Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes
Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes

Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes: Is something every household knows of but we didn’t have the right preparing?

It is Shuehwasu(Biscuit from Xiamen).

You might know what Shuehwasu since you tried it before.

You can find out little cookies inside it.

Why do I want to make that these days?

I found out a new way of making one.

It is to put cereal instead of little cookies.

So today we are going to put in something that will blow your mind.

There is a super easy way to make Shuehwasu.

It is to use marshmello.

But as a diligent gourmet,I strongly recommend going it through the traditional way of making sticky candy mixture.

Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes

It is hard but worth a try.

Prepare 200g of maltose.

This I made it with the home-grown barley.

It is full of barley scent and it is better than cotten candy.

Throw it in a microwave for 10 or more seconds.

It will get softer when it is heated.

Into the pot.

Add 75g of sugar.

And 50ml of water.

Pinch of salt and put it in medium heat.

One concern is that the heat does not go through evenly.

So it might burn.

That is why we use a thick pot.

For those of you who bought the nickle pot, use that.

It is the best pot for boiling maltose.

Put in a thermometer and check.

Prepare 200g of cereal and 100g of granola,30g of cheese.

It might sound weird to have sweet cereals and savory granolas together.

But it is not like that.

Like Soboro bread.

This actually suits each other,30g butter.

Melt it in a microwave.

And put in milk powder in a pan that is not sticky,I am only going to use half.

It is about 110 degrees Celsius.

Now we can work with the whites,One egg.

Separate the yolk and the whites.

Mix in in medium speed.

While beating the egg, you should check the tempreature continuously.

Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes
Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes

It takes about 5 minutes to reach to 120 from 110.

Merengue is almost ready.

You are looking for this shape.

Maltose into the merengue

And beat the egg while incorporating.

The temperature will drop sharply.

That is why we have to work simultaneously.

That is how to keep both ingredient in a good condition.

The hotter the maltose is, the harder the biscuit gets.

I like it between 120 and 125 degrees.

When you are done mixing, it should shine like this.

Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes
Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes

You should feel the hardness.

Incorporate the butter.

And when it is still warn, put 50g of milk powder.

Use the scraper to mix.

And this goes straight into the cereal mix.

Wear gloves and make a big dough.

It will look messy at first.

But with patience, you will see it has formed a big dough.

Put it inside the pan.

It is not completely harden yet.

Press it with your hand.

Shape it using the sides of the pan.

And flatten it with a scraper.

I can feel that.

Shuehwasu is sort of a rice cake.

Only with cereals, nuts, and cookies inside it.

You can make it your way.

And sprinkle some milk poweder on top.

When it completely cooled down, you can cut into pieces.

Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes
Top Snowflake Crisp Recipes

The reason why I like to make it with maltose is,because I can feel the hardness.

When it is little soft, you can feel the chewiness.

The cereals should be crispy.

And there are savory granola and cheese.

It is so good, not greesy at all.

The cereal bar Shuehwasu with maltose.

It is not that complicated right?

And this version has a lot of flavors.

It is soft and crispy at the same time.

Because the maltose was soft in the first place.

Personally, I am satisfied.

If you have time, you should try it your own.

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