Hangzhou Metro currently has actually entirely 7 lines in the procedure, consisting of Collection 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, as well as 16. As well as it is actually stated to have actually thirteen city collections overall in 2022. The effective city body enables you to obtain about the Hangzhou Urban area in simplicity as well as benefit. Nevertheless, site guests might still feel a bit difficult to browse it. Which tourist destinations can easily pass the city?

Can easily you receive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Worldwide Flight terminal to the West lake through the city?

Do not fret. This Hangzhou City Direct will certainly refix all of your issues. We’ll provide you all of the helpful info, consisting of Hangzhou city collections, charts & terminals, tickets, charges, and so forth!

Hangzhou Metro Map

Hangzhou Metro Map
Hangzhou Metro Map

Hangzhou Metro Tickets Fee

The tickets Charge for Hangzhou city differs coming from the range. Typically, it takes around CNY 8 each to obtain coming from Xiaoshan Worldwide Flight terminal to the West Pond through city.

  • 2 RMB for the very initial 4 kilometers
  • Added 1 RMB for each extra 4 kilometers if the range varies coming from 4 kilometers to 12 kilometers
  • Added 1 RMB for each extra 6 kilometers if the range surpasses 24 kilometers

Hangzhou Metro Tickets Types

  • Single-way Ticket: It is actually legitimate at the time you purchase it as well as should be actually reused at the leave.
  • Trip Ticket: The trip ticket is actually split into a one-day ticket as well as a three-day ticket at an expense of 15 RMB as well as forty-five RMB. As you wipe the ticket to undergo the very initial entryway, you might get city collections unlimitedly within 24 hr or even 72 hrs. The credibility period is actually within 6 months because of the time of the problem.
  • Souvenir Memory card: Souvenir Memory card consists of Mandarin Zodiac Memory card provided in every brand-brand new year or even a few other memory cards provided in huge times. It is actually published along with unique designs as well as could be utilized within the duration of credibility. The charge is actually certainly not repaired
  • Hangzhou Multifunction Memory card: Referred to as Hangzhoutong in Mandarin, the Hangzhou Multifunction Memory card is actually a normal IC memory card on which you can easily have actually a discount rate of 9% off. You can easily use one if you reside in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Metro Line

Hangzhou Metro Line 1

Line 1 begins with Lingping in North as well as Xianghu in southern, going through Hangzhou Eastern Train Terminal (杭州东站), Hangzhou Chengzhan Train Terminal (杭州火车站) as well as Hangzhou Southern Bus Terminal (杭州汽车南站). You can easily quickly reach some leading tourist destinations through Hangzhou train if you reach Hangzhou through fast educate.

  • West lake: Leaving at Longxiang Connect Quit (龙翔桥), you can easily reach the Songs Water fountain of West Pond along with around 6 minutes stroll
  • Beijing-Hangzhou Marvelous Channel: Leaving at Wulin Area Quit (武林广场), you can easily reach Hangzhou Exhibit Venue along with 4 minutes’ stroll as well as Beijing-Hangzhou Marvelous Channel within 12 mins.
  • Hefang Road: Leaving at Dingan Roadway Quit (定安路), you can easily reach Hefang Road or even Fenghuang Holy place within 10 minutes.
  • Hangzhou Train Terminal: Leaving at Chengzhan to Hangzhou Train Terminal to capture your broadband educates.
  • Xiaoshan Worldwide Flight terminal: Leaving at Xiaoshan Worldwide Flight terminal to capture your trips.

Hangzhou Metro Line 2

  • Line 2 ranges from Chaoyang in southern as well as extends to Qianjiang Roadway up until now. In the northwest area, this collection is actually still unfinished as well as anticipated to run in the long run of 2017.
  • Xishan Playground: Collection 2 has actually a halt in Xishan Playground (西山公园) which is actually a woodland playground you can easily have actually a breath of clean sky.

Hangzhou Metro Line 4

Line 4, starting at Pengbu Town and terminating at Qianjiang Bridge, will have interchanges with Line 1 and Line 2 at East Railway Station and Qianjiang New City, respectively.

Hangzhou Metro Line 5

Hangzhou City Collection 5 begins with Guniangqiao to Jinxing. It operates however Hangzhou Southern Train Terminal, Hangzhou People’s Area, Hangzhou Train Terminal, and so on.

  • Hangzhou Southern Train Terminal: Leaving at Southern Train Terminal to capture your high-speed train at Hangzhou Southern Train Terminal.
  • Hangzhou Train Terminal: Leaving at Chengzhan to Hangzhou Train Terminal to capture your high-speed trains.

Hangzhou Metro Line 6

Hangzhou city line 6 links West Guihua Roadway and Qianjiang Century City with an overall size of about 50 kilometers (31 miles). It has 29 terminals, Eastern Train Terminal, Jiangnan Opportunity, Olympic Sporting activities Facility, Chinese Clinical College, and Qianjiang Century City.

Hangzhou train line 6 links with city line 1, line 2, line 4, and line 5 after conclusion, running from 06:00 to 23:00 generally.

Hangzhou Metro Line 7

Hangzhou City Line 7 begins with Wushan Area to Jiangdong’er Roadway. It will certainly get you to the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Worldwide Flight terminal, and so on.

  • Xiaoshan Worldwide Flight terminal: Leaving at Xiaoshan Worldwide Flight terminal to capture your trips.

Hangzhou Metro Line 16

Hangzho City Line 16 links living Roadway as well as Jiuzhou Road. Individuals that wish to go to Southern Pond, Qingshan Pond as well as Hangzhou A&F College will certainly utilize this city collection.

Hangzhou Metro Warm Tips

  1. Prep alter cash for ticket automated vendor which acknowledges just a minimum of 70% brand-brand new report cash of 1 RMB, 5 RMB, 10 RMB, twenty RMB as well as coin of 1 RMB. You can easily purchase tickets coming from the ticket home window if you have actually no altered cash.
  2. The very initial city frequently departs around 6:00 ~ 6:30 well as the final one departs at around 22:40.
  3. The baggage one traveler brought ought to be actually no greater than 30 kg as well as 0.05 m3. The amount of the size, size as well as elevation of the baggage ought to be actually no greater than 1.8 m.
  4. One grown-up can easily bring one youngster (certainly not taller compared to 1.3 m) easily as well as these youngsters are actually certainly not allowed to get to the city in Hangzhou alone.


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