Longjing Tea Tips. Longjing Tea or dragon well tea (龙井茶), a type of green tea of over 1200 years old growing in the surrounding area of the world famous West Lake in Hangzhou, is the “No. 1 among the Top 10 Famous Tea in China“.

With verdant color on the leaves, strong fragrance, sweet flavor and elegant form, Longjign tea is given the reputable name of the “Green Queen” and the “Golden Card” of Hangzhou city.

Since its surrounding area has fertile land, multiple high mountains and very good climate, the Longjing Tea could grow under the God-given natural condition.

And for different original places, Longjing Tea is divided into Shi (Lion, 狮), Long (Dragon, 龙), Yun (Cloud, 云) and Hu (Tiger, 虎) to indicated the plantations of Shifeng, Longjing, Yunqi and Hupao.

Therefore, tourists can visit the plantation to appreciate the full land of Longjing Tea and know the essence of this super precious and valuable tea in Chinese culture.

History & Legend of Longjing Tea

In Qing dynasty, the Emperor Qianlong (乾隆, 1711-1799 AD) often came to the regions south of the Yangtze River and visited Hangzhou. Once when he came to Longjing Shifeng (龙井狮峰) and learned the tea-picking, his follower told him his queen mother was ill.

After he returned to Beijing, his mother smelt the fragrance of the Longjing Tea that was put in his sleeves in Hangzhou and felt better after drinking the water with the tea.

So Qianlong was so happy that he praised Longjing Tea as a tribute and ordered people to pick every year to present for his queen mother. Afterward, Longjing Tea became more famous as the head of all tea types in China.

As for the name of Longjing, there is a local legend.

In ancient time, there was a clean spring running continuously in the village, which seemed the water granted by the Chinese dragon, so people put a carving dragon head there to let the spring spurt from the dragon mouth.

One day, a geomancer felt the spring very magic after drinking, and suggested the villagers dig a well for drinking. Therefore, they did so and named the well “Longjing (Dragon Well)”.

Longjing Tea Type

  • Shi Feng Longjing: A kind of Xihu Longjing coming from the Shi Feng (Lion Top) manufacturing area. Clean sampling, its own scent is actually vigorous as well as long-term. Its own leaves behind are actually yellow-colored fresh in shade.[citation needed] Some unethical herbal tea manufacturers exceedingly pan-fire their herbal tea to mimic its own shade.
  • Cloud Peak  is actually a federal government screening ground, as well as the herbal tea coming from there’s certainly not typically available up available on the available market.
  • Tiger Springtime Longjing: It is actually called coming from the very best sprinkle resource in Tiyun Hills. This kind of Xihu Longjing preferences fantastic after duplicated infusions.
  • Meijiawu Longjing : A kind of Xihu Longjing coming from the location about Mejiawu town. This herbal tea is actually popular for its own jade fresh shade.
  • Bai Longjing: Certainly not a real Longjing however appears like one as well as is actually typically associated, it is actually really a Bai Pian. It originates from Anji in the Zhejiang District. It was actually produced in the very early 80’s as well as is actually a Fresh herbal tea coming from a race of White colored herbal tea trees as well as is actually thus extremely unusual; it is actually stated to include more amino acids compared to regular Fresh herbal tea.
  • Qiantang Longjing: This herbal tea originates from simply outdoors the Xihu area. It is actually typically certainly not as costly as Xihu Longjing.

Pick Longjing Tea Times

The costs very early period first-picking referred to as Ming Qian or even Pre-Qingming (or even Prior to Ching Ming) Longjing herbal tea needs it to become created coming from the very initial springtime shoots before the Qingming Celebration on the fifth of April every year (roughly).

According to the Mandarin farming schedule, which is actually a nationwide vacation in between April 1-4, it rainfalls. After the rainfall the temperature level warms up triggering the herbal tea vegetation to expand quicker.

When the herbal tea bud ends up being as well huge it starts to shed intricacy in the made taste, for that reason the pre-qingming herbal tea is actually thought about much a lot better.

Top Hangzhou Tea To Go

Longjing Village

Longjing Tea
Longjing Tea-Longjing Village

Longjing Town (龙井村) at the west edge of the West Pond is actually the extremely “location of beginning of Longjing Herbal tea” as well as is actually referred to as the “No. 1 Town of Herbal tea”.

