How To Make Tiramisu Cake At Home? Today I am going to make a Tiramisu cake. I am not following a classic tiramisu recipe, in which tiramisu is served in a container and with a spoon.

I thought that I could make it like a cake with a beautiful tiramisu flavor, and that will be great.

After you finish this show, you will see how easy it is.

Now let’s get started with a sponge cake base. You will need cake flour, butter, vanilla extract, caster sugar and eggs.

In a previous episode there is a step by step instruction about how to make a sponge cake, so here I am just making a simple demo.

First, crack eggs, and beat with a stand mixer until foamy.

How To Make Tiramisu Cake At Home
How To Make Tiramisu Cake At Home?

How To Make Tiramisu Cake?

If you are using a hand mixer, you can warm up the eggs on a double boiler and then beat with the machine. You can skip this step if you have a stand mixer.

Add in caster sugar in the beaten eggs for three times.

Beat with medium to high speed.

Until the egg mixture doubles its size and becomes pale with clear drag marks, switch to a lower speed.

Beat for a while to knock out large air bubbles, so that the egg mixture will be smoother.

When you lift the whisk, and the dripping batter will hold in the bowl, that’s the right consistency you are looking for.

Now add in vanilla extract.

Sift cake flour, and then add in egg mixture for three times. Every time you add flour in, use a spatula to fold and combine.

The folding technique requires finesse, and you may refer to the sponge cake episode for more details.

Preheat the oven to 180C/356F while you are folding the batter.

When you finish the batter, melt butter in a microwave for 10-20 seconds.

Combine a little batter in the melted butter first.

And then put them back in the remaining batter and mix well.

Now, prepare a cake tin, 7 or 8 inch.

Grease the inside with a layer of butter, and line with parchment paper. Pour you batter in the tin, be gentle and slow.

Doing so may break the large air bubbles in your batter, so that batter will become smooth.

Drop it on the counter.

Pop it in the oven, bake for half hour at 180C/356F.

After 30 minutes, get it out of the oven, drop it on the counter to knock out hot air, and flip it over a rack to cool.

You must wait until it’s completely cooled down before you do anything with it.

Now let me show you the other ingredients. You will need strong coffee, mascarpone cheese, double cream, Italian amaretto, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar.

First, you can make coffee beforehand and set aside.

Make sure the coffee is strong enough. Here I am using two shots of expresso, with some amaretto in it.

Amaretto is a kind of sweet wine with a strong almond flavor. You can use rum or brandy instead.

Or non-alcoholic beverages. If you want the cake to be tangy with tiramisu flavor, try this sweet wine.

It really adds a unique aroma in the cake.

Now, beat mascarpone cheese. Remember to soften it first.

Put it in the stand mixer, add in powdered sugar, beat over medium speed until smooth. You can substitute mascarpone cheese with cream cheese.

However, I suggest you’d better not. Mascarpone cheese does not have a sour end like cream cheese, but it’s milky and tangy, and it really gets along with desserts.

You don’t need to beat it for too long, 10-20 seconds will be enough. Add in double cream when the cheese is smooth.

Beat with medium speed.

Scrape down the bowl once in a while. Whether the cream is easy to beat or not depends on how much fat it has.

But here you don’t need to worry about it. Mascarpone cheese and double cream can be easily combined and whipped, and you can even manually beat it.

If you are doing it in the mixer, do not overwhip, 30 seconds or so will be enough. Once you see the drag marks, stop now.

Get half of the cheese mixture in a bowl.

Add in cocoa powder to the other half mixture, mix with a whisk or a spatula until well blended.

So now you have two cheese and cream mixture, one with original flavor, and the other one with a cocoa flavor.

Now the cake is cooled completely. Unmold it.

And then, slice.

How To Make Tiramisu Cake?
How To Make Tiramisu Cake?

Use a bread knife, right in the middle, lightly slice around the cake by turning the plate.

Now we have a mark around the cake, and then slowly cut into it.

Cut while rotating the plate, so that you can divide the cake into 2 even portions.

Same goes for the cake halves, and divide them again.

Don’t forget to discard the parchment paper underneath.

So now we have four equal portions. Let’s assemble it.

Put the uneven piece at the very bottom.

Lightly brush the cake with coffee.

On top of it, spread half of cocoa cheese mixture.

Level off the surface with a spatula

Place another piece of cake on top.

Brush coffee.

How To Make Tiramisu Cake?
How To Make Tiramisu Cake?

And top with original cheese mixture.

You can see that the cake crumbs is very annoying here. So you can spread two layers, and the first one is very thin to seal the crumbs.

And then cover with another thick layer. Level off with the spatula.

Repeat again with the third layer. Coffee first, and then cocoa cheese mixture.

Lastly is the fourth layer. It’s the bottom part of the cake, let’s put the beautiful side up.

Brush coffee first, and then a thin layer of original cheese mixture. Now I will decorate the cake with the remaining cream.

Put them in a piping bag, equip the bag with a small and round tip.

Set the piping bag in a container, and then put the cheese cream in it.

And then, decorate the cake with a simple round shape of cream with a little tip.

While you are piping, pipe four of them first in four corners.

And then pipe in between of every two of them, so you have eight. And then do it again, you will have 16. So the cream tips are evenly distribute on the cake.

Once you are done, cool the cake in the fridge for 3-4 hours if you have time.

Allow the flavor to blend, so the cake will taste better.

How To Make Tiramisu Cake?
How To Make Tiramisu Cake?v

Before you serve, sift cocoa powder on top.

Making a cake at home, I like to keep it with a simple and humble looking without too much decoration.

Lastly, sprinkle some powder sugar on top to make it look better.

Slice the cake, you can see the layers.

You have sponge cake, mascarpone cheese, double cream, cocoa powder, coffee, and ameretto.

The combination of them gives a classic rich and tangy flavor of tiramisu, but in a form of cake.

It’s a little twist.

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