How To Make Pork Zongzi? Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner,I’m going to teach you how to make meat zongzi.

What you need for zongzi is mainly just glutinous rice and the bamboo leaves.

Filling is mainly just pork belly.

And you need scallop, dried shrimp, chestnut peanut, soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, dried shiitake mushrooms, oyster sauce, fermented tofu grated ginger, dark soy, and five-spice powder.

Let’s prepare the meat first.

Cut the pork belly into thick slices.

Add a big tablespoon of soy sauce in, and save another tablespoon for later use, and then adds the oyster sauce in grated ginger, and the dark soy sauce for coloring, and then the five-spice powder, Shoaxing wine, and last, the fermented tofu.

Grated by hands first.

And pour it in rub it softly, to mix all the seasonings with the meat evenly.

How To Make Pork Zongzi?
How To Make Pork Zongzi?

Wrap it up with the plastic foil.

Put into the refrigerator to marinate it.

At least marinate it for 3 hours.

It is better to put overnight to soak up more flavor.

Now, we have to soak these dry ingredients in the water.

Glutinous rice, mushroom, peanut, shrimp, and scallop,3 hours for glutinous rice and mushroom.

1-2 hours for dried shrimp and scallop.

Better soak the peanut for 5-6 hours in the water.

Or even overnight,or you can just soak everything one day ahead.

How To Make Pork Zongzi?

How To Make Pork Zongzi?
How To Make Pork Zongzi?

And you also need to soak the bamboo leaves.prepare a big serving of water.

And the straw ropes come with the leaves, soak it together.

You can take something heavy to press it down.

For the leaves to soak completely in the water,at least 3 hours for the bamboo leaves to be soaked.

And then dry the soaked mushroom,remove the stem and cut into strips,and then the soaked scallop.

Break down the scallop into smaller pieces by hands,and then get the shrimp out of the water,and the peanut is ready too.

Let’s check the glutinous rice,you need to soak the glutinous rice,until you can grind it easily by hands.

Strain the glutinous rice,add half a spoon of salt in,and a little spoon of oil,stir it evenly.

Now we are going to blanch the bamboo leaves, boiled the water,blanch the soaked bamboo leaves for half a minute.

This can improve its toughness,so it won’t break it easily when you use to wrap it later.

And then heat the pan, put the prepared mushroom, shrimp, and scallop into it, and stir fry a bit, and then strain the soaked peanut, and put into the pan, stir fry them together.

And then the whole spoon of soy sauce we saved, stir fry all these ingredients to make it smells better, add the proper amount of salt, and white pepper, to season it.

Now the fillings are prepared,put it together for later use,and the bamboo leaves we just blanched.

I had rinsed it a bit,and dried the surface.

I also like to cut a bit of the leaves petiole and apex off, to make it looks neater.

Now we need to differentiate the two sides of the leave.

The protruded petiole side is the fluffy side,another side is the smooth side,today I’m going to teach wrapping two kinds of zongzi.

Let’s wrap the triangle zongzi first,take two leaves, fluffy side to fluffy side.

The petioles point to the opposite direction,lay two leaves together like this.

And at one end, about 1/3 of the leave,fold the leaves like this into an awl shape.

Pay attention that the end should be sealed,spoon in a huge amount of rice into it.

Put in a half of chesnut,Put in a huge spoon of fried fillings,and one to two pieces of pork belly,and then another spoon of rice on the top.

Use the spoon to tidy up the rice,and then compacted up slowly.

Now, fold the upper leave down,while you are folding it.

How To Make Pork Zongzi?
How To Make Pork Zongzi?

Use your thumb and middle finger to hold the two ends,you can see it looks like this inside.

Pay attention that these two ends should be sealed too,when you fold down the leaves, you should cover both.

And then, fold the extra leaves, along the surface and follow the shape of the zongzi, take a straw rope and tie up a few circles from the center.

Tie a knot,this triangle zongzi is ready,this shape is the most common and easiest one,the plain zongzi from last year.

Wrapped up the same way,Next, I’m going to teach you a more complicated,and advanced tetragonal wrapped zongzi.

Take two bamboo leaves,the smooth sides face up,and cross the two leaves like this.

The petioles are at the end of the both sides,and at the center of the cross,fold it and make an awl shape.

How To Make Pork Zongzi?
How To Make Pork Zongzi?

Fix this awl shape in your palm,and also spoon in a huge amount of rice.

Put in a chesnut,add two spoons of fried fillings,and two pieces of pork belly.

And a huge spoon of rice on the top,pay attention that the rice on the top should cover.

The filling beneath evenly,use the back of the spoon to tidy up the rice.

Compacted up,and then fold the extra leaves back,but you won’t be able to wrap the two sides up.

So you need another leave,pay attention that for this leave.

Face the fluffy side in,place the center of the petiole to the unwrap end,wrap the unwrap side with this leave.

And fold both sides of the leaves to the center,then it will form two angles.

Applied the same steps to the other side,take a leave.

Face the fluffy side in,center to the unwrap side,after wrapping it, fold the two ends to the center.

Then you get the four angles of the zongzi,cut the extra leaves off.

Then you get this very tidy tetragonal zongzi,take a straw rope.

Tie two circles up by the two angles,tie a knot.

Then this tetragonal zongzi is finished.

Because you can make the tetragonal zongzi when I want to put some fillings in the zongzi.

I like to make this kind of tetragonal zongzi. all the zongzi are wrapped up, the amount of the ingredient, I provided will allow you to make about 15 triangle zongzi.

And about 10 tetragonal zongzi,now, let’s cook the zongzi,boil the water.

Put the zongzi in, the water should cover the zongzi,and then put a small plate on it.

It will help the zongzi to be heated more evenly,and prevent them from exploding the filling,when rolling with the boiled water.

Cover the lit up and turn to low heat,boil it for 1.5-2 hours,depends on the size of the zongzi.

Strain the cooked zongzi and you can enjoy it,it is very interesting to wrap the zongzi.

Making it according to your own preference, you can just have one piece of meat in it, or add some peeled green beans or lotus seeds in, or salted egg yolk or any other things.

Let’s unwrap one zongzi.

I didn’t color the glutinous rice with the soy sauce,it was totally the fillings and the grease.

That color the rice with this beautiful color,the rice had absorbed the aroma of the bamboo leaves.

The pork belly will melt in your mouth,and the very sweet scallop and mushroom.

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