Qingming Festival Tips :in ancient China, people believed that life goes on after death.

And since respect for elders is very important in Chinese culture, there is a special festival dedicated to remembering one’s ancestors.

This festival is called the Qingming Festival, or qīng míng jiē in Chinese.

Brief Qingming Festival

The Qingming festival falls on the 15th day after the Spring Equinox, right as spring arrives.

The words qīng míng literally means“clear” and “bright” – quite a fitting description of the beautiful weather around this time of the year.

During the Qingming festival, Chinese families visit the graves of their ancestors to sweep away dust and fallen leaves in order to keep the family tombs clean.

That’ s why qīng míng jiē is also known as the Tomb-Sweeping Day.

In addition to cleaning the tombs of their ancestors, Chinese people bring food and flowers as offerings.

Some families also burn joss paper, which they believe to be money that can be used in the afterlife.

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of pollution problems so this tradition is no longer as popular as it once was.

While qīng míng jiē is not strictly a religious festival, some families will pray to their ancestors or to other deities to seek blessings for those still on earth.

Once the rituals are finished, many families will go on a spring outing, taking full advantage of the nice weather and the opportunity to gather with family members from out of town.

In Mandarin, we call this outing tà qīng, which translates to “stepping on green,” referring to the soft green grass upon which families gather to play and eat.

Under the beautiful spring sky, one popular activity amongst children during qīng míng jiē is to fly kites.

Qīng míng jiē is a festival fitting of Chinese tradition because in Chinese culture, it’s important to respect our elders.

In life, we respect them by making them proud and taking care of them in their old age.

After death, we respect them by keeping their tombs clean and remembering them.

Qīng míng jiē is not meant to be a day of sadness, but rather a day for remembering one’s heritage.

Let’s learn to write these three characters.




Qingming Festival Food

Qingming Festival
Qingming Festival-gossip

The traditional food of the Qingming is: a gossip.

The gossip, Jiangnan has a custom habit of eating the gossip. The green group made a skin, delicate candy bean sand made into a core, then put it into the pot and steam.

Taboine for the Qing Ming Festival

Qingming Festival
Qingming Festival

The contraindication of the Ching Ming Festival is still more than other festivals, and it is mainly to say a few here.

1.Pregnant women can’t go to the tomb of the Ching Ming Festival

2, Qingming Festival can’t wear red clothes

During the Ching Ming Festival, we must take a big red dress, even if the red underwear should be carefully wear; it should be wearing the color of the clothes. Of course, don’t wear red accessories.

3, if there is no good health or the spirit is weak, you can’t go to the grave

On the day of the grave, if there is no good health or the spirit is weak, it is recommended not to go to the cemetery. Because this is a weakness that is weak, it is very easy to recruit the trouble after the shadow of the creature, and the pregnant woman and children under the age of 6 are also cautious.

4, why not smile when sweeping

Because the cemetery is the hungry place, it cannot cross the graves and supplies, loudly, 嘻 怒, 语,, this is not only for yourself, More and the nearby spiritual body makes a nuisance.

5, must not take pictures in the cemetery of the ancestors

In China, the ancestors are not just commemorating the ancestors, but obviously with the meaning of worshiping the undead, praying. Therefore, when you sweep the grave, you should concentrate on the grave, don’t look at it, especially not to take pictures at the cemetery.

6, Qingming Drive Isolated to visit friends loved ones

7.Ching Ming Festival begins back to get laundry

The Qingming Festival is coming back, you must clean your shoes, and put the shoes of the shoes, while don’t forget to wash the clothes to wash the clothes.

8.Is it paying attention to the Qingming Festival?

Of course, the Qingming Festival is still needed to pay attention to generations, in turn: father, mother, long male, long girl, second male, fairy … Yuyu. After worshiping the sacrifices, the sacrifice is blessing for the ancestors, so everyone can eat a sacrifice. Finally, you should pay attention to fire safety, and you can leave after the fragrant candle.

In addition, after the Qingming Festival is finished, don’t go home immediately, you must go to a place or a lap in the market to go home, and it is mainly the evil spirits.

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