How to make Chinese food Pickled Daikon? So this is Guizhou Suan Luo Bo, sour pickled daikon.

In Guizhou, you’ll often see big jars or big boxes of this pretty pink pickled daikon at pickle shops at the market, and that’s where people usually buy their suan luo bo from. It’s so widely used in Guizhou food. you will see it from their famous chili rice bowl to noodle soups.

How To Make Chinese Food Pickled Daikon, Guizhou-style?

or even as a topping for French fries. This is such an ubiquitous ingredient in Guizhou cuisine, but we’re 100% sure that you can’t get it outside of China. So, let’s show you how to make it.

The pretty pink color is characteristic to suan luo bo daikon pickles, and the secret?

Red skin daikon. So this basically tastes like white, regular daikon… but it’s just a little bit firmer and got this beautiful red peel. But it seems like it’s not widely available outside of China, so we’ll show you how to achieve the same color, using regular white daikon, and some red radishes.

So, in order to make suan luo bo, you’ll need “luo bo”, that is, daikon.

Here’s we’re using 400g, about half of big daikon. First, peel it; then, cut it into 1cm thick pieces, then 1 cm wide sticks.

Sometimes at the markets, you’ll see people pickle the whole daikon, or cut them into big sheets or big chunks, but for home cooks, sticks of this size would be easiest to work with. So now work through your daikon, put them in a clean bowl.

Next, let’s handle the coloring. We’re using 100g of red radishes here. First, cut off both ends, and peel off the red skin. Reserve the skin, and just munch on the radish as a snack.

Now we have the red skin ready, put them in with the daikon… then add in 1 tsp salt, toss to mix well and let it sit for 20 minutes.

20 minutes later, you’ll see the daikon has already released some liquid.

Now transfer it into a strainer, squeeze and give it a couple more shakes to drain, and now we’re ready to jar it up. This pickle is super easy to make.

How to make Chinese Pickled Daikon
How to make Chinese Pickled Daikon

All you need is an air-tight container, preferably with a non-metal lid, plus 4 parts white rice vinegar and 1 part white sugar, and a couple pieces ginger for extra flavor.

First, put the ginger at the bottom, and then grab some daikon… firmly press it in in your jar, and then layer some radish skin on it, and then press in another layer of Daikon. Repeat it, until your jar is filled. Next, put in the rice vinegar until it covers the daikon.

Here we’re using about half a cup; and then put in the sugar, here we’re using 2 tbsp.

Then cover, put it in the fridge, and that is it! It’ll be done in two days.

Two days later, take it out. As you can see, the daikon has been tinted this beautiful pink color and the radish skin is no longer red. And this is how you make this crunchy and refreshing suan luo bo, sour pickled daikon.

So suan luo bo pickled daikon is so popular that in the town Xingyi in southwest Guizhou, they even have a suan luo bo street.

Traditionally, people would use the aged pickling liquid to facilitate lacto-fermentation, but nowadays, using vinegar plus sugar is also a common method to make this very well-loved ingredient.

The end result of this quick pickling method has a sharper taste, but it still works really well in seasonings, dipping sauce, and dishes.

And mostly importantly, it’s very easy to make, it only takes two days.


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