How To Make Soy Sauce Beef ? I am making a very common and popular dish, Soy Sauce Pickled Beef.

The best part of beef for this dish is shin beef.

Shin is the muscles on the front leg of a cow.

Usually the shin cut from a market is already boned.

First off, you need to divide them into small chunks.

Remove those white tissues attached to the meat.

Cut along the muscles, and then divide them into 6-7cm long pieces.

Season them first.

Sea salt is the best to season food. If you are using regular salt, don’t add too much.

How To Make Soy Sauce Beef?

Cover the beef with a thin layer of salt.

Seasoning beef beforehand not only adds flavor in the meat, it also helps to keep the texture together.

A lot of you may think this dish lack some flavor, skipping the seasoning process is probably the reason why.

Let the shin beef sit in a fridge overnight.

So be prepared a day before.

Now, the broth. In these little jars, they are the spices I’d like to use.

How To Make Soy Sauce Beef?
How To Make Soy Sauce Beef?

First, Chinese cinnamon sticks, star anise, and bay leaves. They are the basic of the basic ingredients in a broth.

Next, dried chillies and szechuan pepper. You can pick the rest to add in your broth to your liking.

I have coriander seeds, whole mixed peppers, fennel seeds, and dried citrus peel.

And a whole nutmeg, you can use tsao-ko instead. And cardamoms as well. Tips here, cardamoms have a really strong aroma, so do not use too many at a time. Lastly, I also have some cloves.

The amount of spices in my recipe is just an example, you can adjust to your liking, or you can buy a spice pack from a grocery store.

Besides those spices, we also need some condiments.

We have spring onion, shaoxing wine, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, ginger, rock sugar, and soybean paste. You can substitute with fermented soy paste or sweet sauce paste.

Now, use a tea bag or a piece of gauze, put those spices in it, so they won’t float around in the broth.

Pour in 2L of water, and then the spice pack.

Add in soy sauce, shaoxing wine, dark soy sauce, rock sugar, and soybean paste.

Cover with lid, and bring it to a boil.

On the other stove, blanch seasoned beef shin in cold water.

And then bring it to a boil.

Now the broth is boiling. Transfer blanched beef into the broth.

Get rid of those foams if any.

Add in spring onions and ginger.

Add some salt.

Give it a taste and see if it has enough salt.

Cover with lid, and bring it to a second boil, and then turn down the heat to low, braise for about 40 mins.

You don’t need to cook for too long. The key is to keep the texture together, and the flavor mainly comes from the marinating process, not from braising.

After 40 mins, test by piercing the beef with a fork.

If you can not pierce through the meat easily, but with a little force, it’s ready.

Turn off the heat, and marinade beef in the broth until it cools down.

Transfer them to a bowl, and let them cool completely. This is a crucial step for shin beef to absorb flavor. So be patient.

Now do some prep work with sides and sauce.

Mix soy sauce, vinegar, shin beef broth and sesame oil together, and add in sugar and white pepper.

Press in the garlic.

Mix well to make the sauce. If you like it spicy, add some more chillies.

Now peel a cucumber, and then cut it into slices.

And then into shredded pieces.

Line them in a plate under the beef.

Cut some chili rings.

Cut coriander into fine pieces.

Take out pickled shin beef.

Cut it into thin slices. Try to make even cuts.

Since the beef has been marinated before, so it’s a little pink inside. This is normal.

It looks like this when it’s done, with some meat and tendon. You can server it right away.

Put them together over shredded cucumbers.

Sprinkle some coriander flakes.

And then chili rings.

Pour the sauce over. Now it’s done.

See, this is easy.

Here are some tips for you. First, season at first. Second, do not braise for too long.

Marinate in the broth to help it absorb flavor.

If you follow those tips, your pickled shin beef will be very delicious.

My last tip will be, do not discard the broth! It’s the broth that can be used for a lot of times, so take a good care of it.

Line a piece of gauze in a bowl, and strain the broth. Store it in the fridge.

So next time you want to make pickled beef, just mix in some fresh broth in this old broth.

The flavor grows stronger in the broth as you cook for several times. So the beef itself will taste better and better.

Besides beef, you can also cook pig feet, chicken, seaweed, tofu and eggs in the broth.

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoy this homemade pickled beef.

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