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Hangzhou Metro Line 1 Tips

Hangzhou Metro Line 1
Hangzhou Metro Line 1

Hangzhou Metro Line 1 Line 1 of the Hangzhou City (Mandarin: 杭州地铁一号线; pinyin: Hángzhōu Dìtiě Yī Hào Xiàn) is actually an arc-shaped fast transportation line operating coming from Xianghu terminal in western side Xiaoshan Area to Xiaoshan Worldwide Flight terminal in Asian Xiaoshan Area, going through midtown Hangzhou along with a division towards Linping in Yuhang Area.

Opening up on 24 Nov 2012, it is actually the earliest as well as busiest collection in the city’s city system.

This line is actually 64.8 kilometers (40.3 mi) lengthy along with 39 terminals, consisting of a division collection prominent northwards coming from Trainer Facility to Linping.

The division collection (Trainer Center-Linping) will certainly combine to Line 9, anticipated in June 2021.

Hangzhou Metro Line 1 Map

hangzhou metro line 1 map
Hangzhou Metro Line 1 Map

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  • Xianghu — Xiaoshan International Airport
  • Xianghu — Linping(Branch Line Route)South Qiaosi – Qiaosi – Wengmei – Yuhang Railway Station – Nanyuan – Linping
  • Xianghu — Xiasha Jiangbin (Rush hours only)


First Train
Last Train
First Train
Last Train
First Train
Last Train
Binkang Road06:1222:4206:3923:4706:0722:52
Binhe Road06:1622:4706:3523:4206:1122:57
Jiangling Road06:0922:4906:3323:4006:0322:59
Wujiang Road06:1422:5506:2723:3406:0923:05
Chengzhan (Railway Station)06:1622:5706:2523:3106:1123:07
Ding’an Road06:1922:5906:2323:2906:1323:09
Fengqi Road06:1223:0406:1823:2406:1823:14
Wulin Square06:1423:0606:1623:2106:0823:16
West Lake Cultural Square06:1623:0806:1523:1906:1023:18
East Railway Station06:2423:1606:0623:1106:1823:27
Jiuhe Road06:0723:2306:1723:0406:1323:34
Coach Center06:1223:2806:1323:0006:1823:39
West Xiasha06:1623:3106:0822:4906:0822:49
Gaosha Road06:2023:3506:0422:4506:0422:45
Wenze Road06:2323:3806:0222:4306:0222:43
South Wenhai Road06:2723:4206:0922:3906:0922:39
Xiasha Jiangbin06:0422:3506:0422:35
South Qiaosi06:2422:5606:2422:5606:2223:43
Yuhang Railway Station06:1422:4706:1422:4706:3023:53

Metro Vehicle Facilities

Hangzhou Metro Line 1

Hangzhou Metro Line 1 train is a 4-moving B-type B vehicle, manufactured by China Middle Car Nanjing Pu Town Vehicle Co., Ltd., the vehicle body is a full welding aluminum alloy structure, and the structural design life is not less than 30 years.

The train is about 120 meters long, 3 meters wide, 3.8 meters high, and the DC 1500 volclitened air contact network is flowing. The maximum operating speed of the train is 80 km / h, and the average operating speed of not less than 57 km / h.

Operating system

From October 31, 2013, Hangzhou Metro Line 1 officially enabled the operation mode of CBTC (wireless mobile occlusion train automatic control system).

In CBTC mode, a vehicle running on a computer system control line, a computer system is more accurately known by each car, and a speed, distance instruction to a vehicle, ensuring safe distance and driving speed.

Service Facilities

  • Most of the toilets in Hangzhou Metro Line 1 are concentrated in the station (non-ride area), and passengers in need to ask the staff in the station.
  • On the right side of the entrance and exit station of Hangzhou Metro Line 1, there is a self-catering ticket machine, which can put coins or banknotes to buy tickets; each station also has a ticket office, can be worked and passenger consultation.
  • Each station has passenger-carrying luggage or riding a wheelchair (10 cm) from a wide channel ticket vehicle (90 cm)
  • Through the ticket gate, each station is equipped with an elevator or staircase, a straight-through platform, both sides, a decent ladder for disabled persons, direct standby layers; each station also has a blind man used by the blind.

Number of passenger traffic

In 2012, the number of guests in Hangzhou Metro Line 1 was 150,000.

In 2014, the number of guests in Hangzhou Metro Line 1 was 380,000.

In 2015, the number of guests in Hangzhou Metro Line 1 was 485,000.

In 2016, the number of guests in Hangzhou Metro Line 1 was 537,000.

In 2017, the number of guests in Hangzhou Metro Line 1 was 616,000.

In 2018, the number of guests in Hangzhou Metro Line 1 was 749,000.

In 2019, the number of guests in Hangzhou Metro Line 1 was 822,000.


Wulin Square & West Lake Culture Square: Tranfer to Line 3

Pengbu, East Railway Station and Jinjiang: Transfer to line 4

Datieguan & Chengzhan & Binkang Road: Transfer to line 5

Jiangling Road: Transfer to line 6

Xiaoshan International Airport: Transfer to Line 7

South Wenhai Road: Transfer to Line 8

Coach Center: Transfer to Line 9

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