Hangzhou Metro Line 6 Tips:Line 6 (Chinese: 杭州地铁6号线) is a partly functional train line of the Hangzhou Metro.

The line ranges from Shuangpu (in Xihu) and West Guihua Roadway (in Fuyang), combining at Xiangshan Campus China Academy of Art terminal, extending with the southern financial institution of Qiantang River previously transforming northwest and finishing at Goujulong.

It links Fuyang Area with Binjiang, Hangzhou Sporting activities Park Arena, Qianjiang Century City and Hangzhou Eastern Train Terminal.

The line is 58.75 kilometers (36.51 mi) lengthy. Phase 1 and Fuyang Area were opened up on 30 December 2020, phase 2 is prepared to be functional by 2021.

The Metro line’s color is blue.

Hangzhou Metro Line 6 Map

Opening timeline

Shuangpu — Qianjiang Century City30 December 202026.95km17Phase 1
Xiangshan Campus,CAA — West Guihua Road30 December 202023.47km11Fuyang Section (former Fuyang Line)
Hangzhou Metro Line 6 Opening timeline


First TrainFirst TrainFirst TrainLast TrainLast TrainLast Train
StationTo Qianjiang Century City ToShuangpu
To Qianjiang Century City ToShuangpu
West Guihua Road06:0206:0223:0023:00
Gongwang Street06:0506:0506:1423:0223:0200:09
Fuyang Coach Station06:0306:0306:0723:1123:1100:00
Wildlife Park East06:0306:0306:0523:2123:2123:49
Zhejiang Conservatory of Music06:0906:0906:0823:2823:2823:42
Kehai Road06:1006:2406:1022:5823:4122:58
Xiaming Street06:1306:2006:1323:0223:3723:02
China Academy of Art Xiangshan Campus06:0706:1806:0523:3223:3423:38
West Fenghua Road 06:1006:2406:3023:3423:3023:35
Zhipu Road
Xipu Road06:1206:1806:2523:4023:2523:30
Chinese Medical University06:1406:2906:2223:4323:2223:27
Weiye Road06:1706:2606:1923:4523:1923:24
Chengye Road06:1906:2406:1723:4823:1723:22
Jianye Road06:0906:2206:1523:5023:1523:20
Jianghan Road06:1406:1706:2323:5523:1023:15
Jiangling Road06:1606:1406:2023:5823:0723:12
Olympic Sports Center06:1206:1006:1600:0323:0323:08
Expo Center06:1406:0806:1400:0523:0123:06
Qianjiang Century City06:0506:1222:5923:04
Hangzhou Metro Line 6 Timetable 

Transfers of Hangzhou Subway Line 6

 Chinese Medical University: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro line 4

 Changhe: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 5

 Jiangling Road: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 1

 Qianjiang Century City: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 2

 Olympic Sports Center: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 7

 Sanbao (under construction): Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 9

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Metro Stations 

West Guihua Road
Surroundings: Qiuyue Community, Jindu Mingyuan Community, Fuchun 2nd Primary School, 5th Primary School, Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 601, 603, 605, 610

Gongwang Street
Surroundings: Gongwang Street, Jinyuan Road, Fuchunheyuan Community, Fengzeyuan Community, Jinse Jiayaun Community, Yonghe Jiayuan Community, Fuyang 1st Hospital, No.8 Primary School, Futian Hotel, Guyue Hotel
Bus Routes: 606, 619, 620

Surroundings: Guangming Road, Yingbin Community, Wanheyuan Community, Chuizishan Park, Yingbin Hotel, Weidugang Hotel, Guozi Kindergarten, Bank of Communications
Bus Routes: 301, 602, 603, 608, 609, 616, 627

Surroundings: Gaoye Road, Qingao Road, Yinhu Middle School
Bus Routes: K2108, K2110, K2124

Fuyang Coach Station
Surroundings: Sunquan Road, Fuyang Coach Station, Wanheyuan Community, Houzhou Jiayuan Community, Xingda Community, Fuye Hotel, Houtingzi Hotel, Postal Savings Bank, Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 301, 603, 606, 609, 610, 620, 621, 627

Surroundings: No.320 National Road, South Longxi Road, Zhongyi Cultural and Creative Industry Park, Shouxiang Orthopedic Hospital 
Bus Routes: 314, 436

Surroundings: Jiulong Avenue, Dashanjiao Village Industrial Park, Yefeng Mountain, Lion Mountain, Minghe Huayuan Community, Ziyang Hotel
Bus Routes: 314, 436, 514

