Hangzhou Metro Line 2
Hangzhou Metro Line 2

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 is the subway line established in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, opened on November 24, 2014.

The very initial stage of the free-throw line, in between Qianjiang Roadway as well as the Chaoyang terminals, went into procedure on 24 Nov 2014 after 6 years of building. It was actually encompassed Gucui Roadway on 3 July 2017, and after that to Liangzhu on 27 December in the exact very same year.

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 is 43.3 kilometers, all of which are underground lines; 33 stations have been set up.

At 10 o’clock on June 30, 2020, the Lower Ningqiao Station opened operation.

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 Map

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 Map

Opening timeline

Chaoyang — Qianjiang Road24 November 201418.3 km (11.37 mi)12Phase 1 (southeastern section)
Qianjiang Century City28 April 2016Infill station1
Qianjiang Road — Gucui Road3 July 201711.3 km (7.02 mi)9Phase 1 (northwestern section)
Gucui Road — Liangzhu27 December 201713.32 km (8.28 mi)10Phase 2 & 3
Xianing Bridge30 June 2020Infill station1

Metro Timetable

First Train
Last Train
First Train
Last Train
Renmin Road06:0722:5306:2423:54
People’s Square06:0622:5706:1923:50
Jianshe 1st Road06:0923:0006:1623:47
Jianshe 3rd Road06:1123:0206:1423:45
Zhenning Road06:0423:0506:1223:42
Feihong Road06:0723:0706:1823:40
Yingfeng Road06:0923:0906:1523:37
Qianjiang Century City06:1123:1106:1323:36
Qianjiang Road06:0723:1606:0923:31
Qingchun Square06:0923:1806:1623:29
Qingling Road06:1123:2006:1423:27
North Jianguo Road06:1423:2406:1023:23
North Zhonghe Road06:1623:2606:0823:21
Fengqi Road06:1023:2806:1423:19
Xianingqiao (Closed)
Xueyuan Road06:1823:3706:1123:09
Gucui Road06:1123:4006:0923:07
Fengtan Road06:1323:4206:1723:05
Dunxiang Street06:1723:5306:1422:53


As of December 2017, Hangzhou Metro Line 2 single-way operation time is 77 minutes

  1. Work Day: Early peak (07: 00-09: 00), late peak (17: 00-19: 00), the shuttle interval is 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
  2. Flat peak delivery is 5 minutes 50 seconds
  3. Holiday morning and evening peak time period is 9: 00 ~ 19: 00, the shuttle interval is 5 minutes


  • Qianjiang Road: Transfer to Line 4, Line 9
  • Fengqi Road: Transfer to Line 1
  • Sanba & North Jianguo Road & People’s Square: Transfer to Line 5
  • Qianjiang Century City: Transfer to Line 6
  • Jianshe 3rd Road: Transfer to Line 7
  • Wulinmen: Transfer to Line 3
  • Xueyuan Road: Transfer to Line 10

Vehicle facility

Hangzhou Metro Line 2
Hangzhou Metro Line 2

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 uses a B-type train of 4 moving 2 to 6 card, and the vehicle body is a full welding aluminum alloy structure.

The train is about 120 meters long, about 2.9 meters wide, about 3.8 meters high, DC 1500 volcular air contact network is flowing, the highest speed of 80 km / h.

The train model used in Hangzhou Metro Line 2 is a drum vehicle body structure, which is presented as a narrow, intermediate wide, and both sides are circular. Its internal space will be larger, carrying capacity is not bad in the A car, and there is also a big improvement in the right comfort.

Hangzhou Metro Line 2
Hangzhou Metro Line 2

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 train realizes intelligent network control, can adjust traction and braking force according to the line, load, system state, to ensure safety; vehicle broadcast can automatically adjust the volume size according to the background noise; the air spring can be based on the number of passengers How much automatically adjusts the height of the bottom plate surface of the car, and the air conditioner can moderately balance the internal and external temperature difference.

It is worthwasing that the seats, handrails, etc. are adjusted according to the body parameters of the Chinese people, and the passengers with different heights can go to the armrest or pull ring.

The electric heating system is provided below the car seat, improve the comfort of the winter ride. In addition, one disabled wheelchair is provided in each car.

Operating system

Hangzhou Metro Line 2
Hangzhou Metro Line 2

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 signal control system uses a CBTC system based on large volume wireless communication technology. The speed is not less than 37km / h, and the distance from the distance reaches the distance to 2 minutes, thereby achieving operational requirements such as high speed, high-density, multi-crossing, and platform replacement of Hangzhou Metro Line 2.


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