Best Grass Jelly Recipes :Today I am going to show how to make grass jellly with the jelly grass (Chinese Mimosa).

Because using this grass, you can make hot grass jelly.

And it is awesome for the winter.

Usually, the grass we buy is like this.

It looks messy.

Like a bunch of weed in the lawn.

And it can be a little bit dirty.

So you need to rinse it thoroughly.

First, use the scissors to cut them into smaller parts.

Best Grass Jelly Recipes
Best Grass Jelly Recipes

Rinse in the water.

Make sure to rinse them several times.

Until you can’t see any dirt.

Put them into a big pot.

Add 3 grams of baked baking soda.

It can help the grass cook better.

Now it is releasing the aroma.

Add 1.5 to 2 litres of water.

Boil on high heat.

Cover the lid, then simmer on low heat for 1 and half to 2 hours.

You can turn the side halfway.

The grass got really soft and mushy with the baked baking soda.

Best Grass Jelly Recipes

Finally you will have a pot of black juice.

And you can smell the dense aroma of the jelly grass.

It looks like those turtle jelly you can buy on the market.

It smells like Chinese herb medicine.

Then we need to filter it.

There can be a lot of scums in the grass juice.

You’d better filter it twice with fine cloths.

After filtering, you will have the grass tea.

You can drink as is when it’s hot, you can add some sugar or honey and ice cubes.

It’s a very refreshing grass beverage.

But now we are going to continue to make grass jelly.

Add sugar in the the juice.

Now we need some starch.

To make it coagulate.

Traditionally, we use Cannaceae powders.

It’s a starch from a plant called Indian shot.

But it is hard to get.

So today I am using sweet potato starch.

Because it’s specialty.

It is good at absorbing the water.

And it will be chewy.

So that you can make bouncy and chewy grass jelly.

However you can also use cassava starch.

I’ve tried before.

Cassave starch brings you a unique al dente feeling.

So it is also good for grass jelly.

Some said that we could use corn starch.

But I’ve tried,because we know that corn starch doesn’t have the chewy texture.

So the grass jelly made from it.

In my opinion will be not as good, now we mix water with sweet potato starch, 1:1.

Add the mixture slowly into the grass juice.

While stirring at the same time until it get thicker.

Like this, and it’s done.

It taste like those turtle jelly also.

But without the heavy bitterness and herb-ish flavour.

It has a fresh hint.

The freshly made grass jelly,looks like that it is flowing but also somehow solid when it is hot.

You can eat like this.

But to make it more tasty.

Be sure to add some dressings.

Some bubbles.

Taro balls.

Sweetened red beans.

I have taught how to make them in previous episodes.

If you are interested to know the details.

Please refer to those episodes.

You must eat them while hot for this kind of hot grass jelly,Because once it cools down.

It gelatinizes slowly.

While you are eating you can see that they are becoming jelly.

It feels good to eat them in the winter.

Hope y’all like it.

The rest of them you can make into cold jelly.

Pour them into a little bowl and put it into the fridge.

It will coagulate when the temperature goes down.

After that, cut them into small cubes.

You can mix them with coconut mill or honey.

Or put them into cold milk tea.

Or with sagoes.

You can eat the way you want.

Gelatinized grass jelly.

Tastes really chewy.

And as we have said.

It’s important that the starch you are using.

Try sweet potato or cassava starch.

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