Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day? I don’t know from what time I can always see several boys and girls in Hanfu clothing passing by.

In Double 11 2019,these young people had contributed RMB180 million of sales.

The search volume of Hanfu clothing in Taobao has surpassed that of T-shirts.

Why exactly there are increasing people starting to get obsessed with Hanfu clothing?

I intend to go to Xitang town, Zhejiang Province to visit the largest national Hanfu Cultural Week, where may unveil the answer to my question.

But before I leave, I’ve got another thing to do.

The special thing about this Hanfu event is that if I wear a piece of Hanfu to the event, I could enter the event for free.

So I’m visiting my friend here, Guo Guo,who is a Hanfu content creator, to borrow a garment.

This is where I keep all my Hanfu collection.

I thought there would be a space for at least a bed.

But these are all Hanfu There’re too many of them.

How many pieces of Hanfu do you collect here?

Now I have around 500 pieces of them ,these are all maxi (Hanfu),those are midi (Hanfu).

I keep the dress with mandarin collars here.

These are the full-length dress with buttoned fronts.

And lute-shaped sleeve here.

Those are all Mamian skirt.

Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?

These are the dress I wear for summer.

I keep my more expensive Hanfu in the middle section.

OMG I feel like I walk into a cash drawer.

How much does all of the Hanfu here cost?

About 200,000 RMB, I think. It’s not that much.

Which is the priciest one in your collection?

I keep the pricey ones in this box.

It’s probably a Mamian skirt with weaved gold.

The garments in these boxes cost pretty much the same.

They look so fancy.

These are the priciest ones.It costs 2,600 to 2,700 per piece.

Since I am going to attend a Hanfu event in two days.

Can you pick a piece of garment for me to try on.Sure!

Now, I can introduce you how the concept of Hanfu is raised.

In 2001, APEC was first held in China.

As usual, National leaders should present in their national customes.

Then, the Chinese people had came up with a serious question:”What custom can really represent our country’s culture ?”

I make a girl with 500 Hanfu embrasseed.

GuoGuo says that my breasts are too big.

Finally I get a suitable skirt.

Since 2003, Hanfu has been spread from some small minority‘s BBS to other more tender bbs where aims most at recovering traditional clothes.

Since then,hundred thousands of Tongpao have built their very first connections through internet communications.

I’ll find somewhere to change later and go to the scene of the Culture Festival.

This is the seventh Hanfu Culture Week in Xitang.

Tens of thousands Hanfu lovers coming from all over the country.

No matter you are the coder from Zhongguancun Technology Park, an influencer from Baiziwan, an editor from Dawang Road, or even Office Lady from Lujiazui, once you’re here, you all have the same name-Tongpao.

Tongpao, a nickname of Hanfu fans, has added a sense of community and cohesion,just as a Chinese saying goes, “If you, my comrade, have no clothing, I will share you mine.”

Besides, it has some realistic significance.

For example , it is free for you guys to participate in the group once you are in the Hanfu,even if a green hand like me.

Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?
Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?

However, as the saying goes, “dilettante watch the scene of bustle, expert looks at the way.

I decide to find a veteran of the Hanfu to take me sightseeing.

The reason for me to get started with the Hanfu style is that in 2013 and 2014 or so when I was a garment-related major, there’s a compulsory course named Foreign Fashion History, from which I embraced the beauty of our traditional national costume.

At this period, the HanFu movement has arisen.

Since 2013 and 2014 with the development of social media, and the emerging of Hanfu clubs in colleges, the number of people who love Hanfu besides ZheZhe has increased to a million.

That’s too much!

Let me do you a favor to kiss that girl.

I’m gonna take off your clothes!

Bro do you want to have a drink with me?

Water Fashion Show Carnival is the highlignt of the XiTang Han-fu Culture Festival.

KOLs of the club with sponsors’ logo that needed publicized.

Such as ‘The Four Beauty’. and celebrities in TIK Tok.

People wearing Hanfu would be somewhat strange in daily life.

But under the backdrop of small bridges and river in XiTang,those clothes seems perfect to fit the scene.

To be a viewer on the shore is not enough.

I must take a boat to have a closer look.

Finally we’re on board.

Were these two clothes designed in the same dynasty?

Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?
Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?

Yes, you are a maiden from the Ming dynasty, and I am a ‘noblewoman’.

In fact, I don’t know much about the types of Hanfu clothing.

We even saw a man in ‘Hanbok’.

Is that also a type of Hanfu clothing?Oh yes, it’s actually a kind of Hanfu clothing.


That’s a Dopo (taoist robe) for male during the Ming dynasty,but it is also a little different from the Dopo nowadays.

