two minutes of frying, flip the pancakes.

It’s almost time to flip the pancakes.

Be exceptionally careful when flipping the pancakes as it is very fragile now.

Flip the pancakes gently and be careful not to affect its fluffiness.

Cover the lid and continue frying them under low heat for almost half a minute to one minute until it is fully cooked on both sides.

Turn off the stove and let it cook for a few more seconds.

Remove the pancakes from the pan.

Time consumed: 9 minutes 52 seconds.

Alright, we’ve completed today’s fluffy and airy souffle pancakes.

It is very simple,just like what we mentioned, completing it within 10 minutes.

It is a good choice for breakfast or tea time.

The pancakes can be served with a large spoonful of yogurt followed by a spoonful of jasmine strawberry jam.

Thus it will be sweet and sour with the fragrance of strawberries and the scent of jasmine,it will not be cloying one’s palate.

Together with the milky and egg riched fluffy pancake,the pairing is absolutely inviting.

Hope that you all will like it.

Top Fluffy Souffle Pancake Recipes
Top Fluffy Souffle Pancake Recipes

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