How To Make Tangyuan? The Spring Festival is almost over, but we still have our Latern Festival coming.

So today we are going to “shake” yuanxiao (rice ball).

Yuanxiao is pretty much the same thing as tangyuan (both are rice balls).

Except that people make them differently from place to place.

Tangyuan is made as round dumplings wrapped with fillings, whereas yuanxiao is made by shaking.

Today we are going to make yuanxiao with a classic black sesame seeds filling.

Here are the ingredients for our filling, we have cooked black sesame seeds, caster sugar, and lard.

You may use butter or coconut oil instead.

They will become solid , which makes it easier to work with later.

Mix black sesame and sugar in a food processor.

[if you are using raw sesame, set them in a pan and cook over low heat until fragrant first]Grind them into flour like mixture.

After a few minutes, feel the mixture with your hand and see if they become oily.

How To Make Tangyuan?

How To Make Tangyuan?
How To Make Tangyuan?

If yes, microwave the lard for 10 secs or so to let it melt and soften.

How To Make Tangyuan?
How To Make Tangyuan?

Then keep grinding.

Be patient, keep doing so until the oil comes out.

Transfer the mixture to a bowl when it’s blended.

The filling is very soft at this point, so allow it to sit until cool for about 20 mins.

Wait until it becomes a little firm.

Now it’s cool.

Let start off and shake our rice balls.

We will need glutinous flour here.

And some other tools. A large and flat bowl, and a slotted spoon.

Prepare another bowl of water and set aside.

First off, divide the filling into small portions .

Use your hand to pinch and shape it into a ball.

Do the same to the rest of the filling and shape 20 small black seeds balls.

2 centimeter in diameter for each one.

You can try the other fillings with this one if you like.

I also make a red bean paste filling, and the process is the same.

Divide the red bean paste filling into small portions and then shape into little balls.

Once we are all set, let’s start shaking.

Put the glutinous flour in the large bowl.

Put the filling balls in, and don’t add too many at a time.

Shake the bowl now.

Coat the filling balls evenly on the outside while shaking.

Then get them out onto the slotted spoon.

Dredge them in the water.

Count 123, and lift.

Put them back in the glutinous flour and shake again.

Coat another layer of the flour.

Repeat this process, and coat the filling balls with layers of four.

Shake quickly after you dredge them in the water every time.

Pay attention not to stick them with each other so as to coat evenly.

Same process goes for the other filling options.

Repeat this process for about 10 times.

Until the filling balls is growing like a pingpong ball.

Let’s see the difference.

It’s quite possible that your rice balls will crack a little.

This may due to a relatively short bathing time in the water, so the outside layer gets dry.

Don’t panic, just tap some water on the crack part to moisten the surface, and it will come together later.

If you don’t want to serve the rice balls immediately, wrap them with cling film to prevent it from drying out.

Now, bring a pot of water on a boil.

Add in the rice balls, cook for about 8-10 mins over medium.

You can see they start floating up in the water.

Turn down the heat to low and cook for another 3-5 mins.

Wait until they become a little larger, and then take them out.

Yuanxiao and tangyuan are pretty similar to each other, but the texture is slightly different.

The outside is very soft, and the homemade filling tastes really well.

Besides, make sure you have enough oil and sugar in the filling so that eventually it will leak out after a bite.

Yuanxiao taste better if you serve them right now.

Pay attention to seal and store them in the fridge or they will crack.

Making homemade yuanxiao is not only simple but fun.

Please try it out if you are interested.

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