Top Scallop And Bacon Recipes: Today we are going to make a very easy scallop dish, that is the bacon and scallop roll. First, let me go over the ingredients.

The main ingredients are bacon and scallop, and you also need toothpicks as a tool to secure the shape. You will need olive oil, butter, chives, garlic, and black pepper to taste as well.

The side dish will be a quick salad. Besides some spinach and racket mix, you will need some toasted pine nuts, a little balsamic vinegar, olive oil, honey,salt and black pepper. And we will make a simple vinaigrette dressing from them.

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First, the vinaigrette salad dressing. Combine olive oil and balsamic vinegar together. To that, add in honey.

Add a little salt and black pepper. Mix well, and it’s done. Taste and see if you like it, adjust the amount of salt and pepper based on your personal preference.

Place your salad on one side of a plate. We don’t need much time to cook this dish, so be prepared for the plating first by dressing your salad, topping with parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts.

Don’t pour your vinaigrette dressing at this point, and set them aside for later.

Slice the garlic, and finely chop the chives.

Cut bacon rashers into halves.

Top Scallop And Bacon Recipes

Top Scallop And Bacon Recipes
Top Scallop And Bacon Recipes

Now it’s time for scallops. Some times you will see scallops with some thin layers outside if not prepared well, just tear them away with you hands.

We don’t need the yellow roll around the meat either, which is the gonad of scallops. Remove them since they cannot be seared properly.

There is also an adductor muscle attached to scallops, make sure you remove them as well.

Because this part will be extremely chewy after cooking. Cut it off with a pairing knife.

When your scallops are ready, start warping them with half of the bacon rasher one by one.

Like this, and secure with toothpicks.

Sprinkle some salt and fresh ground black pepper on both sides of the scallop rolls.

Now it’s time to heat them up on the stove.

Make sure your skillet or saute pan is hot enough before you start searing scallops. So please preheat your pan. Test beforehand with a little water, your pan is ready when water is like dancing around in it.

Even if you are using a stainless steel skillet, you need to preheat it to prevent sticking.

Top Scallop And Bacon Recipes
Top Scallop And Bacon Recipes

Add in oil when the pan is hot enough. Then turn it down to the lowest heat.

Add in scallop rolls.

Do not move them right away, let them sit for 30 secs until they are lightly brown on one side, then flip over.

Brown both sides nicely, and don’t forget the side. Cook them thoroughly. Keep the heat on low.

Add in garlic.

Don’t panic if you see those brown glaze on the bottom of your pan, your scallops are safe if you keep on low heat all the way.

Add in butter when scallops are almost done.

Tilt your pan to one side, and let your scallops simmer in melted butter and garlic sauce. Pour the sauce onto your scallop rolls constantly to add flavor.

Now it’s almost there. Even tough your garlic don’t get brown enough, leave it there and transfer the scallop rolls to a plate.

You need to be very careful with the heat when it comes to sear scallops without overcooking. So get them out of the pan first for plating, then keep sauteing the garlic.

Place scallop rolls next to the salad.

Remove toothpicks.

Place the garlic on the top of scallop rolls.

Lastly, pour the vinaigrette dressing on the salad, sprinkle toasted pine nuts around the rolls.

Same goes for the chives. Now it’s ready to serve.

For scallops like these, a little sear will give them a nice tender flavor.

However, they are very easy to overcook. So we use bacon wraps, they not only add a fragrant and salty flavor, but also protect the plump and meaty scallops from the excess heat.

Let’s cut one up and see, it’s really easy to cut,just like cutting butter. It’s creamy and tender, and very sweet.

It feels so satisfying to have salty bacon with garlic and butter.

I hope you enjoy the bacon and scallop rolls.

Top Scallop And Bacon Recipes
Top Scallop And Bacon Recipes

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