Steamed Scallops:Hi everyone, today I am going to show you how to make black bean steamed scallop with noodles.

Let’s go over the ingredients first. Please refer to the description down below, or go to my website for a detailed recipe.

First off, pour boiling water over to soften the dried noodles.

And then set aside.

Now, let me tell you a quick way to peel garlic cloves.

Some of you may already know this method, but I have to show it to those who don’t know it yet, because it works every single time.

Use two containers roughly the same size. Put garlic cloves in one plate, cover with another, and then shake it.

After a while, you will see the outside skin is coming off.

This method applies to fresh garlic cloves. The fresher the garlic, the better it works.

Steamed Scallops With Black Bean Sauce
Steamed Scallops With Black Bean Sauce

This little tip may be quick, but you will see some small wounds over the garlic clove.

So you may wanna skip this method if you prefer to use a whole garlic clove in your dish.

Grind the peeled garlic cloves with a garlic presser.

Or you can just chop them up.

Chop the spring onions.

Same goes for dried black beans.

Now, stir-fry the garlic.

If you are doing this with a stainless steel pan like mine, it’s very likely to stick.

If you chop the garlic with knife, you can rinse them first.

If you do it with a garlic press, make sure your pan is hot enough before your garlic goes in.

Steamed Scallops With Black Bean Sauce

Steamed Scallops With Black Bean Sauce
Steamed Scallops With Black Bean Sauce

So heat the pan first, and then the oil. When both are hot enough, add in pressed garlic. In this way, they won’t stick.

Garlic is very easy to burn. Just stir-fry them for a while and then turn off the heat immediately.

When some of the garlic is getting browned, make sure you turn off the heat now.

Cook with remaining heat.

You don’t need to cook them through. A combination of cooked and under cooked garlic give some layers to the flavor.

Put them in a bowl, and then mix in chopped spring onion and dried black beans.

Save some chopped spring onion for later.

Add in some Chinese chopped chili sauce.

You can substitute with chopped fresh pepper.

Add in a tsp. of sugar and a touch of salt.

Since both dried black beans and chili sauce are salty, so do not add in too much salt.

Mix everything together. Now let’s get ready for the scallops.

I am going to cook them on a steam rack with their shells. So before that, I need to make a little coaster.

Use a piece of aluminum foil, and fold it into a ring.

Place scallop shells on top, so that they will stay steady on the rack.

Arrange them in the pot.

Drain the softened noodles, and distribute them evenly in each shell.

Use a pair of chopsticks to help you wrap them in it.

Place the cleaned scallops back in their shells.

Spoon the black been sauce on top of each scallop.

About one tbs. for one scallop.

Steam them over high heat for about 5 minutes. And then turn off the heat.

Keep cooking with remaining heat for about 1 minute. And it’s done.

The time depends on how large are your scallops, and pay attention not to overcook.

Or the texture will be sabotaged.

When your scallops are almost ready, in a skillet, heat up about 2 tbs. of oil.

Until oil becomes smoky, sprinkle roughly the same amount of chopped onions on top of each scallop.

Spoon the hot oil over as well, about 1 tsp. each.

Now it’s ready to serve.

Let me give it a try.

The most important thing is the heat and temperature.

Do not over cook scallops, or you won’t have that tender texture.

A scallop cooking perfectly does not have that chewy taste, and you can feel it with just one bite.

Right now scallops are not in season. Spring is the best for them.

But a rich seasoning can light up and enhance its flavor.

So winter won’t stand in your way between you and a delicious scallop.

This is a plate full of flavors, from garlic, spring onion, and a little acidity from chili sauce.

Altogether, the combination of those flavors really compliment with the sweetness of scallops.

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