What season is it in China? You can get from this video and photo and text to learn about China’s four seasons and Chinese seasons pronunciation.


China Spring: March. April. May

The first quarter of the spring is the first, and the new reincarnation is open. Spring, representing warm, growing, plant germination, wind, and dry cloth, bird language flowers.

This season’s temperature, sunshine, rainfall, at a turning point in the year, tends to rise or increase. In spring, yin and yang gas began to change, all things have grown with yang, and the spring is growing, the spring of the spring is growing, the so-called “one year is in spring”.

China Summer: June. July. August
China Spring: March. April. May


China Summer: June. July. August

Everything in summer is coming, it is a season of crops enter the peak season. The temperature rises, the weather is hot, the wind is frequent, all things are long.

Summer is the most storm, often accompanied by wind, heavy rain. In the summer of the Northern Hemisphere, the mainland is affected by hot air pressure, and the ocean’s constant temperature is relatively low to form high air pressure.

According to the circulation, the Southeast wind is blown in summer. The daytime time in the northern hemisphere in the summer is the longest.

China Summer: June. July. August
China Summer: June. July. August


China Autumn: September. October. November

Autumn is a harvest season, meaning that all things have begun to mature from the lifting growth.

The first two festivals in the fall, the heat, still hot weather, because the heat brought by the sun is not weakened, the so-called “hot in three volts”, three volts appear between the heat and the summer, is the highest temperature in the year, the highest temperature and wet Sprinkle the days.

It causes the three volts and humidity plateau because the three volts are blowing Dong southern wind, and the southeast is the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, the air is humid, the moisture of the wind has caused the three-day humidity.

After the late autumn, the opposite is the opposite, and the northwest is dry. Inland, dry northwest winds have caused climate after deep autumn.

The first two winds in the autumn are wet, sultry, and autumn really cool. After the white drape is getting cold, it gradually becomes cool and dry.

With the deep autumn, the climate is hot, all things have grown with cold, gradually Xiao Lu, which is the season of heat and cold.

Autumn The most obvious changes in the grass leaves from the lush green to yellow, and start the deciduous crops began to mature.

China Autumn: September. October. November
China Autumn: September. October. November


China Winter:December. January. February

In winter, yin and yang transform, everything is reserved, and the plant is angry.

After entering the winter, it means that the fall in autumn is dry and dry, and the winter climate characteristics are turned into a rainy cold. The solar height of the northern hemisphere is small, the daytime is short.

The so-called “hot in three volts”, cold in three nine “, the winter solstice is” 19 days “, the winter solstice is not very cold, the winter solstice is over, the air is frequent in the south, and cross the Nanling, the temperature drop, the weather is cold.

In winter, it is really cold, it is behind the winter solstice.

China Winter:December. January. February
China Winter:December. January. February

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