Hangzhou Metro Line 4 Tips: Line 4 of the Hangzhou City (Mandarin: 杭州地铁四号线; pinyin: Hángzhōu Dìtiě Sìhào Xiàn) is actually a fast transportation collection in procedure since 2015. Operating northeast-southwest, free-throw line links Hangzhou Eastern train terminal, Qianjiang Brand-brand new Urban area as well as Binjiang Area.

Its symbol has a camphor green.

Component of the free-throw line (Qianjiang Roadway to Shuicheng Connect) operates along with the north financial institution of Qiantang Stream.

The 2nd stage of Line 4 is actually unfinished as well as is actually arranged to become in procedure in 2021.

Hangzhou Metro Line 4 Map

Opening timeline

Pengbu — Jinjiang2 February 20159.6 km (5.97 mi)9Phase 1
(initial section)
Xintang28 June 2015Infill station1
Jinjiang — Puyan9 January 201811.2 km (6.96 mi)7Phase 1
(final section)
Lianzhuang6 June 2018Infill station1


First Train
Last Train
First Train
Last Train
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University06:1423:2706:0423:00
Fuxing Road06:0723:1906:1223:07
Yongjiang Road06:1023:1306:1823:13
Chengxing Road06:0523:0806:1423:18
Citizen Center06:0423:0706:1623:20
Jiangjin Road06:1323:0506:1823:21
Qianjiang Road06:1123:0206:1223:24
East Railway Station06:0222:5306:2023:33


 East Railway Station, Pengbu and Jinjiang: Transfer to Line 1

Qianjiang Road: Transfer to Line 2, Line 9

 Nanxingqiao: Transfer to Line 5

 Chinese Medical University: Transfer to Line 6

 Citizen Center: Transfer to Line 7

 Xintiandi (under construction): Transfer to Line 3

 Hangxing Road (under construction): Transfer to Line 10

Surroundings and Bus Routes Near All Metro Station


Surroundings: Puyan Road, Dongguan Road, Xinpuyuan Community, Fuli Senlinyuan Community, Slow Town Community, Meibo International Plaza, Jiangnan College, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Chengxing Drugstore
Bus Routes: 112, 113, 115, 176, 177, 222, 225, 230, 269, 326, 352, 822


Surroundings: Jianta Road, Xinpu Road, Yangjiadun Street, Lüchengqiaoyuan Community, Yinjue Century Apartment, Yangjiadun Park, Shangsha Temple, Ren’an Drugstore, Yiwanjia Drugstore, Pod Inn, Lüteng Holiday Hotel
Bus Routes: 112, 113, 175, 176, 177, 222, 225, 230, 326, 352, 822

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
Surroundings: Liuhe Road, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Zhejiang Police College, Jijia Community, Tianhong Junyi Community, Jiangnan Commercial Building, Eastern Communications Science Park, Zhicheng Hotel, Hanting Express Hotel, KFC, Construction Bank, Resources Vanguard
Bus Routes: 107, 113, 116, 119, 172, 176, 180, 194, 222, 352, 822

Lianzhuang (Closed)
Surroundings: Dongxin Avenue, Jiangnan Avenue, Lianzhuang Road, Bishuihaoyuan Community, Lianzhuang Community, Lianzhuang Apartment, Jingjiangyuan Community, Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Starbucks, Wanjiakang Drugstore, China Mobile, Shiji Hualian Supermarket, Junman Hotel
Bus Routes: 119, 139, 172, 180, 194, 197, 315, 352, 354, 822

Surroundings: Shuicheng Road, Nanfu Road, Min’anyuan Community, Liuheyuan Community, Baita Renjia Community, Shuicheng Huayuan Community, Bagua New Village, Xinkaiyuan Hotel
Bus Routes: 20, 39, 62, 87, 119, 189, 202, 222, 308, 597

Fuxing Road
Surroundings: Fuxing Road, South Fuxing Street, Zhijiang Road, Haiyue Huayuan Community, Fuxing Beiyuan & Nanyuan Community, Qinghe Experimental School, Qiandu Holiday Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Telecom, LBX Pharmacy
Bus Routes: 9, 20, 39, 62, 119, 133, 189, 202, 280, 308, 597

Surroundings: Qianjiang Road, Feiyunjiang Road, Phoenix Plaza, Fenghuang Nanyuan Community, May Flower River Community, 1st primary school affiliated with Hangzhou Normal University, Edinburgh Hotel, Bank of China, China Post, Construction Bank, Wulin Drugstore
Bus Routes: 8, 9, 13, 20, 39, 113, 116, 119, 127, 133, 176, 195, 202, 230, 251

Yongjiang Road
Surroundings: Yongjiang Road, Fuchun Road, Xinlüyuan Community, Riverview Impression Community, Shui’anfengting Community, Linfeng Huayuan Community, Shengli Experimental School, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 9, 80, 119, 127, 176, 178, 352, 361

