Hangzhou Metro Line 7 Tips : ( Chinese: 杭州地铁七号线; conventional Chinese: 杭州地鐵七號線; pinyin: Hángzhōu Dìtiě Qīhào Xiàn) is a train line partly in the procedure.

Hangzhou Metro Line 7 will run in west-east instructions in between Wushan Settle Terminal in Shangcheng Area and Jiangdong’er Roadway Terminal in Dajiangdong Commercial Collection of Xiaoshan Area in the eastern, going through midtown Hangzhou and offering transfers with several various other lines in the system.

The area in between the Olympic Sporting activities Facility Terminal and Jiangdong’er Roadway Terminal was opened up on 30 December 2020, the staying section is arranged to be opened up by late 2021.

Hangzhou Metro Line 7 Tips


Opening timeline

Olympic Sports Center — Jiangdong’er Road30 December 202039.62km19Phase Initial
Hangzhou Metro Line 7 opening timeline


StationTo Jiangdong Second RoadTo Jiangdong Second RoadTo Olympic Sports CenterTo Olympic Sports Center
First TrainLast TrainFirst TrainLast Train
Olympic Sports Center6:1622:30
Mingxing Road6:1322:356:1223:16
Jianshe Third Road6:1622:386:0823:12
Xinxing Road6:1022:416:1223:08
Xinhan Road6:1222:436:1023:06
Hehuan Road6:1722:486:1323:01
Xiaoshan International Airport6:0823:026:1622:48
Yongsheng Road6:1223:066:1222:44
Xinzhen Road6:1623:106:2422:40
Tangxin Road6:2123:156:1922:36
Middle Qingliu Road6:2423:186:1722:34
Qicheng Road6:2723:216:1522:32
Jiangdong Second Road6:1322:30
Hangzhou Metro Line 7 Timetable 

Departure Intervals

Peak Time (06:30-09:30, 16:00-19:00)Off Peak Time
Monday to Friday6min 30sec7min 30sec
Weekends & Holidays7min 30sec7min 30sec
Hangzhou Metro Line 7 Departure Intervals

Transfer Stations 

 Jiangcheng Road: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 5

 Citizen Center: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 4

 Olympic Sports Center: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 6

 Jianshe Third Road: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 2

 Xiaoshan International Airport: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 1

 Middle Qingliu Road: Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 8

 Sijiqing (under construction): Transfer to Hangzhou Metro Line 9

Surroundings and Bus Routes

Olympic Sports Center
Surroundings: Feihong Rd., Benjing Ave., Main Stadium of Olympic Sports Center, Hangzhou International Expo Center, Xinda Building, Hangzhou Olympic Primary School
Bus Routes: 402, 419, 1050(M)

Surroundings: Jianshe 4th Rd., Lifeng Rd., Jiafeng Nanyuan Community, Bofeng Longyue Community, Wanfeng Building, Xuhui Chunjiang Community, Xilijie Building
Bus Routes: 360, 361, 422

Mingxing Road
Surroundings: Jianshe 3rd Rd., Lechuangcheng Building, Hi-Park Industrial Area, Hi-Park Recreational Park, Yongsheng Fortune Center, Bo’aocheng Community, Xiafeijun Community, Xiaoshan Hi-Park Primary School
Bus Routes: 422, 713, 725, 730, 368, Hi-Park Commuter Bus

Jianshe Third Road
Surroundings: Deyi Zhongxing Square, Zhongyu Wanhao Square, Lvdu Bairui Square, Ning’an Building, Hangzhou Radisson Hotel Platinum, Hangzhou International Jewelry City
Bus Routes: 123, K123, 368, 705

Xinxing Road
Surroundings: Century Market of Second-Hand Car, Kalun Hotel, Century Market of Decoration Materials, Xinhuayuan Community, Minghui Garden Community
Bus Routes: 2098, 317, 340, 368, 729, 750, 761

Xinhan Road
Surrounding: Jianshe 4th Rd., Xinnongdu Non-Staple Food Market, Xinnongdu Aquatic Products Market, Xinnongdu Exhibition Center, Yongtai Mingyuan Community, TCG Building, Changshan Church for Christians
Bus Routes: 368, 761, 2098, 317, 750

Surroundings: Jianshe 4th Rd., Xiangzhang Rd., Xinjie Fourth Primary School, Dongnanhai Community, Junwangfu Community, Xinjie Middle School, Baoxing Building, Shengrong Landscaping Co. Ltd.
Bus Routes: 368, 727