Longjing Herbal tea created here’s referred to as Lengthy (龙) as well as concerned the very best amongst everything coming from the initial locations. Bordered due to the very higher hills, Longjing Town is actually certainly not just the home of over 800 individuals however the expanding ranch of close to 800 acres of Longjing Herbal tea also.

For that reason, you can easily go to the broad herbal tea yard to appreciate the green eye-pleasing surroundings of the Longjing Herbal tea trees status paddle through paddle, which appears like a beautiful fresh treasure edge due to the West Pond.

Longjing Tea
Longjing Tea-Longjing Village

Likewise, when you inhale the cleanse sky along with the unique fragile scent of the herbal tea, you will feeling individuals lifestyle right below are actually therefore pleased as well as fortunate like the immortals in paradise.

Furthermore, you can easily stroll to the Hugongmiao Holy place (胡公庙) at Shifeng in Longjing Town to appreciate the “eighteen Emperor Herbal tea Trees” that the Emperor Qianlong possessed chosen herbal tea leaves behind coming from.

You can easily view these valuable trees lifestyle for greater than 250 years being actually confined along with rock sculpted rails as well as to picture the historic culture.

Longjing Mountainous Park

Longjing Tea
Longjing TeaLongjing Mountainous Park

Longjing Hilly Playground of Longjingshanyuan (龙井山园) in the town is actually a fantastic location to have a good time as well as steer the metropolitan sounds all of away.

Within this particular almost 130 acres broad yard, you can easily go to lots of specifically developed tourist destinations associated with herbal tea society, beverage Longjing Herbal tea in the hundred-year aged herbal tea home, carefully view the development of roasting herbal tea along with palms of the herbal tea cultivators, value the ability to create a favorite that reveals the herbal tea spirits of pureness, beauty, genuineness as well as consistency in China.

Likewise, in the suitable months, you can easily sign up with the regional cultivators to choose the extremely clean Longjing Herbal tea as well as delight in immersing within this particular fresh ocean.

Longjing Tea
Longjing TeaLongjing Mountainous Park

Furthermore, you can easily attempt the regional expertise of “delighting in herbal tea at monster effectively” in the yard to learn about the society as well as way of herbal tea coming from old China for over thousand years.

Besides, the playground has actually the biggest location in eastern China of butterflies, a unique road along with the plentiful type of treats of herbal tea, as well as lots of outstanding people efficiencies.

Breathing in the sky along with higher material of anion, you will certainly appear performing face in the herbal tea yard tha resembles a fairyland.

Meijiawu Village

Longjing Tea
Longjing Tea-Meijiawu Village

Meijiawu Town (梅家坞村) teems along with Longjing Herbal tea as well as is actually extremely well-known for the 5 gos to of the fantastic Prime Priest Zhou Enlai. Lots of well-known individuals coming from various other nations like the US, Vietnam, Kambodia, and so on.

have actually gone to Meijiawu Town as well as provided great credibility. Consequently, you can easily go certainly there certainly to view the gorgeous hill sustained through sprinkle as well as hills as well as preference homes populated under the fresh hillsides along with the rich green herbal tea area, which resembles an oil paint of fresh jadeites.

Roaming in Meijiawu Town, along with the revitalizing scent of the broad variety of herbal tea, you can easily shut the eyes to listen to the harmonic singing of a few birds as well as nests as well as the whisper of the herbal tea leaves behind in a wind, plus all those fantastic enjoyments resemble the present coming from the paradise.

Longjing Tea
Longjing Tea-Meijiawu Village

What is more, there’s a tax-free keep marketing Longjing Herbal tea in Meijiawu Town, which provides you a likelihood to purchase some important herbal tea either as a memento or even a present for your family and friends.

As well as if you wish to carefully learn about the herbal tea society, you can easily expertise the tea-picking along with the herbal tea cultivators in March as well as April.

As well as if you prepare to preference the brand-brand new Longjing Herbal tea of the year, you can easily go to Meijiawu Town throughout April as well as Might, particularly prior to as well as after the Burial place Brushing up Time in China.

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