Surroundings: West Kechuang Road, Yinhu Huayuan Community, Shenghongyuan Community, Mingcuilanwan Community, Yinhu Park
Bus Routes: 314, 436, 628

Wildlife Park East
Surroundings: Meiheyuan Community, Fuchunshanju Community, Ziyunshanzhuang Community, Xiushuishanzhuang Community, Wildlife Park, Wuchaoshan National Forest Park
Bus Routes: 314, 435, 514

Surroundings: No.235 National Road, Lingzhong Road, Cunkou Village, Zunsheng Temple, Zhongcun Community, Xiangshan Cultural and Creative Industry Park
Bus Routes: 189, 314, 435, 439, 514

Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
Surroundings: Zhenzhong Road, Huanshan Road, Xiangshan Renjia Community, Cunkou Jiayuan Community, Lingshang Huayuan Community, Zhejiang People’s Hospital, Shuangliu Park, No.7 Middle School, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
Bus Routes: 39, 189, 514

Surroundings: Xiatong Street, South Kehai Road, Yuanfu Road, Yunquan Village, Caihongfu Community, Yunpu Xinyu Community
Bus Routes: 301, 1404

Kehai Road
Surroundings: Kehai Road, Liyushan Street, Heshan Street, Liyu Mountain, Penghui Industrial Park, Zheheng Industrial Park, Lianghujiayuan Community, Yunxi Community, Wutongyanlu Community, 
Zhuantang Primary School
Bus Routes: 121, 190, 301, 434

Xiaming Street
Surroundings: Xiaming Street, Lingfeng Street, Dingshan Jiayuan Community, Yunxi Community, Phoenix Park, Shuangliu Park, Wanmei Business Center, Dingshan Primary School, Tongde Hospital
Bus Routes: 39, 230, 8202

China Academy of Art Xiangshan Campus
Surroundings: Zhusi Road, Dongshi Road, Longtian Street, Zhijiang Jiayuan Community, Xiangshan International Plaza, Meishang Business Center, China Academy of Art Xiangshan Campus, Xiangshan Kindergarten, Zhuantang Primary School
Bus Routes: 39, 109, 121, 289, 308, 314, 362, 1407

West Fenghua Road
Surroundings: Lijing Road, Longxin Road, Bibo Road, Zhixin Huayuan Community, Wanguotiandi Community, Yunzhuang Community, Pumin Mansion, Dongyue Temple, Zhijiang 1st Middle School, Qiushi Primary School
Bus Routes: 190, 362, 433

Zhipu Road
Surroundings: Zhipu Road, Jianghan Road, Evergrande Crystal International Plaza, Evergrande Lanyu Community, Shanhusha Community
Bus Routes: 190, 334M, 514

Xipu Road
Surroundings: Xipu Road, Binwen Road, Bajia New Village, Puyuewan Community, Zhexin Community, Jiangnan Wenyuan Community, Meiguiwan Community, Binwen Primary School, Hanting Express Hotel, China Unicom, KFC
Bus Routes: 107, 112, 175, 180 

Chinese Medical University
Surroundings: Dongxin Avenue, Chinese Medical University, Zhejiang Police College, Jijia Community, Tianhong Community, Lideyuan Community, Zhongheng Mansion, Zhicheng Mansion, Binwenyuan Hotel, Dongxin Science Park
Bus Routes: 107, 113, 116, 172, 175, 176, 180, 194, 301, 435 

Weiye Road
Surroundings: Weiye Road, Qiantang Jingyuan Community, Jiangbin Huayuan Community, Lianzhuang Apartment, Tongce Square, Qiantangjiang Railway Station, Binjiang Convention & Exhibition Center, Hangzhou High-Tech Software Park, Longxi Hotel
Bus Routes: 116, 124, 138, 139, 197, 315, 352

Chengye Road
Surroundings: Chengye Road, Xincheng Road, Jiangnan Avenue, Modern Impression Plaza, Keda Mansion, Huizhi Mansion, Hengsheng Mansion, Nokia Innovation Software Park, Hangzhou Experimental School, The children’s Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine
Bus Routes: 112, 113B, 139, 315, 435

Jianye Road
Surroundings: Jianye Road, Pingle Street, Shenglu Community, Renyuan Community, Jiangshan Community, Qicaicheng Community, Baisheng Mansion, Huaye Mansion, Binjiang Primary School, Zhejiang Provincial Food and Drug Inspection Institute, Starbucks
Bus Routes: 107, 113, 139, 172, 295, 315, 352, 355

