How To Make Cake Without Oven? Today it’s ‘No-Oven’ cake that many have requested.

Many asked if it’s possible to make a cake without an oven and only with a steamer.

Actually it really does not matter.

Steamer and oven are fundamentally the same in baking & heating.

It is heated up by particles rotary motion.

It is true that steamed cakes do not have that unique strong smell of baked cakes.

But personally, I think we can make the steamed cakes with a softer taste and more moisture.

And taste is as good as baked cakes.

Since taro is seasonal food now, I will make a taro cake.

Please have a big taro ready.

How To Make Cake Without Oven?

How To Make Cake Without Oven?
How To Make Cake Without Oven Recipes?

Peel it.

Cut it to big pieces.

Cook it in the steamer for 30 minutes.

Separate egg white and yolk.

Separate all three eggs.

Sprinkle a little bit of salt on the yolk.

Whisk the yolk while adding 20g of vegetable oil.

Whisk it completely so it’s well blended.

Slowly add some milk.

Just pour half of the milk not all at once, and add it while whisking.

Mash the taro with a folk when it’s fully cooked.

If you want softer & fine taste, please use a strainer.

Mix the mashed taro with egg.

Now add soft flour twice or three times.

The amount of flour is about 60g.

You may think it’s dry & crumbling when flour is added.

Add the milk

that you saved after adding it to egg mix.

Since each taro contains different amount of moisture,

Control the amount of milk depending on the concentration of the dough.

That is why milk was poured twice, not once.

I used about 75 ml.

The final viscosity of the dough is like this.

Now we will make meringue with egg white.

Add 40g of sugar and mix it at middle speed with a meringue machine.

How To Make Cake Without Oven?
How To Make Cake Without Oven?

The steamed cake doesn’t need as much meringue as baked cakes need.

Since the firmness of meringue is what matter most,

Add sugar at once and if the hook shape appears, it’s ready.

Just like any other cake,

add some of the meringue to the egg paste and mix it together.

And now add this mix to the rest of meringue.

Keep mixing it.

Time to pour it into the cake mold.

I covered the mold with paper, but the best way is to use the non-sticky mold.

To get rid of air inside, drop it a couple of times.

And please pay attention now. Next is very important.

Wrap the mold completely with plastic lab.

The mold I use is detachable so I wrapped the whole mold.

How To Make Cake Without Oven4
How To Make Cake Without Oven?

Don’t wrap it loosely, wrap it without a missing part.

This is to prevent any moisture from penetrating.

That way the cake does not sink and this is the most crucial part of steamed cake making.

Put it into the steamer.

I used the steamer I used for taro cooking.

The steam comes out right away so no need to warm it up.

You may set up time and make reservation like this.

Steam it for 40 minutes.

When time is up, turn off the heat first.

Rest it for a minute and open the cover.

How To Make Cake Without Oven?
How To Make Cake Without Oven?

Take off the lab right away.

Put it upside down for a while.

We will wait until it’s completely cooled before taking it out of the mold.

Now we are going to make a whipped cream topping, using the leftover taro.

Cooked taro 70g and two small spoons of sugar.

Add 100ml of milk.

Grind it with a blender.

You may put right on top of the cake.

The cooking method and the look of it may not seem sophisticated, but overall, you can taste the real strong taro flavor.

The steamed cakes are very moist.

With taro cream topping on it, it adds softer taste to it.

It goes really well with each other.

As Some of you may have noticed it already, I used only half of taro.

I will make taro milk with it.

It is not cooked but raw taro.

Chop it to pieces.

Put it in the glass bowl of steamer with some sugar.

Pour milk to the height of taro inside.

You may choose the amount of taro or milk according to your liking.

Add one or two spoonful of sugar.

Boil it for an hour in a double boiler.

This steamer has two boilers.

So if you are an indecisive person, you can make two different flavors.

Using coconut water instead of milk is good alternative.

One with milk and the other with coconut water.

Double boiler takes away the worries of burning milk.

If boiled over enough time,

taro gets soft enough to be crushed with a spoon.

I like to mash the taro.

This way taro taste is added more to milk.

It’s getting cold and it makes me crave for something like taro.

Have it warm like this, it warms up your body.

Same goes for the cake too.

It is the best to eat just-made hot cake.

Please try this at home.

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