Locusts In China? As humans struggle with the new coronavirus.

Countries around the world are facing another world problem – locust plague.

On February 11, 2019, the United Nations food and agriculture organization issued a global alert.

Hope the world is on high alert for the ongoing locust plague.

Locusts In China Tips

To prevent a food crisis in the invaded country.

Even a swarm of locusts can cause a food crisis.

Don’t believe me. Desert locusts have the characteristics of strong flight ability and a large appetite.

Considered one of the most destructive migratory pests in the world.

A large swarm of locusts. It can fly 100 to 150 kilometers per day with the wind.

A female locust can lay about 300 eggs.

A 1 square kilometer swarm. A day’s food intake is equivalent to that of 35,000 people.

Because of the destructive power.

Desert locusts pose a major threat to the food security of victimized countries.

This is especially true for poor and ecologically fragile areas.

The locust plague has caused a state of emergency in several countries.

If left unchecked, these countries will have no food to harvest.

So far, the locust plague has affected 13 million people in East Africa.

Food security is under threat.

There could be 20 million people at risk of starvation in the future.

And according to China science daily.

The plague began in East Africa.

The red sea has now been crossed into Europe and Asia.

To Pakistan and India. China is a stone’s throw away.

So how is China going to deal with this locust plague?

Don’t worry, our country came up with a solution ten years ago.

Since 2010, numerous locusts have appeared on the grasslands of Hebei.

Grasshoppers devoured more than 20 kilograms of grass per acre.

The locust plague caused economic losses of up to 30 million yuan in Hebei province.

Although locusts are a delicacy for Chinese people.

But there are too many locusts.

Researchers have come up with another way.

Since 2011, the grasslands of Hebei province have suddenly been overrun by swarms of locusts.

It is the animal we are most familiar with — the chicken.

After the study comparison.

Experts have put a large number of chickens on the grassland.

But the average chicken is weak and not aggressive.

The result was not very good.

The related personnel went to many places and finally adopted the north China firewood chicken.

This kind of chicken leg has big thin feet, walking and running fast.

It is the core of locust control, the north China firewood chicken will first breed 60 days.

And then put it on the grassland to adapt to the wild environment.

The chickens were also trained for a month.

After 90 days, the north China firewood chicken will become a professional controlled pest control team.

They also got a new name (prairie chicken).

According to statistics, a good grazing chicken can eat 60 locusts per day.

At its peak, the grasslands are full of grazing chickens, tested for 15 days.

The number of locusts in north China’s grasslands has plummeted from 80 percent to 20 percent.

At the same time, these chickens also meet the requirements of the fence, many the market.

Because locusts are rich in protein and nutrients.

The meat is delicious and much more expensive than regular chicken.

Locust plagues were also easily dealt with.

Besides, in May 2000, a major locust plague also occurred in northern Xinjiang.

The academy sent 30,000 ducks on board.

Airlift to the Xinjiang disaster area.

The duck eats twice a day, four or five o ‘clock in the morning.

The ducks went out to eat locusts by themselves.

After a few hours, he went to the nearby creek and gully to drink some water and rest.

The ducks were out again at 7 p.m.

He didn’t come back until after 9 p.m.

when the sunset.

A duck can eat more than 100 locusts at one sitting.

Foreign media reported that: The ducks are too conscious to bother.

They went out and came back in columns.

Ducks followed one another in each team.

It’s like a well-trained army. By the end of August.

Xinjiang has at least one million mu of high-quality grassland.

The carpet of locusts was wiped out by the ducks.

The duck became the hero of Xinjiang’s anti – locust disaster relief.

The foreign media also carried special reports on the issue.

For other countries, locust swarms may be a disaster.

For the smart Chinese.

Locusts also brought considerable income to the people.

When there was no plague of locusts, people also raised locusts.

In Leling city, Shandong province.

A young man born in the 1980s bred numerous east Asian migratory locusts.

A greenhouse can house about 40,000 migratory locusts.

It has over 1,200 greenhouses and over 50 million locusts.

So far, the locusts have brought him more than 4 million yuan.

How does this work? It turns out that the guy raised a lot of South American white prawns.

The reeds in the water can kill the shrimp.

Experts suggest breeding locusts to eat the reeds.

But what about the locusts after eating the reeds?

The villagers’ common solution is to eat it.

Fried locusts can be sold at restaurants for 28 yuan each.

It also brought a considerable income to the villagers.

In response to the locust plague, it is unclear whether the locusts will specifically bypass China.

Because they come and go.

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