Surroundings: Exit A & D: Wujiang Road, Jinjiang Jiayuan Community, South Jinjiang Road, Shiyuan Lane, Women’s Hospital, Giantman Hotel, Wanghu Road
Exit B & C: Jianlan Middle School, Bayuan Lane, Huifeng Office Building, Huachen Fengting Hotel, Leiting Road
Bus Routes: 9, 29, 32, 42, 71, 119, 133, 216, 334, 520, 1001

Chengxing Road
Surroundings: Exit A1: Chengxing Bridge, Qianjiang New Town Forest Park, Costa Coffee, Zunbao Office Building, China Development Bank, Senlin Road
Exit B1, B2 & C1: Chengxing Road, Fuchun Road, Courtyard by Marriott Qianjiang Hotel, Bafei International Buffet, Qianjiang International Times Plaza, Less is More Coffee, Hualian Supermarket, Shimin Street
Bus Routes: 9, 32, 71, 80, 96, 107, 108, 229, 322, 361, 516

Citizen Center
Surroundings: Public Services Center, Fuchun Road, Xinye Road, Qianjiang Road, East Jiefang Road, Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Public Library, Jinjiang Inn, Libin Road, International Conference Center, Juyuan Road, Hangzhou Grand Theatre, InterContinental Hotel
Bus Routes: 6, 9, 71, 107, 133, b1, b2, b6

Jiangjin Road
Surroundings: Jiangjin Road, Dangui Road, Hanjia International Office Building, Century Garden Community, Dikai International Center, Xinye Road, Minxin Road, Raffles City Mall
Bus Routes: 9, 84, 105, 106, 133, 156, 901

Qianjiang Road
Surroundings: Qianjiang Road, East Qingchun Road, Hexie Jiayuan Community, Shunfu Road, Heyuan Community, Northeastern Chinese Dumplings, Qianjiang Sanyuan Community
Bus Routes: 45, 50, 71, 108, 298, 323, 325, 1604

Surroundings: Xintang Road, Lianhua Supermarket, Gome Electrical Appliances, Jingxiu Community, Xincheng Times Plaza Office Building, Sijiqing Primary School, China Merchants Bank, Fan Up Hotel Apartment, Rainbow Plaza, Five Fook Plaza, Pizza Hut, Wufu Road, China Construction Bank, Taierkang Dry Cleaner
Bus Routes: 20, 31, 35, 47, 55, 56, 81, 99, 100, 108, 122, 123, 200, 201, 202, 212, 215, 304, 323, 1600, 1601

Surroundings: Xintang Road, West Genshan Road, Genshan Overpass, Yibai Pharmacy, Hangxiang Hotel, Tianyun Holiday Hotel, Qiandaohu Organic Restaurant, North Sanxin Road, Chenzuo Star Hotel, Jigeng Road, Yanjianong Road
Bus Routes: 6, 20, 33, 47, 99, 105, 106, 107, 201, 205, 215, 357, 358, 541, 548, 1601, b1

Surroundings: West Huanzhan Road, Ehi Car Services, Xinfeng Road, Tiancheng Road, Tianchengyuan Community, Xintang Road
Bus Routes: 20, 33, 47, 99, 105, 106, 107, 215, 357, 358

East Railway Station
Surroundings: KFC, McDonald, Lianhua Supermarket, Tiancheng Road, Long-distance Transport Bus Terminal, Youzi Serviced Apartment
Bus Routes: 9, 20, 28, 31, 3, 43, 48, 105, 106, 107,108, 123, 179, 200, 215, 224, 227, 228, 297, 320, 391, b4

Surroundings: Hongtai Road, Mingyueqiao Road, East Huanzhan Road
Bus Routes: 9, 35, 100, 107, 124, 205, 223, 309, 320, 339, 357, 358, 523, 1601

Vehicle facility

The vehicle base is shared with the Handburg vehicle segment on Line 1, and there is another paragraph (Puyuan fixed section, seven fortune parking).
At 2, the Line 4 Control Center is set up in the Handburger Control Center with 1, 2, 3, 5, 6.

The operating system used in Hangzhou Metro Line is the second-generation CBTC system produced by Zhejiang Zhonghe Technology Co., Ltd.

In CBTC mode, vehicles running on the computer system control line, computer systems will be more accurately known to have the location and speed of each car, and send a speed, distance instruction to the vehicle to ensure a safe distance and driving speed.

Service Facilities

Hangzhou Metro Line 1 Phase I, Southwest Squares, various stations, all sets of vertical elevators, all stations and entrances, and the station halls to the platform have up and down the escalators, 8 stations have a maternal and child room.

Each station in Hangzhou Metro Line 4 has an automatic ticket vending machine of UnionPay flash payment function, and the Internet pick-up machine, all-line online UnionPay Flash, Direct Gate, and QR code scan code.

Main project

The Southwest of Hangzhou Metro Line 4 is basically laying along the branches of Qintang River. The regional geological conditions passing through the line are complex, and there are high-rise buildings along the way.

There are many underground pipelines, and the construction is difficult. Hangzhou Metro Line 4 wears Changjiang River, a long-distance cross-stained formation, through the Zhejiang Railway section of the railway section and through the revival over the process, the builders overcome many difficulties and accumulate important construction experience.


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