What is TikTok? If you follow big marketers like Gary Vee you’ve most certainly heard of TikTok, in fact maybe your kids or your grandkids are talking about TikTok and you just aren’t sure what it is.

Heck, you may have even seen it on the news, but you’re trying to figure out is it a platform that’s useful for you? Hard
to do when you have no clue what it is.

And when you’re on the outside, you can’t see much on the inside.

And yes I have a TikTok account. Not only do I have a TikTok account, but I don’t sing, I don’t dance and I don’t pull pranks, because that really doesn’t fit my business.

So let’s go over and see what we can find out about TikTok.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the internet right now.

The social network is exploding.

More TikTok apps are being downloaded than any other social network.

They say there are 500 million users worldwide, although I think their stats are pretty old and the number is probably a lot higher. So what can you do on TikTok? You can post video clips!

What is TikTok?

Not images, video clips! These are normally 15-second clips.

What is TikTok?-15-second clips.
What is TikTok?-second clips.

They can be up to 1 minute in length.

Now you can either post straight from the app hit the record button and talk right to the camera, or you can upload from your camera roll.

Keep in mind if you’re gonna upload from your camera roll, from say different.

YouTube videos and such, then you are still gonna want to make your video clips vertical.

The ones I’ve seen where they’re using the regular horizontal, that looks like they just come right out of a YouTube video, doesn’t work, because on TikTok everything is vertical.

Even if you turn your phone sideways, it doesn’t give you a full-length horizontal clip so vertical.

What is TikTok?-15- social share
What is TikTok?-social share

In fact you may want to start taking into consideration if it’s something you’re gonna use on TikTok and you know it, you can either record it vertically or just keep it in mind as you’re recording that you’re gonna want a stationary center spot that you can move with and have it moving, that’s one of my big tips, think as you record what platform you’re going to be using that video on.

Now once you’ve decided on a video that you want to place on TikTok, there’s a couple of things you can do.

TikTok offers a huge library of music, so if you would like to add music to your video it’s right there on tic-tock you don’t have to go and search for music and edit it animal it’s right there on tick-tock the music is 15 seconds keep that in mind you can also add stickers so you can put the cutest little stickers on if that fits what you’re doing and you can add text overlays which adds a little bit of you can do a call to action so you could pick check out the full video on YouTube or visit me on my website or more to come.

What is TikTok?-15- edit content
What is TikTok?- edit content

Watch part 2 there are all kinds of things you can use a text overlay for as you get a little experience just think what can I do with this to make people do what I want them to do when they watch the video.

Now there’s also an area where you put a short description and hashtags the description area is going to be on the bottom of the video,so when you record keep that in mind when it comes to hashtags use them wisely you don’t just put random things put some very popular hash tag some smaller ones.

So that you get found because hashtags are one way to get found people can click on the hashtag and you’re gonna see videos with that hashtag there’s another way to be found and that’s called the following stream on the following stream.

It’s just what it says you’re gonna see video clips from people you follow easy enough, then there’s the four you tab and what it does is every account is going to see different videos in this stream it’s going to pick from things you interact with so if you watch a lot of dog videos.

you’re gonna see a lot of dog videos if you’re commenting and sharing and interacting with videos for cars you’re gonna see more car videos it’s going to figure out what kind of videos, you like and therefore it’s gonna push them out to you and this is where I find it’s much better than Facebook or Instagram because it really seems to want to push.

What is TikTok?-15- add hashtags
What is TikTok?- add hashtags

You in the right direction whether it’s pushing new content creators to you your favorite content creators it’s also going to push your videos to those people that want to see them so the three ways you can get found on tik-tok are very helpful in fact it has Facebook beat all to hell and one of the other great things about tick-tok is the ability to share from the app right.

There you don’t have to have a third party app you don’t have to download and reload and tag and all this bullcrap you can simply hit the share to Twitter, you can share it to Instagram share it to Facebook and I don’t make Facebook stories because I just I see no point in it, but what I do is when I upload a new tick tock boom I hit that share button goes over to my Facebook story
voila .

I look like I’m doing something now you’ve probably heard that the most users on tik-tok are between the ages of like fifteen and twenty-five something in there is the majority of users and while that might be true or maybe it was true.

I am now seeing a lot of older people on tick-tok and they’re doing very well so don’t let the age thing bother you it’s not just for your kids or your grandkids and anybody can be on there, but you just have to take into consideration what the majority of the audience at this time is will see that change a lot very soon now.

What is TikTok?- share to messenger,copy link,email,qr code,other
What is TikTok?-share to messenger,copy link,email,qr code,other

If you’re a marketer I know what you’re asking where can I put links can I put a link in the video description and push them to my website I want to push them to my SD store, I want to push them here there and you’re gonna put a link in the description of that clip maybe you want to link to that YouTube video, that is associated with it not gonna happen you could copy and paste the link in there it’s not hot so therefore it’s not clickable they would literally have to copy it take it over in the top and paste it in they’re not gonna do that I don’t do it you don’t do it nobody really does that so don’t waste this face use it for what it’s intended tell about the video clip add your hashtags.

But as far as links go your profile does offer two options for links that is Instagram and YouTube now you do have a little description area on your profile, that you can tell about your channel you could paste a link to your website in there it’s not going to be clickable they literally have two buttons one for YouTube one for Instagram other than that you’re going to have to use text.

What is TikTok?-  following button
What is TikTok?- following button

You’re gonna have to be a little more creative on how you push people over but do not count on tic tok to be a big drive just somewhere else and there’s a reason for that tik-tok, users are fast they have 15-second videos for a reason these, people are not necessarily gonna watch your 15 seconds and then go watch an hour webinar, that’s not their own tick-tock fast-paced so keep that in mind, if it’s your only thing is you want to build some other site by putting a little 15 second clips on there and trying to show them over it’ll work a little bit but it’s not the be-all-end-all so keep that top of mind or you’re gonna be frustrated you’re gonna be wasting your time and when it comes to marketers.

I will tell you right now tik tok is a mindset and like I said fast-paced if you are going to think outside the box or do something creative and not just say buy my shed then you’ll do okay but if you want to be lazy and just say I’m selling XYZ and you need it.

I doubt you’re gonna get too far and if you think it’s gonna be like Instagram where you can put up just little cutesy quote pictures which is why I left Instagram oh my god not only did they cut your reach but they also everything was filled with cutesy little pictures and quotes no originality tic TOCs fur originally come on do something so it’s not like Instagram as far as that goes.

What is TikTok?-add instagram & youtube account.
What is TikTok?-add instagram & youtube account.

It’s not like Facebook because it actually gives you reach.

It’s a platform like no other at this time so I suggest you check it out and see if it fits go over there look through the streams look in your niche, and see what people are doing whether or not they’re getting likes are they getting views are they getting any interaction, if so what are they doing right if not what are they doing wrong then you decide what you want to do .

I just want you to keep in mind it’s different but you can do it you might just have to think a little about it so go ahead and subscribe because I’m going to be sharing more tips on my journey of joining tick-tock and building a following hope to see on tick-tock soon.

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