Best Chinese Fried Chicken Wings Recipes: Hello everyone, today I am making this tutorial to show you how to make fried chicken drumsticks.

First off, let’s go over the ingredients.

The seasonings are quite simple, I mainly use five spices powder and white pepper powder in it.

You may add in other flavors if you like, such as curry powder and chili powder.

Grind garlic and ginger into fine mixture, and put them in a bowl. And then add in 1/3 of five spices powder and white pepper powder mixture.

Add in a tbs. soy sauce and shaoxing wine. So this is a marinade for the chicken drumsticks.

Now let’s prepare the chicken drumsticks.

On one side, if you can see the bone, just pull the meat from this side to the other and then make it like a little drumstick.

If you cannot see the bone on its feet side, use a knife to slice around.

Cut around the bone to separate meat from the bone.

Best Chinese Fried Chicken Wings Recipes

Best Chinese Fried Chicken Wings Recipes
Best Chinese Fried Chicken Wings Recipes

Until you can see no meat attached on it, and then pull it from one side to the other.

Next up, put chicken drumsticks along with the marinade into a Ziploc bag. Get rid of the air in it, and them rub and toss like so.

Marinade for at least 30 mins, or overnight.

Since we are going to fry them later, coat the chicken drumsticks first.

Break an egg in a shallow plate. Egg makes it easier to coat the drumsticks.

Add in plain flour and rice flour, and 1/3 of five spices powder and white pepper powder mixture.

Season with a little salt, and mix well.

Rice powder will make the crust even crispier.

And it will absorb less oil than regular plain flour, so that the dish will be lighter.

Coat the chicken drumsticks first.

Dredge it in the egg wash.

And then coat another layer of flour.

This means that you need to coat three times for a single chicken drumstick. One layer of flour mixture, one layer of egg wash, and finish with another layer of flour mixture.

These layers secure the meat with enough flour, so that they won’t come off in hot oil.

After coating, use your hand to press the flour so that they will attach to the meat even firmer.

Set aside to rest before you fry.

Pour oil in the pan, and heat the pan until it reaches the right temperature.

Test with a chopstick. You can see small bubbles rising and covering the chopstick with some sizzling sound.

That means your oil is about at the right temperature.

Add in chicken drumsticks into the frying pan.

Do not move them around now, but allow it to set in hot oil first, and then gently move them with a spatula to help the meat absorb equally distributed heat.

Now you can see the exterior is becoming crispy.

Flip them over, and keep frying over the same heat for about 3 mins.

Now the drumsticks are cooked, but they are not browned yet.

So we take them out of the pan, wait for about 30 secs until the oil heats up again, and then put them back in and fry for a second time.

Doing so is to knock off excess oil from the chicken drumsticks.

So that they won’t be too rich and oily.

Fry for about 30-60 secs.

You can tell by the sound. At the beginning it sizzles with a louder sound.

Later it becomes quieter, and that’s the signal for you to get them out.

Strain them before you serve.

Add in the remaining 1/3 five spices powder and white pepper powder with a pinch of salt.

Mix well, and coat the fried chicken drumsticks in it.

Give it a toss to make sure the seasonings are coated on them.

Now it’s done.

It has a very crispy crust, but it tastes not too rich.

It’s still crispy even if it cools down.

I hope you enjoy this simple fried chicken drumsticks.

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