How To Make Rice Pudding? Today I am making a tutorial on (rice pudding), a dessert that I tried when I was traveling in Turkey. I can never forget its flavor since then.

It is a very common dessert and is found in many places.

Basic ingredients include whole milk, rice, sugar, and corn starch. You also need egg yolk, half vanilla pod, and ground cinnamon to taste.

First off, break the egg.

Separate egg yolk from egg white.

Egg yolk is all you need here.

Add 2 tbs. of milk in the egg yolk.

Mix well into an egg wash.

And then, set aside.

Get 100ml of milk, that is about 6-7 tbs. out of the bowl, and mix with corn starch. And, set aside.

Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise in half.

Use knife tip to scrape out the seeds.

You don’t have to scape out every bit of it. We are going to cook the seeds and the pod together anyway.

Now, place a pot over a stove, and rice in.

Pour in water that is about twice the amount of rice .

You’d better use those short rice here, because it has a higher starch content.

Turn down the heat to low and keep cooking for a few more mins, and make sure all rice absorb enough water.

Cook until you can see no water left at the bottom of the pot, and rice gets soft and tender, and then pour milk into the pot.

Add in vanilla seeds and the pod as well.

How To Make Rice Pudding?

Stir constantly while cooking over low heat.

Doing so prevents milk from burning at the bottom, or forming up over the surface.

Keep cooking for about 25 mins or so. Time may various based on what kind of rice you are dealing with.

Just cook until they become soft but not overcooked.

Take out vanilla pod now.

Add in sugar.

And a touch of ground cinnamon.

Stir to dissolve sugar.

Now add in starch water. Starch is denser than water so give it a stir before you add in, so that they won’t go straight down to the bottom.

Stir immediately after you add them in as well and make sure they don’t stick together and become lumpy.

Starch makes the pudding thicker. Now turn off the heat.

Prepare some pudding bowls on a roasting pan.

Divide your pudding mixture in each bowl.

Here I have 6 bowls. Actually it was a mistake.. I ended up fill up only 5 of them.

Next, preheat your oven to 200C/392F.

Now top your puddings with egg wash that we prepared earlier.

About 2tsp. in each bowl.

Use the back of a spoon to level off the surface.

Let the egg wash spread evenly.

Set these puddings in the upper level inside your oven.

200C/392F, bake for about 8 mins. The time needed really depends so keep a close attention on it.

It’s ready when it forms a layer of milk at the surface with some caramelized marks.

You can serve it right now.

Or be patient to serve it after cooling, and it will definitely worth the time.

Even though rice pudding is popular in a lot of places, a Turkish rice pudding is different.

On one hand, it has some color on the top with a touch of cinnamon flavor.

It’s not very strong, but it makes the difference.

The texture is very creamy and sweet, with a buttery and tangy fragrant. You can also feel the rice in your mouth.

It’s not too sweet and rich, but very earthy.

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