How To Make Spring Rolls? Recently, we have had the fresh weather and feeling of spring so we naturally want to eat something light and fresh.

Today, we are going to make different types of spring rolls.

Before making the spring rolls, we will first make some sauces, because spring rolls have somewhat bland fillings.

The flavor mostly relies on the sauce.

Today, we will make two kinds of sauce.

The first is spicy and sour.

First, take some limes.

Cut them in half and squeeze the juice out.

It’s best to use lime and not lemon.

Limes have a pretty unique flavor.

Next, cutting the garlic.

I used one solo garlic (pearl garlic).

Mince it very finely.

Slice the chili pepper into thin rings.

Then in a bowl, combine the sugar, fish sauce,Minced garlic,Chili peppers,the lime juice.

How To Make Spring Rolls?

How To Make Spring Rolls Sauce Recipes?
How To Make Spring Rolls Sauce Recipes?

Do not add all of it at once!

Add some and taste the sauce, and adjust to your preferences.

Add a little bit of water to dilute the sauce.

Now, put the completed sour and spicy sauce into the fridge to chill for a while to let the flavors mix.

Now we will make the second flavor: peanut hoisin sauce.

Chop up the cilantro.

Take some cooked and peeled peanuts and chop them finely.

In a bowl, add peanut butter and hoisin sauce.

You can get hoisin sauce at most (Asian) supermarkets.

Then add a little fish sauce and mix these two sauces together first.

How To Make Spring Rolls Sauce Recipes?
How To Make Spring Rolls Sauce Recipes?

Then slowly add cold water to dilute the sauce and mix.

Add the water bit by bit, mixing it well in between.

When it is a runnier consistency like this, Add in some of the minced garlic.

Mix well.

Sprinkle with parsley and crushed peanuts.

After making the sauces,We can prepare fillings for the spring rolls.

Boil a pot of water with two slices of ginger.

Then add the prawns in to cook.

We have already removed the sand veins from the prawns.

Cook for a few minutes.

After the prawns are cooked, quickly take them out,and chill them in ice water.

Peel the prawns.

You can save the heads and shells for later,and use them to make shrimp sauce.

Add the starch noodles into a bowl,and pour in boiling water.

Let it soak for a while to soften them.

Now, we will cook some chicken.

How To Make Spring Rolls Chicken Recipes?
How To Make Spring Rolls Chicken Recipes?

Boil another pot of water,with two slices of ginger.

Place the chicken breasts into the pot.

Simmer them for about 8-10 minutes.

Then remove the chicken breasts.

Let them cool a little bit.

Now, we will fry the tofu.

After cutting the tofu into flat cubes,add some oil in a pan.

Fry the tofu until browned on both sides.

Prawns, chicken, and tofu.

I made these three versions of filling today.

You can just choose one to make.

Tear the cooled chicken breast into small pieces.

Next, we will prepare some other fillings.

Julienne the carrots into thin strips.

Cut the cucumber into halves first

Remove the seeds.

We don’t want the moisture from the seeds, because it would make the filling too wet.

Julienne the cucumbers.

Pinch off the roots of the mung bean sprouts.

Slice some small radishes thinly.

After preparing, we are ready to make the spring rolls.

These Vietnamese spring roll wrappers are translucent.

One by one,wet them before using them.

The water should not be too hot.

Close to room temperature is fine.

When the wrapper is a little more flexible, but not too soft, we can start making the spring roll.

How To Make Spring Rolls Shell Recipes?
How To Make Spring Rolls Shell Recipes?

Put it on the cutting board.

On the side close to you, place some carrot, cucumber,some of the softened starch noodles,cilantro, and some mint leaves.

Here, I used cilantro and mint leaves,but you can use any herbs.

Basil also works well.

Roll the spring roll once.

Then add some of the shredded chicken.

Fold over the two sides and continue to roll.

Try to roll it tightly.

Having the two layers,separating the ingredients looks nicer.

Next, we will prepare the shrimp rolls.

Just like before, start with a wet wrapper.

Add some bean sprouts and lettuce.

I removed the stalks of the lettuce,because they would feel too hard in the filling.

Add some starch noodles.

If they’re too long, you can cut them.

Add some basil.

Just like before, you could use cilantro or mint leaves.

Roll it once.

Add three prawns.

Fold over the two sides.

Just like before.

Rolling it in two layers will show the prawns,making the roll look nicer.

Continue to roll.

When it’s wrapped, it’s done.

Finally, we will make the tofu roll, which is vegetarian.

How To Make Spring Rolls Vegetable Recipes?
How To Make Spring Rolls Vegetable Recipes?

Add some radishes.

Bean sprouts.

Starch noodle.

The fried tofu.

Roll forward once.

Then add some cilantro leaves, mint leaves, basil, or whichever herb you like.

Fold over the two sides.

And roll.

This way of rolling shows off the herbs.

Again, this makes the roll more attractive.

Thus, the chicken, shrimp, and tofu rolls.

Three different spring rolls are finished.

Paired with the sauces we made earlier.

They are ready to serve.

For the filling in these Vietnamese spring rolls.

You can add whatever you like.

The key is to pair them well with the sauces.

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