Because there were actully not much reference,besides, it was a niche market with few enthusiasists.

So that,we are actually crossing the river by feeling the stones.

It is hard to say that the progress we’ve made is clearly credited to a person, an institution or a group.

It is also hard to give a abusolutely correct definition to Hanfu clothing.

But that’s exactly what happened, in my opinion,the risorgimento of the Han Fu clothing is from down to up.

It makes the lovers feel engaged strongly.

This sense of participation prompts the establishment of the Han Fu clothing’s standard, it turned from every Jiao Ling style or You Reng style belongs to the Han Fu clothing to be proved by historical evidence.

And the styles early were held high, such as this Qu Ju style, it was tried wrongly, falsified, and overturned as the progress about how the Han Fu clothing grows from zero to one.

What everyone wears changed actually, the Ming Zhi style was little before, and back then, the Qu Ju style and the Qi Xiong style were much fewer.

Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?
Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?

Nowadays the Qu Ju style disappears nearly.

I don’t know how many people there were in previous years, anyone,I don’t think the people in this year can be more anymore.

Are there always this many people?

It becomes more and more.When I first came here,the tourists were more than the people who wore Han Fu clothing.

Today the tourists are submerged in the Han Fu clothing lovers.

Behind this change also has the function which Taobao cannot shirk,no,icannot ignore.

I take to HanFu industry in 2017.

Not many people started to understand HanFu at the time.

So it sales maybe a dozen in a month,now we can sell tens of thousands of pieces.

We will initiate some vote.

We will ask the customer like what the kind of design.

Then the be fond of according to the customer to design our HanFu.

Hanfu shop on TaoBao respond quickly.cheap prices and various styles.

For the main consumer of HanFu, the students.

Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?

Even if you’re not rich, you can also enjoy the pleasure of wearing HanFu,I think TaoBao is a very convenient purchase channel for most people.

Although the HanFu industry developed,it’s not like what we wear everyday.

Which You can go to many stores for selection.

That TaoBao, for HanFu merchants and also for HanFu enthusiasts.

Is also a relatively low entry requirements channel?

From nationalists caring about reviving enterprises to restorative scholars who love the traditional culture and require careful textual research,when Han Chinese Clothing is getting popular and core users are people who were born after 1995 and 2000.

the reason that Han Chinese Clothing is popular is ascribed to “pretty, very elegant”, “so beautiful”, “Really pretty”, those loose clothing with big sleeves and those fluttered dresses “So beautiful”.

Instead of its beauty, it can help people socializing.

Can make friends from the same gender?

“I get gifts.”

Can develop relationships.“Because of me, he is interested in Han Chinese Clothing.”

Can strengthen relationship because of having the same interest.

In this four days activities,you can join the military show, Han Chinese Clothing show and the archery game.

Hanfu wedding

Archery competition.

Of course, the most important thing is that taking pictures together and sending them to moments.

I was asked to take pictures by old people several times, saying that :“May I take a photo of you? “

Because her haircut looks pretty cool when collocating her clothes.

Dressing Hanfu can even attract other peers in the media, and you can discussing the topics with them.

I am a media worker from Beijing.

Oh, So are you.

Why do you dress Hanfu?

Do you like to dress it on your own or are you making a show about it?

It is the show. It is really inconvenient and stumble for me.

It is really inconvenient and stumble for me.

Especially that we have to carry a lot of gears.

And this skirt.

Some strangers would come and tell me that:”Your shirt is too short to cover you.”

The popularity of Hanfu is consist of interclass public participation, the promotion from E-commerce, and the intrinsic beautifying filters along with social characteristic.

But I can’t stop considering that it still need a long way to get out of the circle.

Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?
Why Hanfu Clothing Is So Popular This Day?

As daily clothes, Hanfu is not as welcomed as T-shirt and jeans.

As formal dress, Hanfu is not as welcomed as wedding gown and suits.

There is a gap in the development of Hanfu culture and it is in the backdrop of the Chinese cultural renaissance.

At present, Hanfu is actually a newly-born baby.

So our first step is definitely recovering it back to the past original pattern.

After that it should be adjusted to fit in the modern rushing society.

And then we shall discuss how to develop it further.

As a green hand in Han Chinese Clothing. This trip to Xitang was Really opened my eyes.

My view of the circle of Hanfu has changed a lot.

But as for the suit I wore that day,my wearing experience was not so good.

The long sleeves are really inconvenient.

So I think actually if Han Chinese Clothing wants to exist into more closets and become a kind of clothes that can be chosen in normal whether it can be improved or adjusted in this respect.

What do you think of the future of Han Chinese Clothing?

In order to be more popular, do you think it can be transformed please tell us your idea in Comment threads.

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