Top Oat Flour Buns Recipes:Today we will make steamed buns.

Regular white steamed buns are a little plain,so today we’ll make milk-and-oat steamed buns.

Adding milk and oats will make the buns especially sweet.

First let’s activate the yeast.

In a large bowl, place flour,yeast (I’m using instant yeast),and sugar.

Then add milk. The method I’m using is a Polish method introduced in previous videos.

Stir until batter forms.

Cover with plastic wrap, then place in the refrigerator to ferment for 12-24 hours, or overnight or over the course of a day, until the surface of your batter has many bubbles and bubbles emerging as well.

Top Oat Flour Buns Recipes

Now we formally make the dough for the buns.

Pour the batter into the flour.

Add yeast and sugar.

Be careful not to directly place the yeast and sugar together,it would inactivate the yeast.

Roughly mix.

Then, mix while adding milk,until the dough becomes like snowdrifts.

Then start to knead the dough.

After kneading it into a rough lump, pour in the oats.

I’m using whole oats.

If you want to use other oats, that’s fine too,because there are many types of oats available.

Top Oat Flour Buns Recipes
Top Oat Flour Buns Recipes

Wholly knead the oats into the dough until evenly distributed with a smooth surface.

Wrap with plastic wrap and let rest 20 minutes.

Place dough on cutting board and press flat evenly.

Use a rolling pin to shape into an oval shape.

Fold the two ends in to make a rectangle.

This is similar to kneading but makes the dough shape neater.

When making steamed buns, this is a good technique.

After folding, flatten it some more then fold again.

Let rest 5 minutes.

Then, continue rolling into a rectangle.

Like this, repeatedly fold, flatten, and let rest a few minutes and then continue flattening and folding.

You can repeat this step 3-5 times.

This way the dough will be rolled very evenly and neatly, until the dough’s surface is smooth and not sticky at which point you can finally roll it into a rectangle, then roll it up into an evenly sized long tube.

Top Oat Flour Buns Recipes
Top Oat Flour Buns Recipes

Then cut it with a knife.

You can see that on the cut buns, the surface has the lines from rolling it up ,but with an even and smooth interior with no bubbles.

Prepare to steam the buns.

Wet and squeeze dry the steamer cloth and place on bottom of steamer.

Evenly arrange the buns in the steamer.

Between the buns, leave enough space ,because they will grow larger later.

Place a wet cloth over the surface and let rest for a while.

The time depends on your area’s temperature, roughly needing 30 minutes to an hour until the buns have grown to 1.5-2 times its original size.

Start steaming.

When steaming buns, remember to use cold water in the pan.

When the water goes from cold to boiling, it will help the buns increase in volume.

Top Oat Flour Buns Recipes
Top Oat Flour Buns Recipes

When the water boils, steam for 12-15 minutes.

After turning off the heat make sure to avoid immediately opening the steamer.

You need to wait about 1 minute, this way you can stop the buns from collapsing.

Now your fat and round milk/oat buns are done!

The whole oats will make the surface look less smooth but I more enjoy the individual oats embedded in the bun; you’ll bite them while eating and very obviously taste the oats, tasting the faint natural sweet taste, very different from the taste you buy outside.

Self-made milk/oat buns have a very strong milk fragrance. and a very natural sweetness. I hope you enjoy!

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