How to Make Soy Milk? we wanted to show you how to make soymilk,at home.

Now, if your only experience with soy milk is with mass-produced stuff like Silk or Vitasoy, know that fresh soymilk is like a whole different thing.

It’s rich and creamy, served hot, and makes for a great breakfast drink to have alongside some fried Youtiao.

So right, to get started with soy milk, you’ll need soybeans.

How To Make Soy Milk?

Here we had 200 grams of dried soybeans, but it can sometimes make sense to overshoot a little because before you do anything,
be sure to pick out any darkened or slightly moldy beans.

This might be less of an issue in the West, but either way, move the beans over to your sink and give them a good rinse.

Then fill the bowl with a good bit of water, at least two inches above the beans, and let those soak in the fridge overnight.

Next day now, strain your soybeans, and they should be nice and plump.

The ratio that we settled on for our soymilk was one part soybean to twelve parts water, so 2.4 liters, but you could also do one to
ten if you like it thicker.

Now add your water and beans to a blender, and blitz on high for four minutes, using the smoothie setting if you’ve got one.

The quick word that we had to do this in two batches because our blender wasn’t large enough, so feel free to do the same if you’re in the same boat.

Now pour that in a big wok or stockpot, and transfer over to the stove.

Now turn your flame to medium-high, and stir the soymilk periodically to make sure it’s not sticking.

Our goal here is to get the soymilk up to around 100C in order to make the soymilk safe to drink.

See, raw soybeans contain lectins, proteins that’ll cause food poisoning if not cooked out.

Keep your thermometer handy often soymilk look like it’s boiling when it’s really just frothing.

So once it’s at 100 degrees, keeping it boiling at that temperature for fifteen minutes, removing the extra foam as you go.

At that time, taste your soymilk if it’s no longer bitter, you’re good to go.

Then strain through tofu or cheesecloth twist up the remainder, and really squeeze the crap out of it for about three minutes
to get every last drop.

Now season the soy milk to taste for this amount here we added in three tablespoons of sugar, but you might want a little more
or a little less depending on how much your soymilk reduced during cooking.

Now enjoy that night and hot, perfect for dipping a breakfast Youtiao in.

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