Best Jiang Shi Lang Tofu? Recently I’ve been reading this book called “Sui Yuan Shi Dan”.

It was written by a person called Yuan Mei in the Qing Dynasty.

I’ve known this book for a long time but I haven’t really read it thoroughly.

Recently, after reading it thoroughly, I realised there are a lot of interesting recipes in here.

There is a recipe called Jiang Shi Lang Tofu. After seeing the name, I was very curious who Jiang Shi Lang might be.

I went on to loop it up but I couldn’t find anything about it.

If any of you knows who is Jiang Shi Lang, please do tell me in the comment below.

Jiang Shi Lang Tofu is quite interesting,it’s where tofu is cooked together with dried shrimps,the ingredients are pretty simple.

So today I’m gonna teach everyone to make Jiang Shi Lang Tofu.

Step 1 is to prepare the dried shrimps,there’s something strange about this recipe.

Best Jiang Shi Lang Tofu Recipes?

There’s something strange about this recipe.

It says prepare 120 big dried shrimps.

Maybe Jiang Shii Lang was just crazy about dried shrimps.

The dried shrimps I use today are quite big.

And the amount of tofu I use is not big either.

The original recipe was probably written with a large amount of tofu in mind.

So today I’m only using 20 dried shrimps. I think that should be enough.

Now soak them in cold eater until soft.

Meanwhile let’s extract some lard.

Here we have some pork fat.

Cut them in small pieces。 Here they’re about 500g.

Put them in a pot.

The pot you use.

It’s best to use one that conducts heat well,and the wall is relatively thin so it can distribute the heat evenly.

After that add some water.

Just normal water.

The water should cover half of the fat.

Then turn on the heat.

The reason we add water is to distribute the heat evenly.

This way you wouldn’t have part of the fat getting overly cooked.

Otherwise it could burn.

We want the end result to be clear and colourless so we have to prevent it from burning.

That’s why the type of pot you use is a key for preventing it from burning.

Now turn the heat up to boil the water.

Let the fat heat up in the hot water.

Now the water is boiling.

Then turn the heat down.

Let it cook till the water evaporates.

The lard will start seeping out eventually.

Now the water has dried up.

From now on you need to watch it carefully.

Best Jiang Shi Lang Tofu Recipes?
Best Jiang Shi Lang Tofu Recipes?

The lard will seep out slowly.

You need to turn it from time to time.

To prevent any corner of the pot getting burnt.

When the lard is out then you can leave it alone.

Keep the heat at low.

Stir it from time to time,to prevent it getting burnt at the bottom.

You’ll see there’s more and more lard coming out.

Remember to keep the heat at low.

If the lowest setting for your hob is not low enough.

you can heat it up then turn off the heat for a while.

Let the remaining heat do the job.

If the heat is too high, it might cause spitting so you must control the level of heat.

Now you can see the volume of the lard is increasing.

The size of the fat pieces are getting smaller.

Be patient and keep it going.

Some people might find the smell of port a bit too strong for their liking.

If you don’t like that smell,then you could add some ginger or star anise while rendering.

However if you are going to use the lard for making dessert,such as Tang Yuen or pastry then don’t add anything extra.

Now it’s almost done.

You can see the liquid lard is lightly golden in colour.

while the fat pieces have turned deep golden colour.

You can feel the pieces are a bit hard.

Then it’s about time to turn off the heat.

Otherwise the lard won’t stay clear if you overcook it.

Best Jiang Shi Lang Tofu Recipes?
Best Jiang Shi Lang Tofu Recipes?

After turning off the heat, pIck up the fat pieces.

The liquid lard is golden in colour.

When it’s cooled down it will turn colourless.

Do not throw away these pieces of crispy pork fat.

You can use it in stir fry vegetables or in dumplings.

Chop up some spring onions.

Cut them into sections.

Cut the tofu.

According to the book you’re supposed to remove the skin of the tofu.

Which is the top layer here that is more rough in texture.

It seems that people in the old times have a great attention to detail.

Then cut the tofu in thick slices.

Get a frying pan, heat it up.

Put the lard in.

Then shallow fry the tofu.

Fry them gently in low heat.

When the bottom turn golden then you can turn the tofu.

In order to fry the tofu evenly.

I added more oil.

If you think there is too much excess oil then use a kitchen towel to remove the oil.

Remove the dried shrimps from the soaking water and add them to the pan.

Put the white parts of the spring onions.

And then the fermented rice.

We are just going to use juice,so that the dish will look better.

Then add a small bowl of water.

Let it cook.

It says in the book that you should let it simmer for two hours.

But I think it was probably because in the old-time.

The portion they made was big and it wasn’t easy to control the level of heat.

I tested it and I think half an hour is enough.

Cook until the dried shrimps have softened and Have released all the flavours into the stock.

Turn the heat down and let it simmer.

If you think the water level is getting too low then add some hot water.

Best Jiang Shi Lang Tofu Recipes?
Best Jiang Shi Lang Tofu Recipes?

Alright, now it’s been about half an hour.

Add water any time you think it’s getting too dry.

Remove the spring onions.

Add soya sauce. It says in the book to add autumn soya sauce.

Autumn soya source simply means high-quality soya sauce.

Just use the best soy sauce you have at home.

Put some cornstarch water to make gravy.

Not to much just a little bit.

To make a thin gravy.

Then put the green part of the spring onions.

You can now turn off the heat and it’s done.

Actually before I made the dish I had no idea what it’s gonna taste like.

But after making it, the combination of lard, fermented rice and dried shrimps,made the tofu super tasty.

So that’s it for today,I hope you liked it.

If you’d like the show or myself or you like to eat tofu.

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