Hehuan Road
Surroundings: Jianshe 4th Rd., Xinying Mingyuan Community, Xinjie Primary School of Xiaoshan District, Xinjie Public Health Center, Huacheng Mingyuan Community, Xiaoshan Hygiene Vocational School, Youyang Landscaping Co. Ltd.
Bus Routes: 368

Surroundings: Jianshe 4th Rd., Hukun Highway, Xiaoyan Rd, Changming Rd.
Bus Routes: 794

Surroundings: Jianshe 4th Rd., East Shengli Rd., Beitang River, Xinliangting Agricultural Products Market, Xinhong Hotel, Guangming Furniture Store, Guoqiang Household Appliances, Xiaoshan Yihang Vocational School
Bus Routes: 368, 360, 732

Surroundings: Sanxin Rd., Airport Highway, Tianbao Supermarket, Xingang Animal Pharmaceuticals, Dexin Airport City
Bus Routes: 793

Xiaoshan International Airport
Surroundings: Airport Avenue, Zhehang Rd., Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4, Xiaoshan Airport Bus Station, Dielai Grand Hotel
Bus Routes: Airport Through Bus to Yuyao, Qingshan Lake, Thousand Islet Lake, Cixi, Hangzhou North, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Shangyu, Xiasha, Lin’an, Linping, Linhai, Hengdian

Yongsheng Road
Surroundings: Jingjiang Rd., Konggang Xintiandi Mall, Jingjiang County Middle School, Hangxin Boutique Hotel, Linkong SOHO Harbor, Vienna Zhihao Hotel, Heng 8 Hotel, Jiahao Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 2028, 2056, 351, 731, 743, 2016

Xinzhen Road
Surroundings: Jinrong Rd., County Highway X113, Wanzhou Hotel, Zhiheng Boutique Hotel, Shengle Hotel, Xingyuewan Community, Huidelong Food Market, Desheng Hotel
Bus Routes: 361, 676 (Outer Loop), 2028, 2056, 351, 734, 743

Surroundings: Yifu Street, Qingliu Rd., Jiangdong Mingsheng Mansion, Yipeng Stadium, Qiantang High School, Yipeng Shopping Mall, Vienna Zhihao Hotel, Wyndham Hotel, Rujia Express Hotel
Bus Routes: 2056, 351, 7393, 3149, 676 (Outer Loop)

Tangxin Road
Surroundings: County Highway X102, Hengyi Rd., Yunfan Community, Lijunyuan Community, Jixiang Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd., Hengxiang Rubber & Plastic Factory
Bus Routes: 2056, 351, 511, 761, 7781

Middle Qingliu Road
Surroundings: Hengyi Rd., Jiangdong Ave., Xuefeng Machinery Plant, Dajiangdong Baolong Square
Bus Routes: 2056

Qicheng Road
Surroundings: Hengyi Rd., Hangzhou Qicheng Senior School, Xuhui Baolong Community, Jiangdong Xincheng Industrial Area, Jiangyucheng Community, R.Y.B. Kindergarten
Bus Routes: 2056, 3166, 3196, 2053, 3179, 675 (Outer Loop)

Jiangdong Second Road
Surroundings: North Qingliu Rd., Qiantang New District, Langqinwan Community, Qiantang New District Planning Exhibition Hall, Jiangdong Long-distance Bus Station
Bus Routes: 3172, 3196, 675 (Outer Loop), B8C, B8 Express, 2056, 3166

Vehicle facility

Hangzhou Metro Line 7 train main color is called purple, 4 moving 2 towed group type, A type “drum car” body, the vehicle body maximum width is 3.088 meters, the highest operating speed is 100km / h.
The A-type car “capacity” is larger, compared to the AH type car, nearly 300 passengers can be multi-passenger, nearly 500 more than the B vehicle.

Train, interior design continues the classic style, generous, concise, modernity; in the car, is a humanized facility such as support, love special seat, ring armrest, and embodying humanistic care.

Place a large size (42.7-in) LCD dynamic map above each door area, which is convenient for passengers to get station information; the passenger emergency alarm of each door area takes a visual function to facilitate the driver to observe the room situation.

Line 7 train adopts the inverter heat pump air conditioner, the cooling is multi-level control, the air purifier is integrated into the unit, providing passengers with a more comfortable ride environment, the whole vehicle is uniform, no seduce blind zone.


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