Surroundings: Changhe Road, Binhe Road, Beitang River, Zhongnan International Commercial City, Zhongnan Joy Mall, Binxing School, Zhaosen International Mansion, Hongzhongyuan Community, Binxing Community, Jiang’er Farm Products Market
Bus Routes: 107, 116, 138, 195, 315, 368, 434, 435

Jianghan Road
Surroundings: Jianghan Road, Jianghong Road, Jianghui Road, Zhongxing Huayuan Community, Baiheyuan Community, Fengyaqiantang Community, Xingyao Mansion, Binjiang Tianjie Shopping Mall, Wentao Primary School, Binjiang Hospital, Xingchen Drugstore, KFC, Everbright Bank, Industrial, and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 107, 172, 195, 355, 434, 435

Jiangling Road
Surroundings: Jiangling Road, Tonghe Road, Xingyaocheng Community, Chunxiao Huayuan Community, Binjiang District Government, Zhejiang Hospital, Qianjiang Mansion, Haiyue Mansion, Xingguang International Plaza, Ganzhi Park, Danfeng Experimental School
Bus Routes: 107, 115, 138, 172, 300, 340, 355, 434, 435

Surroundings: Xixing Road, Binfen Street, Jiefang River, Binfen Xiyuan Community, Binfen Community, Jinmaofu Community, Danfeng Kindergarten, Landai Apartment, Zhongsheng Mansion, Anheng Mansion
Bus Routes: 96, 300, 335

Olympic Sports Center
Surroundings: Benjing Avenue, Yangfan Road, Feihong Road, Limin River, Olympic Sports Center, Chunjiangbi’an Community, Xuhuicheng Community, Jiafengnanyuan Community
Bus Routes: 402, 419

Expo Center
Surroundings: Bo’ao Road, Pinglan Road, Hangzhou International Expo Center, Lanshen International Community, Liyi Jiayuan Community, Juri Mansion, Xiaoshan District Century Experimental School
Bus Routes: 317, 419, 422

Qianjiang Century City
Surroundings: Minhe Road, North Shixin Road, Hongning Road, Qianjiang Century Park, Chuanhua Mansion, Lijing Mansion, Shanshui Mansion, Zhaofeng Mansion, Yujintai Community, Meiyijia Supermarket
Bus Routes: 317, 402, 419, 422, 705

Rest Stations of Hangzhou Metro Line 6 Phase One

Route: Fengbei – Asian Games Village – Sanbao – Tanhua’an Road – Yuanbaotang – East Railway Station – Goujunong

Surroundings: Mingxiang Road, Ningyi Road, Haiqing Road, Yuesheng International Center, Xishiduo Supermarket
Bus Routes: 402, 422, 705

Asian Games Village
Surroundings: Minxiang Road, Xianfeng River, Wangting Center, Asian Games Village
Bus Routes: 402, 422, 705

Surroundings: Qianjiang Road, East Yunhe Road, Sanbao Mansion, Daduhui Community, Zhonghai Yudao Community, Xindacheng Community, Qianjiang International School
Bus Routes: 9, 126, 325, 401

Tanhua’an Road
Surroundings: Tanhua’an Road, Yunxin Road, Shengyun Street, Hangzhou Mosque, Yunxin Huayuan Community, Sanbao Dongyuan Community, Yunxin Huayuan Community, Dongfangyufu Community, SF Express, Jinkui Drugstore
Bus Routes: 9, 19, 35, 81, 108, 123, 126, 212, 304

Surroundings: West Genshan Road, Dongning Road, Xinfeng Road, Employee Cultural Center, Qianjiangfu Community, Mingyue Jiayuan Community, Yunfeng Jiayuan Community, Yunhe Jiayuan Community, Xinguoli Garden Hotel
Bus Routes: 9, 31, 35, 81, 108, 123, 212, 304

East Railway Station
Surroundings: Xinfeng Road, Tiancheng Road, East Railway Station, Long-distance Bus Station, Gujia Mansion, Hongjie Apartment, Donggang Jiayuan Community, Jinjiang Inn, Starbucks, MacDonald, KFC
Bus Routes: 20, 28, 31, 33, 43, 105, 106, 179, 204, 206, 215, 222, 224, 228, 420

Surroundings: Dongning Road, Jichang Road, Shuguangcheng Community, Tianyangwenhui Community, Tianyang Shangcheng Community, Jinrun Apartment, Zhejiang Flower Market
Bus Routes: 93, 94, 111, 227, 304, 305, 358


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