Top Macaroni Soup Recipes
Top Macaroni Soup Recipes

Top Macaroni Soup Recipes? What is your comfort food? For me, the answer is always Macaroni Soup.

It’s my ultimate comfort food, and it’s also a Cha Chaan Teng classic. 

So today, let’s show you how to make that.

Since this is a noodle soup, the most important thing of it is, of course, the soup.

Each cha chaan teng makes like a different basic stock, but the essence of it is always the same.

Which’s using some kind of inexpensive ingredients to make a simple basic stock. It’s similar to the idea of  “eating” in Cantonese cooking, so today we’ll be using some scraps and achieving that result.

Here we have some chicken carcass and pork bones – about half kilo each. They’ve been soaked in cool water for about an hour to draw out some blood, and next, we’re going to give them a blanch.

So to a pot of cool water, add in the bone pieces.  

Turn the heat to high, and bring it to a boil.

When this is at a boil, let it for a couple of minutes, and then scoop out the bones, and give them a rinse under running water.

Next, to a clean pot with three liters of water, put in your bone pieces.

Plus a couple of tablespoons of liaojiu, a.k.a. Shaoxing wine, one sprig of scallion tied in a knot, and a one, two-inch piece of ginger. Bring everything to a boil, and once it’s at a boil, turn the heat to the lowest flame your stove will go, cover, and let it simmer for about three hours.

Three hours later, scoop out the bones.

Top Macaroni Soup Recipes

You can scrape off the meat, because that’s some really good quick lunch material right there.

Just reserve the stock, and it’s ready to be used.

So let’s move on to macaroni soup.

One characteristic of the cha chaan teng style macaroni soup is its milky soup.

And that is achieved by using one of these three components.  

The most classic is Campbell’s cream of chicken soup. Yes, that Campbells.

They will mix in about one or two tablespoons in each serving with the basic stock, heat it up, and make that creamy classic Cha Chaan Teng macaroni soup.

Another common choice for creaminess is evaporated milk, which makes a lot of sense economically because that is what they use to make that iconic milk tea.

The third choice will be milk powder, which is a bit less common, but I always have milk powder at home for baking, and that’s what we’ll be using today.

Before we can assemble, let’s get all the components ready.  

Top Macaroni Soup Recipes
Top Macaroni Soup Recipes

So let’s cook the macaroni first. To a pot of boiling water, add in a half a teaspoon of salt and 60g of dried macaroni. Let it all cook 
together on medium-high for six minutes.

Six minutes later, add in a quarter cup of frozen mixed vegetables.  

Let it cook for about another half a minute, then strain, and set it aside.

Next, let’s fry up two pieces of spam until it’s lightly golden brown, and then in the same pan let’s fry up a sunny-side-up egg and then set these two aside.

Finally, we can assemble. Here’s 400mL of stock, uh you can also box stock it’s up to you, either way, add in your milk component of choice – we’re using a half tablespoon of milk powder here.  

Mix everything well when it’s cool, and make sure everything is dissolved.

Next, bring the milky stock to a boil, and then turn the heat to low. 
And now let’s season it with a quarter tsp salt, a quarter teaspoon sugar, a quarter teaspoon chicken bouillon powder, a pinch of MSG, and an eighth teaspoon white pepper powder.

Mix the seasoning well, and then add in macaroni and the vegetables.

Bring the heat to high, and then let it all cook together for about a minute so that they come together.

And then heat off, pour the macaroni and soup onto your serving bowl, and then carefully lay on the spam and fried egg.

And then now, your macaroni soup is done.

So right! Macaroni soup being my comfort food, I eat that a LOT.

But I usually don’t go through that whole nine yards of making the stock.

So today I also want to show you how I make my ten-minute “fuck it” soup.

Top Macaroni Soup Recipes
Top Macaroni Soup Recipes

So. With 700mL of water, toss in a couple of dried shrimps, a couple of dried scallops, and grate in half a dried shiitake mushroom
or alternatively, you can also use some meat that lend flavor to the soup.

Uh, like leftover roast meat, ham, meatball, minced meat, anything.  

The cool thing about using meat to flavor the soup here is that your protein part is also sorted.

So now bring the water to a boil, add in 60g of dried macaroni, let it all cook together on medium-high for six minutes.

Six minutes later,toss in any protein you want to have – if you’re not using meat to flavor your soup.

Like some spam, or some [cooked] chicken breast, or even a hard-boiled egg.

And also, don’t forget the vegetables – I like using Napa, or anything that will lend some sweetness to the soup like corn or sweet peas.  

And let it all cook together for about half a minute.

And then season with a quarter teaspoon salt, a quarter teaspoon sugar, a pinch of MSG, and an eighth teaspoon white pepper powder, and optionally some fish sauce for extra umami.  

Mix well, and heat off. Be sure to eat it straight from the saucepan for the whole “fuck it” aesthetic.

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