How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork? Today I’m going to make something not of my favourite.

It’s sweet and sour pork.

The reason I don’t like it is that when I was studying in the UK, I went to Chinese restaurants and ordered sweet and sour pork,

and it tasted all the same.

I don’t know why, but all the sweet and sour pork tastes the same regardless of the person who makes it.

It feels like a factory made dish for me.

So it remains as a bad memory for me.

But thinking of it, the dish itself has no problem with it, it’s the person who made it.

So I’ll share the recipe that I like to make sweet and sour pork.

I’ll put lychees instead of pineapples in the traditional recipe.

How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork?

How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork?
How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork?

It blends with the taste better.

Prepare 200g of pork chuck roll.

Put a layer of cling film on it, Hit it with a rolling pin to make it aged better.

Then hit it with the back of the knife in cross shapes.

By destroying the fibers in the pork, it’ll make it more tender.

If it becomes like this, then you can slice the pork, in a size of a bite.

Half a spoon of ginger and garlic, a spoon of light soy sauce and a spoon of rice wine, a pinch of white pepper and sugar for each.

Put them together for a while.

How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork?
How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork?

Prepare sugar and vinegar, two spoons of rice wine, a pinch of salt, a spoon of sugar, 2 spoons of corn starch, 100ml of water, and mix it well.

Slice the bell peppers.

200g of lychees, peel the skin of and slice in half to take out the seeds.

Put an egg in the pork and mix them well.

Add in 10g of flour and 5g of corn starch.

Mix it well.

Mix it well so that the flour can stick to the pork.

Heat the oil up to 160°C and put the pork in.

Put it one by one or it could stick to each other.

Take them out of when the colour gets light.

Then hit the oil back up to 180°C, and deep fry them again.

Fry them till the colour gets golden yellow.

Put the oil in a frying pan, put two spoons of tomato sauce.

Fry it in a low heat.

Put the mixture that we made previously and fry it well.

Fry it till the sauce gets sticky enough.

Put the fried pork in it, and also the bell peppers and fry it well.

How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork?
How To Make Sweet And Sour Pork?

Lastly, put the lychees in and turn the heat off, since the lychees don’t need to be cooked.

Mix it well and put it on a plate.

One thing about this dish, it’s quickly done as you put the fried pork back in the frying pan.

The traditional sweet and sour pork has a strong taste of sweetness and sourness.

But since I put lychees in it, I put a bit more of the vinegar since they are sweet, so that it balances out the taste.

I personally prefer putting lychees in sweet and sour pork because pineapple gets a bit sour when it’s cooked but lychees are rich with sweet and sour juice when put in dishes and it makes the food better.

So this goes well with alcoholic beverages.

This is Byland Estate Winery from Germany, it is not like a sweet ice wine, it’s the rare Byland Estate Winery.

This goes well with sweet taste since the wine itself has a sourness to it.

You can enjoy this sweet and sour pork without being heavy even though it is deep fried.

And the wine is fruity and honey,

it goes really well with lychees.

I hope you like this.

Please comment below if you want to see any other food.

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